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  1. My thought as well.
  2. If he were truly sorry, he'd just apologize and not be negative towards the grandmother. Did she pander? Probably. But she'd already raised a child. Then having to care for a special needs kid because he didn't want it and had the mother killed.
  3. For once, I agree with Tom Brady

    She probably is! Even Drew's kids on the sideline of the PB were. I know "kids will be kids" but still. Don't act like brats in public.
  4. I was just thinking this. I bought my seats in 2006 for $7500 each. Currently, the team has that section at $18k (however, earlier in the season, they were $25k - all section values have dropped). Even at that, having to drop close to $40 for new seats just isn't doable.
  5. That could explain the implosion in Atlanta.
  6. I went there. Because of the water, they used water taxis to shuttle people around. They brought in cruise ships to meet the luxury hotel stipulation. Charlotte doesn't have the luxury hotel capacity.
  7. Got PSL's?

    They did a great job with renovating the Hard Rock Stadium (Dolphins). It isn't closed or retractable but shows how modifications are possible.
  8. London 2018?

    We better not be giving up a home game!
  9. When will "Mister" speak?

    Well, if they're tight enough to warrant comments about how they wiggled into them, they are not appropriate to wear into a professional environment.
  10. When will "Mister" speak?

    If you know that part of jeans day is JR making comments about the tightness of them, MAYBE don't wear skintight jeans and instead wear some more office-appropriate.
  11. Hugh is a cool dude! I sat with him during a preseason game once at his invitation simply because I was taking to the head of security who I'd met at the main BOA building earlier in the day. I did not believe it was HM. LOL. Then he invited me to sit with him.
  12. I don't like the comment about having to build a new stadium to stay.
  13. What would happen to PSL owner's investments?
  14. No. That was Erskine Bowles.