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  1. I have most games for sale and would rather sell to Panthers fans. My prices are based on market of my payout from TM or SH. For example, if my payout is $500 each for the Cowboys game, the buyer would pay in excess of $600. So I'd sell for my payout amount. It's a win-win.
  2. Already are. See #sb50
  3. His wife. If I were a male and married to that, I'd find a side piece too!
  4. The interactions I've had with Rosalin is she's a next Tuesday. Would not spit on her if she was on fire. And if you're paying for a manicure/pedi, I'm in.
  5. That's way too sensible for the NFL. Or for teevee money, do half of the NFC and AFC teams on week 8/9 so the networks always have games.
  6. CosmoGirl

    tickets wanted

    I'll have to look to even see what face is this year for section 135. Last year was in the $160 each range and I got at least double that for the games I sold. I am certain I won't be coming up for TB as I'll just go when we play in Tampa.
  7. CosmoGirl

    tickets wanted

    I'll have most of the season for sale. But they aren't cheap.
  8. Damnit. I wanted to go to the home opener this year but knew I would be selling Dallas. Grrrrrr.
  9. CosmoGirl

    Sabates officially drops out

    Then I want Navarro.
  10. My thought as well.
  11. If he were truly sorry, he'd just apologize and not be negative towards the grandmother. Did she pander? Probably. But she'd already raised a child. Then having to care for a special needs kid because he didn't want it and had the mother killed.
  12. Do you still have that SEA ticket? Not sure if I can afford it, these SEA prices are nuts, but my stepson can't make it out so I am going out alone -

    1. CosmoGirl


      Not anymore. Hawk was able to switch out and get me a single. But keep in touch - maybe we can grab a drink. 

    2. cookinwithgas


      Well I just found out I'm not going, business trip got postponed this morning. Big bummer. I'm glad you were able to get it worked out though. If you get up to Charlotte for a game let me know, we have a pretty good tailgate going even in bad seasons....

    3. CosmoGirl


      I used to go to all of the tailgates way back when. This is my 5th season being away. Do you do the Riot now?


  13. Played a few years ago against Dallas (and the refs) on Christmas Eve. It was packed, from what I recall. Had club level seats so since the game sucked, I did damage at the bar.
  14. Transition player gets the average of the top 10 players at his position (franchise player gets avg of top 5). If another team makes an offer, we can match it; it we don't, they can walk and we get nothing in return. (Non-exclusive franchise, we get two first-round picks from the other team).
  15. Dear lawd. Now ESPN is saying the NFL needs to change their rules on trash talk. Geez.