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  1. Why isn't Bene a full time starting corner over Tillman?

    How can anyone want Jones covering the slot after him getting burnt to a crisp today by Jackson?
  2. Panthers/Redskins Hype Video

    I'm so hard. 
  3. Who is that on your fuging avatar?!

  4. you're up in the mock, round 7

  5. indy on the clock again :P

  6. you're on the clock :D:D

  7. your on the clock...

  8. Brandon, you're up in the Mock.

  9. Thanks, I saw this done on the boards over at CDS( and I thought it would be fun to do it here. Some people are goin a little overboard with it, but I think everyone enjoys it.

  10. GJ with all the draft stuff. Impressive!

  11. Hey Dan, I appreciate that you are sharing some information on the huddle. Its awesome that such a great player would take the time to spread some education throughout the message boards.

  12. You Christmas themed avatar has some interesting features to it. I think I like it.