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  1. December Home Games

    @RoaringRiot... I sent you a message.
  2. Classy....

    Yes. Security is the main factor, such as underground or securable entrance. Also has to have conference rooms. Panthers typically stay at a Marriott property (high-end).
  3. Classy....

    That's where they always stay. He's late to the info.
  4. Panthers bar - Miami

    Hey, guys. I'm in Boca, which is 40 miles north of Miami. I used to have about 10-15 regulars at a bar in Delray, owned by Panthers fans but they lost their lease. So without a permanent "spot" with sound and most games have been on locally this year, attendance is down. And nobody ever RSVPs around here. If y'all are serious about coming to watch games, I would move the location to Ft Lauderdale so it would be more central. I just don't have the bar hookups there since I don't go often.
  5. December Home Games

    You did!!! I'm sorry. I've had a crazy month since then. I still have the Vikings and TB. Message me on Facebook.
  6. December Home Games

    Two tickets each.
  7. December Home Games

    When the schedule came out, I planned on the GB game and maybe Minnesota. But with some other things in my life, I decided to wait for the playoffs, if we have any home games. Charlotte flights are crazy expensive and I hate driving.
  8. December Home Games

    Thanks, @Montsta!
  9. Selling all December Home games. Y'all complain about selling to opposing fans, well here's your chance. A change in my plans has me unable to fly up so I need sell them. Section 135, row 4, two seats on the aisle.
  10. Help! Need to watch online

    Reddit appears to want a credit card.
  11. Help! Need to watch online

    I was at the bar before kickoff and was told they would have the game. There are more than 30 unhappy Panthers fans here expecting to see the game. Not poor planning, asshole.
  12. Help! Need to watch online

    One would think that a casino would have all NFL channels. I've watched from St Martin before.
  13. I'm in the Bahamas and they only have Caribbean Flow teevee. I need to watch the Panthers game. How can I stream for free?
  14. For the People With Deep Pockets

    True. I travel a lot already and know lots of tricks and have tons of points. My first class flight was only $75 because I booked the day before I left. I booked my hotel for the first night while on the flight, and figured out the rest from there. It helped having elite status with two hotel chains so they had to provide me with a room. Things just fell into place. With a package, you're paying for the overhead of those coordinating the trip, which may be worth it for some people. I'd be happy to advise anyone who goes as to how to get a decent deal.