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  1. It is clear that if you want news about McGaughey you'd best follow Alex Marvez Is there any way to find out how much each team spends on coaching staffs? Just wonder if it was the money, playing in the NY market or just not being on board with Rivera that gave him the impetus to leave here before officially lining up a job.
  2. Relive the moment

    Just think how (retrospectively) ho - hum a Vikings comeback it would have been if Williams had not ducked, had been early and PI call (or no call and out of bounds) gave Vikings a chance to make winning FG from 51 yards.
  3. This really is a weakness of Rivera, that he can only work with coaches he has worked with before (or that he inherited here). I'm ok with his lack of emotion on the sideline but position coaches need to have that fire. And it seems he is reluctant to hire anyone with a more dominant personality than his own (which rules out everybody).
  4. fug the steelers. can't stand listening to Sirius and they say, "let's go to Fred in North Carolina" only to hear some idiot ask about the steelers. steeler fans need to be humbled and made fun of. at this point firing Tomlin is just a matter of time. you can't let this stuff get out and continue next year like nothing happened.
  5. With ownership in flux all airgogo accounts are suspended. /thread
  6. Titans part with Mularkey...

    they looked undisciplined against the pats, really shaky play-calling also.
  7. Best Twitter Reactions

    No Fun League already working overtime to block all game content. enjoy while you can.
  8. Best Twitter Reactions

    To be at that game would have been awesome.
  9. Best Twitter Reactions

    Igo's view if Funchess makes teh grab last week.....