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  1. It wasn't just the fanbases. The 49ers organization did a horrible job of the whole show. 
  2. I was there. We were way outnumbered. But even the stadium made it pro-Denver. They would put a Panthers D hype video on the screen when our O was on the field. If was off-sync. Even the Panthers endzone wasn't completely painted. 
  3. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I'm at the team hotel. He walked through the lobby last night with Chosen on his chest. He wouldn't talk to anyone then either. He looks tired.  Spoke with RR this morning and he obliged with a photo. But you could tell he wanted to get on with his day. This is in a hotel with as much security as Ft Knox. Even one of the players asked me who I was with and when I said nobody, they asked how I got in this hotel. They really want their privacy. And if they are that private here, then I can imagine out on the streets where everyone can approach them.  The only players who have been really friendly are Ed Dickson and Josh Norman.   
  4. Super Bowl Roll Call

    I'm supposed to go regardless but unless this ear infection makes a significant improvement in the next 11 hours, then I may be grounded. Trying to look into changing my flight now.     I will PM you, though. 
  5. Super Bowl Roll Call

    @thebigcat Got any more? I need one!!!
  6. One SB50 Ticket Needed

    I'll go in on a pair. But I want lowers of clubs only.  Email me at cosmogrl74@yahoo . com
  7. Super Bowl Roll Call

    How did you win tix? That's awesome!
  8. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Not tickets yet, but I'll be there. Holding out for lowers. 
  9. He is very nice. Saw him in the French Quarter a few years ago and he recognized me from Panthers Talk. So I had a drink with him and Mick and a few guys. Then I was going to leave to go back to my hotel. The dude would NOT allow me to walk alone and left his night out for a bit to make sure I got back safely. 
  10. It was out in the public when it happened. That isn't something that you keep covered up. 
  11. Looks like I'm not the only one

    He markets his own bobble head doll. He enjoys his "celebrity". 
  12. I respectfully disagree. He and his girlfriend have always been super-nice to me. 
  13. Looks like I'm not the only one

    No way. Catman got a free truck off of his superfan-ness. And I've heard he's a jerk.