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  1. Cam Newton Wired

    The video has been seen / posted numerous times.  But the short write up is new.   I watched it again.
  2. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    good grief. we are 10-0, why are you guys so angry? this is a thread about an NFL player that is lucky to be alive.  If you don't want to read it because it is not "Panthers Related" gtfo.   But using it for petty grudges is pathetic
  3. Cam Newton is your Offensive Player of the Week

    Congrats to Cam! Thought they would give it to Jameis but glad they saw the difference.
  4. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    So glad SCP is on our side.   Is there a smack talker to match? forget about last quote, this is a classic;  
  5. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    so much win  
  6. We Have Officially Made It

    did not realize douchbaggery over the internet was contagious.
  7. We Have Officially Made It

  8. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    I don't think it is.  Can you imagine the closed door conversation of their DC with Hardy?  Asking for details of an offense he last practiced against over a year ago?  What can he gain from a conversation from Greg "next question" Hardy that he can't gain from game tape?  The answer is zero.  The offense Greg practiced against in Aug/Sept of 2014 bears little semblance to this weeks version.   I hope they do think he has insight.  
  9. Not sure what to think about, Hardy

      I don't pretend to read every post, especially every Greg Hardy post, but I do not recall this "information" or your insider information. The Panthers franchised Hardy gambling they would get one more good year, albeit at a premium, when they were coming off a 12-4 season and thought bringing him back would push us over the hump of "just" getting a playoff game taste.   As soon as the Ray Rice situation brought the Hardy case back to the forefront all pretense of "innocent until proven guilty" went out the window and there was no way Hardy was going to be a Panther again. Regardless of contract. As far as the pictures being conveniently released just a day or so after all records were officially expunged reeks of a hatchet job.  Guilty or innocent I honestly don't know.  But if Nicole Holder had those specific injuries and both she and legal counsel chose to accept a payoff rather than pursue a civil case when they were halfway to a criminal conviction, I am enough of a skeptic to not condemn Hardy to eternal damnation like many here.                  
  10. Sportsnation: Cam is MVP

    Is it just me or is the MVP talk this year dominating sports talk more than usual?   I mean, Cam winning MVP would be great but losing out to Brady would not be terrible.  Brady has his team at 10-0 with 19 different offensive line combinations prior to last nights game.  Hate him or love him the dude is amazing. I'm just happy that Cam has his head on straight and treats the MVP talk as what it is.... just talk. This team has bigger goals now and accomplishing them will do a heck of a lot more to spread out some individual awards than internet polls in week 10.  
  11. Panthers Get SI Cover

    proof the fix is in!
  12. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    My list would not include any team with "recent" success, i.e., the last 3-4 years. Bandwagoners gonna bandwagon.  If I were a fan of the teams like the Seahawks or Patriots I would be somewhat annoying (at least in the minds of the opponents!) just because I could. The most annoying are fans of teams like saints, falcons,bucs that have been owned for 3 seasons now and still talk junk.  Or fans of teams like cowboys or DC area team that haven't been relative in decades.  So my list; 1)    falcons 2)    saints 3)    bucs 4)    cowboys 5)    dc area
  13. Where's NanceUSMC?

    yeah, haven't seen much of Hawk since....welllllll......the Hawk game! So we know the reason for one! It is kind of fun to see the old posters come back.  w280sax comes to mind as someone who did not skip a beat and bringing some quality insights.  I'm sure Nance would do the same.  Marc_Anthony and some others stopped in last week.  
  14. Where's NanceUSMC?

    No guts, no glory! Good to know you are around, still remember the tailgates many years ago!
  15. NFL refs and reffing inconsistencies

    Meet our crew for Thursday;   He is the guy that blew a Ravens call in October and was supposed to be "disciplined" ( but instead gets the biggest game of the year so far.