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  1. Official Igo pie thread

    haters gonna hate! I couldn't find a single mock that had us taking Butler. Nailing a draft pick in the top 10 is pretty damn good. Nailing a draft pick at #30 is downright scary. You are right, some had him going earlier (Detroit, GB, KC) but more had him out of the top round completely. And for those suggesting luck, one year is luck. He also nailed the first and second round picks (and the trade up) the year before. This is next level stuff.
  2. Another thread about the football man we just drafted

    It was no accident that we took the 5th year option on Star right before this draft. We have Star under contract for two more years people! I don't get the doom and gloom? KK outplayed Star this year so he is first focus of getting a big new contract. But now Gman has leverage in contract negotiations at a position we covet and a position at which compensation around the league has been going through the roof.
  3. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    Thanks, as always for the info. I have no idea why more people aren't paying more attention to the site that has correctly called last year's 1 and 2 and this years 1 at pick 30. Really impressive. That being said, do you realistically include Von Bell as those available at #62? That would be a huge fall for him and wonder why that would be? Unless teams are just tired of taking Buckeyes? Also, any other names to throw out that would have our interest if we stay put at #62?
  4. Carolina Panthers NFL Draft - Day 2 Predictions

    This is why I don't like player names as part of screen names. How can we take your criticism of D Henry seriously when you are such a CAP fanboy? At least you are consistent.
  5. Another thread about the football man we just drafted

    Using the draft to manage the cap. Seems simple but so many teams (and fans) don't get it. If Ryan Kelly had fallen he would have been another example. But it also makes you wonder about the integrity of some other team personnel. Attending the draft when you are a borderline first rounder takes balls. Butler came right out and said on the red carpet last night that the Detroit Lions told him that if he was still there when they picked in the teens, he would be their pick. If that is true, shame on them. I know KC was looking long and hard at him also. I have no idea why Green Bay passed on him and took DT but very happy they did.
  6. Butler selection Presser, 7 teams tried to trade

    Just the smart ones. so.... outside the division.
  7. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    Actually it was 16 hours early

    or that 6 pack of IPA?
  9. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    quick google search confirms the drug rumors but details are well hidden. He was a partier but wtf wasn't in '82? As Jeremey said on twitter, what if twitter and cell phones had been around for Irvin and Sanders?

    but he gets to reunite with Baylor alum RGKnee!
  11. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    Dan Marino dropped in draft due to weed allegations.
  12. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    that was one of the references to submarine. obviously somebody had a grudge against him. his twitter account has been deleted but it is everywhere. GM's know about it.