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  1. PntherPryd

    Kalil dealing with knee injury

    See I don't see the news as a necessarily season ending knee injury. If it were you would hear trainers diagnose a tear on the field and a doctor can confirm it right after. It sounds like Ron's frustration is with Matt's desire to actually play and contribute. He's not dumb, he knows everyone is pointing at him as our weak link. He is going to get paid whether we win or not so my biggest concern right now is his attitude over his health. If he did tear something, next man up is all we can say.
  2. reading that Seattle and Colts are interested parties.
  3. Did you take any lumps from him?
  4. Especially when they get an up close look next week.
  5. PntherPryd

    The midfield logo reveal

    Waiting for @ARSEN's wife pic
  6. merged threads.... and the winner is Bob by less than 60 seconds! Good job both of you!
  7. With their "free trial" the Joe Person stories should be worth every penny.
  8. PntherPryd

    Panthers sign Kiante Anderson, DE from ECU

    sounds like a target for practice squad that they wanted to see first.
  9. PntherPryd

    Players are getting in on the logo fun

    If they were REAL geniuses they would use a picture of our all black uniforms and paint it at midfield. #twobirdsonestone
  10. something tells me the Bills fans are in midseason form when it comes to self-inflicted bruises.
  11. Wasn't sure my respect for 89 could get any greater. I was wrong.
  12. https://www.panthers.com/video/self-scout-gunner-colin-jones-makes-a-big-impact-12632878
  13. pointy elbows, huddle should move on.
  14. We have zero current employee's with the nads to "shake down" Tepper.