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  1. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    I don't know him as well as many of you seem to.... but in this mic'd up version of the fight with Johnson that seemed to cement his position of a dirty player I'm not sure he qualifies. I see the ref's not calling a Johnson push in the back and I see the ref's not calling hands to the face and I see Johnson blowing his cool.  Was there another famous fight that proves he is an asshole?  
  2. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    I agree with OP and I think this is just a continuation of previous beatdowns.  The coverage is all about how the other team's self-destructed and what is going wrong with those teams.  When they realize they have to start talking about the Panthers we get the MVP talk.  To me that is just lazy reporting and irrelevant to the team game being put on display every week.  They talk about Cam's position in the MVP race because they don't know enough about this TEAM and the work of every level of the offense and defense and special teams to produce all these solid wins. Had to watch First Take and Stephen A did say the best team won but all the conversation was still about Romo.  
  3. I have bandwagoners in my own family asking to borrow my extra jerseys.  #whoamItojudge?  
  4. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    This.  I keep hearing how TD "slammed" him into the ground and I saw a solid hit and then TD sliding off the man as his shoulder hit the ground. I immediately thought, if your QB is going to the sideline after that hit you are in trouble. Now reports are that ex-rays were "inconclusive"..... aka, his shoulder is not broken.  
  5. Luke Kuechly Interceptions in Photos...

    It was great how she avoided full frontal eye contact, but in Jeremy's next shot she got caught sneaking a peak at that Luke rear end view!  
  6. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Top notch, got a mental block about those colors but top notch. As a travelling expert with first hand experiece, I would be interested to know your "Power Top 5" squads and maybe a couple of sleeper picks?
  7. Cam Newton Wired

    The video has been seen / posted numerous times.  But the short write up is new.   I watched it again.
  8. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    good grief. we are 10-0, why are you guys so angry? this is a thread about an NFL player that is lucky to be alive.  If you don't want to read it because it is not "Panthers Related" gtfo.   But using it for petty grudges is pathetic
  9. Cam Newton is your Offensive Player of the Week

    Congrats to Cam! Thought they would give it to Jameis but glad they saw the difference.
  10. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    So glad SCP is on our side.   Is there a smack talker to match? forget about last quote, this is a classic;  
  11. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    so much win  
  12. We Have Officially Made It

    did not realize douchbaggery over the internet was contagious.
  13. We Have Officially Made It

  14. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    I don't think it is.  Can you imagine the closed door conversation of their DC with Hardy?  Asking for details of an offense he last practiced against over a year ago?  What can he gain from a conversation from Greg "next question" Hardy that he can't gain from game tape?  The answer is zero.  The offense Greg practiced against in Aug/Sept of 2014 bears little semblance to this weeks version.   I hope they do think he has insight.