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  1. Anyone else watching this game felt deja vu from the Niner divisional playoff game two years ago?  We lost by a similar score (23-10) but more importantly I felt our team played with a lack of energy, allowed the refs to get us out of the game and were battling uphill the entire time. TBH, I blame our coaches.  We have 3 years of playoff experience and we don't know the ref's tend to swallow the whistle in playoff games?  Take advantage of that.  Play to the limit of the rules and beyond.  I'm not talking about that stupid penalty by Boston (batting the ball away after first down reception).  And I'm not really talking about our defense either.  Our offense was not aggressive in any way shape or form and allowed the denver D to have their way. Two years ago the niner D did the same thing, and we had the same posts here complaining about officiating.  I lean toward complaining about the coaching and offensive leadership.    
  2. "unfollowed"   .................   until training camp I mean draft I mean FA 
  3. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    no.  internet would explode and we need the interwebs for draft talk.  
  4. Getting Annoyed

    In Atlanta, on the way there.  Waiting for those losers with nothing to do this weekend scatter in front of us like mice in a lit up barn. 
  5. I'll just leave this here   so far 75% going Panthers but a lot of "no picks" left to be filled in.  
  6. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    anyone notice a similarity to our 59 in first pic?  
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    is it Sunday yet?  
  8. now is the time Panther twitter army.  Pounce! #firerodney  
  9. I am literally pulling up twitter, searching "Rodney Harrison" and retweeting everything with #firerodney   so much win  
  10. get #firerodney trending   
  11. they need to ditch rodney and hire my boy Nate Burleson.  loved watching him at Univ. Nevada Reno games
  12. why?  you can see on nfl coverage how much talent is out there.  why the hell are they settling on a reknowned dirty player and then pft will spend the whole offseason talking cte and concussions. #hypocrits
  13. tweet #firerodney indiscriminately
  14. Chess Match: Manning vs Kuechly

    I still think the chess match between Cam/Shula and Phillips will be the one to watch.  
  15. Obviously a hack Cam doesn't do "sheepish"