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  1. Conundrum

    pie for @usmcpanthers reference
  2. Conundrum

    obvious troll calls out obvious troll.... mind blown. (j/k)
  3. I am the wrong person to ask. I have predicted undefeated seasons since 1995 and have not been correct once. But when I finally am I will be lording it over you pessimistic assholes.
  4. Trying to save the new owner some air fare cash.
  5. inside info

    man, I remember those days.....
  6. Panthers interested in Shaun Wilson

    Do NOT "Google That Sh!t"
  7. Ron Rivera is a great guy. Had a good crowd of 300+, as I was walking in I got him to autograph the copy of the local paper on Super Bowl Sunday where I was on the cover with tickets in hand. I did not ask him any questions during the Q&A but did before and after. First, his handshake is spot on. Really under-rated. Shared some funny stories about talking to ref's along the sideline. Talked about the new rules regarding roughing, mentioned he is on the competition committee and they are well-versed on his opinion of how Cam is treated vs. certain qb's under 5'11". Brushed off questions asking about drafting at certain positions but mentioned, when asked about replacing Norwell that they are looking hard at an OL on the "west coast" but finding it hard to fully grade the guy because that offense passes so much. Said in one game they had 95 snaps and passed it 85 times. Pretty easy to figure out who if you are a draftnik but I am not. He and his wife were in town last fall for the PGA event and made a commitment to come back for this fund-raiser. But with the sale of the team his visit here was in doubt as he had interviews all week with "potential owners". He managed to get the day free, flew in this am and flying back this afternoon. Obviously would not comment on the ownership guys but said they were all successful businessmen who surprised him with the depth of their questions. Mentioned that his wife is a 7 handicap that routinely kicks his ass but he loves golf. Said that Stephanie has a long resume in playing/coaching basketball and that he counts her as one of his top influences. Also identified John Madden as his "mentor". Told the story of how much he was against the league forcing his team into a road SB "rematch" and that he approached John. Madden told him to make sure his guys knew that one game did not a season make. Said that was his focus to his men and that he was proud to be in a position to win that game but still felt the NFL had screwed the Panthers and that they felt the effect of that game for much longer than was necessary. Shared a story about his ring, SB losers get the "'Conference Champion Ring". His ring came with a proof that showed record as 17-2. He rejected that with Jostens and said his would have to say 17-1. Jostens relented so his ring is different from every other. He said that he hates losing and that at the end of the conference championship they were 17-1 and that if his ring said 17-2 he would never wear it! Mentioned that Luke was their #1 choice and they were only worried about Miami. Once Miami selected Tannehill they had Jackie Miles take the card up right away. After the even I asked who they would have taken if Luke had gone to Miami and did not get one name, only "several position players that would have helped us but not a generational player like Luke".
  8. Suh cancels Raiders visit

    exactly what I expected him to say. over-rated, hope he goes to aints
  9. Convention Center downtown, not announced yet. charities are First Tee of Wilmington and Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund.
  10. Ron Rivera is coming to Wilmington April 4th to highlight a charity luncheon. Head table is $5000 so tickets would be $625 each (goes to charity). Regular tables are $1000 each so $100-$125 each. Would you write a $625 check to charity to share a table with coach? What would be your conversation starter? And let me know if you are seriously interested. I know I am at least sponsoring one regular table so have 9 tickets to sell. I'm tempted to splurge $625 but have to find seven local crazies first and I have to do it quickly. This could turn into the ILM version of the panther-owner bidding war.....
  11. Congrats to Johnny Rockets

    One team had to win. Philly has 5000 great fans to every 500 assholes but what the hell happened to the #5 and #4 defenses in the league? Embarrassing.
  12. Puppy Bowl IVX

    great bit on the action on CBS Sunday Morning https://www.cbsnews.com/video/the-puppy-bowl/
  13. wait a minute...... MHS381 ...... M(arty) H(urney)...............................
  14. Unless it is done with the taste and finesse of the Panthers Twitter ! http://www.businessinsider.com/carolina-panthers-twitter-meme-fresh-prince-2017-7