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  1. I would kill for a resume that said "Mascot Coordinator"
  2. WP - Power Ranking

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000847983/article/nfl-power-rankings-week-3-kansas-city-chiefs-hit-no-1-spot no one wants to change their idea of ranks, I usually like this ranking the best , but it raises eyebrows. we are lowest rated 2-0 team by a mile at #16 6 teams with a loss ranked ahead of us
  3. The Panthers Media 40 yard dash

    Trust me, the opposite is true. I went plant based and could name them. One day a CMC, one day a Captain and then a Butler and you have to take the afternoon off.
  4. PFF: Refocused Panthers v Bills

    no you would not.
  5. Trade | TE Hunter Henry

    Sanjay = Tampering
  6. I can respect you and not agree. I'm in it for the chest pounding and the W
  7. PFF: Refocused Panthers v Bills

    pie'd for TD. needs some Love
  8. cool story. I cry BS on that mathematical formula. At home, with this defense, you kick the damn FG.
  9. Few of my pictures from today

    good work, still counting the freckles on the brunette
  10. Few of my pictures from today

    shitty seats
  11. I hate how freaking mathematicians have taken over the NFL. Especially on articles the day after the game. At home you put points on the board against that tough defense and you let your defense win the game.
  12. I moved it before reading. I get why some find it entertaining but the fixation everyone in the media has on Dallas is going to hurt the NFL. I literally turn the channel or turn off any media talking about cowboys. It has cut my media consumption by 97%. I'll just treat this thread like a panthersunited thread and stay the hell out.
  13. btw, if any of you need a pick me up right now go read saintsreport