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  1. Still Brooklyn

    Mcgregor vs Khabib

    I always root against Conor but I have a feeling he's going to put Khabib to sleep with a flash KO. I hope not though. Will order the PPV.
  2. Someone was triggered in this thread.
  3. Still Brooklyn

    The Super Bowl is going to stink. Amiright?

    Ok, yes ... that. But no to a bidding war just to get to be the performer.
  4. Still Brooklyn

    California has the nation’s highest poverty rate

    Wait ... a warm, inviting, beautiful state attracts the homeless? The hell you say! Similar to how Honolulu has a big issue. The question is, how do the homeless get there? THAT is a trip that requires quite a few cups of change.
  5. Still Brooklyn

    Beware the PS1 Classic

    If you want Spyro that bad, just get it for the PS4. Three games in one. Similar to the Crash release.
  6. Still Brooklyn

    The Super Bowl is going to stink. Amiright?

    No. Isn't this one of those threads where some guy says they want <insert obscure nu-metal band> or <insert indie hip hop group> to play half time?
  7. The Club Level concession areas are crowded enough with their own people ... now everyone can go? Talk about body to body if it's popular.
  8. Discover that CMC isn't the only dude that plays offense.
  9. Still Brooklyn

    Bucs are 2-0

    Did you watch the video?
  10. Still Brooklyn

    Bucs are 2-0

    He stole DeSean Jackson's clothes for the interview, lol. True story.
  11. Still Brooklyn

    Hold on Ryan TD - Refs - Tepper

    Ah yes, the weekly The Refs Screwed Us post. We saw it all year last season ... and hmm ... who was the least penalized team again?
  12. Still Brooklyn

    Flying Drone at Tailgate?!

    1. Go to tailgate 2. Turn drone on 3. Fly up 4. Fly toward stadium 5. Go over stadium 6. Drop altitude 7. Fly into tunnel 8. Fly into locker room 9. ??? 10. Profit
  13. Still Brooklyn

    "Two States, One Team"

    Lived in Charlotte for 18 years, Raleigh for six, Durham for two, Greensboro for one. My family has had a beach house in North Litchfield, SC since the 60s. I gotta say, the folks in that area of SC are nicer BY FAR than anyone I've come across in NC ... albeit a lot dumber ... but nicer. Hell, people here in Brooklyn are nicer than people in Charlotte.
  14. Still Brooklyn

    Charlotte *Fourth Ward*

    I lived in Fourth Ward for five years. It's fine.