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  1. I think he's needed a break for a while
  2. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    Usually in a clusterpluck like this there is more than enough blame to go around. A ton of taint fans are getting tired of Brees and his contract demands. Personally, I love it. Funny how public sentiment will change over time. At first, in 2011 all the taint fans wanted the mole to get paid. Now that the Bree's contract has been a Damocles Sword for the taints for the last few years public sentiment is moving toward management. Waiting for the sword to fall is entertaining to say the least.
  3. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    almost enough to make you feel sorry for taint fans..... Brees said Wednesday, via theAssociated Press. “If you remember in 2011, where it began to drag into the season, three weeks in I was like, ‘I don’t want to deal with it anymore. I want to focus on football, focus on the season.’ That has always been my approach. That’ll be my approach again. There’s a deal to be done now, and if it doesn’t get done now, it’ll be a different deal to get done at the end of the year.” That’s the closest Brees or his agent have come to pointing out the reality that, if the Saints allow Brees to play out the final year of his five-year, $100 million contract, the circumstances will change, dramatically. They’ll change thanks to the arbitration claim filed by Brees after the Saints applied the franchise tag to him in 2012, which resulted in a ruling that the next application of the tag to Brees will be the third of his career. As a result, he’ll be entitled to a 44-percent increase over his cap number from 2016. That’s $43.2 million. For one year. For a quarterback who will be 38 in January.
  4. Carlina Daarios?

    I'm sure it's a good show, I tried watching it but when they pushed that kid out the window for watching someone bang the queen (or something like that) I stopped. Probably missed a lot of gratuitous violence. I binge-watched the first season of True Detective and all of Making a Murderer so I do get hooked on some shows. For some reason GOT's and anything having to do with zombies &/or vampires just don't get me to tune in.
  5. Carlina Daarios?

    am I the only person on the planet that does not watch Game of Thrones?
  6. they must really want to sell those jerseys. thanks for everyone hitting the "report post" thread asap when these pop up
  7. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    On the OTA's or in this thread?
  8. Arian Foster?

    it was well known we were looking at the RB position in the draft. Which doesn't bode well for one or more of our back ups. Foster is a great back but more than injuries, I don't want his attitude messing with the locker room. Vegan or atheist/christian doesn't mean much, I've just heard too many stories about him being a different cat. Which is a nice way of saying weird and not focused. Doesn't play well with others.
  9. Emperor Newton's Reign over the NFL Begins Now

    damn that was fast SCP! lol
  10. Emperor Newton's Reign over the NFL Begins Now

    too good not to waste on division opponents + =
  11. Just saw that also. As intense as the draft is, how can microfracture knee surgery on a top 5 pick, even if 6 years ago, not be a known commodity? Here is the story on ESPN a year ago about his early surgery
  12. Saints stealing ideas from The Huddle

    Wake me when they sign Hardy
  13. didn't we sign Mr Robato? Or is he already cut?