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  1. Am I wrong for saying it is karma? I mean, my eyes are still burning from those lime green uni's and they didn't spend any time feeling sorry for my injuries.
  2. I get that. But she did report it to Uber when it happened and they did delete Winston's Uber account and advised her to go to law enforcement authorities. Which she did not. You could argue it was because she was intimidated but from the quotes I have a hard time believing that. https://nypost.com/2017/11/17/jameis-winston-grabbed-my-crotch-uber-driver/
  3. This happened in March of 2016? and it come out this week?
  4. nfl already making production cost cuts to pay for Goodell's new contract.
  5. Vague Worley tweet

    clearly he has been patiently waiting to wear the all blacks.
  6. all black unis

    they should have schedule the dolphin game on the thursday before halloween, put us in black and the fish in that gawd awful orange.
  7. Nice observation from Sunday's game

    Richard Viguerie? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Viguerie #scumbag In regards to the argument, how can either side be right? We are talking about slights and perceived slights from almost 40 years ago. Any recollection or even document is wholly underwhelming as a factual matter. And that includes the links I clicked. Also, I personally don't go to "see" the flyover, I want the chills from feeling the flyover. PSS to the poster who slammed the mods here.... I miss KT.
  8. hard for our guys to break their fingers when the ball is passing 18" over the top of them.
  9. I googled, "Thomas Davis Inside the NFL Matt Ryan"...... ....got link to this thread. mind = blown
  10. Get used to it on Thursday night football, just announced that it will be the primary camera on that production. http://www.businessinsider.com/nbc-skycam-thursday-night-football-2017-11 The "Madden Angle" is about drawing in new, young viewers. Forget what they say about the fog obscuring plays, this has been in the works for a while. The interesting part is that do not expect that angle to become the norm on Sunday night prime time games. Sunday Night NFL matchups consistently win the ratings. No way the networks or the NFL mess with that. Still to be determined? MNF ESPN broadcasts. But given their penchant for cutting costs I would not expect many changes there.
  11. Credit to Roaring Riot fan...
  12. Things of note RE: Falcons game

    When your offensive philosophy is to spread out the defense and take advantage of openings, Cam's running ability is a huge weapon in that regard. But what is not to like about his designed run plays? Very few the last few weeks have been unsuccessful and they force the defense to react and open up other avenues. Weren't two of his big gains on designed run plays yesterday? Where I see us having difficulty is running from the option package, it just develops sooo slowly and defenses have been easily shutting it down, including yesterday. The successful interior runs we had yesterday from our backs appeared to take advantage of quickness with no options involved.
  13. Vicious Circle

    I've seen Cam throw incredibly accurate throws and accurate throws across the middle, off-shoulder, deep and most other routes. Sole exception of the touch pass. So the ability is clearly there, even this year with the repaired shoulder. The problem is consistency. You can blame coaching or inability to receive coaching or the inability to practice (or a combination). Cam doesn't have to lead the league in passing % for this team to win but he does obviously need to step it up.