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  1. Game etiquette

    Try being short. I cannot see the field when everyone stands. Sitting levels the view for me. I basically saw none of the NFCCG except on the screen.
  2. Game etiquette

    I'm fine while sitting, thank you very much. And I have aisle seats (not isle). So I'd think that I should be able to watch the game on the field and not on the screen.
  3. Game etiquette

    If I have to watch on the big screen, I may as well stay home. But I like to be there and be loud. I should not have to stand the whole game just to kinda see and end up watching on the jumbotron. I'm 5'1" and 4th row lowers. No reason anyone in front of me needs to stand.
  4. Game etiquette

    Why do you need to stand? You can be just as loud sitting as standing. I'm short and can't see poo if people in front of me stand. I'm good with defensive 3rd/4th downs but otherwise sit.
  5. Selling PSLs

    I love hosting people!
  6. Selling PSLs

    That's what I've been doing. But wasn't to explore options. At least I always have friends to stay with when I'm there. During Irma, I was there for three weeks.
  7. Selling PSLs

    Section 135 row 4 on the aisle. It has to be lucrative for me to sell. But entertaining the idea depending on money.
  8. Selling PSLs

    I live in South Florida. I have to fly up for games. Just exploring options.
  9. Selling PSLs

    Thanks! I can't use my work computer for such stuff so using my phone isn't optimal. I want to price them out to see if I should sell some I only go to 3-4 games per year.
  10. Selling PSLs

    If something were interested in selling their PSLs, where would one do so? I've tried to Google but not coming up with much.
  11. Old dude probably said that Shula was a capable NFL OC. That's punch-worthy right there.
  12. Potential flex game

    I hope it isn't Atlanta that gets flexed. Night games in Charlotte do not draw as much demand as afternoon games. I'm selling Atlanta. If Green Bay gets flexed, no big deal because I'm going to that one. Before I get flamed, I no longer live in Charlotte so I have to sell several games per year.
  13. Where in Hawaii? I have friends on Kauai who are Panthers fans.
  14. Who's going to Chicago?

    I'm going! Not sure if with the Riot yet though.