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  1. It's the first day of Spring!

    ... and I'm getting 10-16" of snow. Go home Mother Nature, you're drunk.
  2. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    I'm shocked he can even walk. He's so itty bitty, and he plays freakin RB.
  3. Can a true atheist be moral?

    LOL at how a simple question pushed so many buttons in this thread. Well played, OP. The answer is, yes, they can. Morals are common sense. Yes, religion and faith use these common sense ideals and run with it, but they were correct for doing so because those ideals are indeed good things. But again, LOL at all the religion haters getting in such a pissy mood. And no, I'm not religious.
  4. NCAA Tournament

    Brackets everywhere just went bye bye. Though I did have UVA losing to Kentucky.
  5. Quick note on the sale

    I don't think there will be many offers. Maybe 3 or 4. And they'll bid low and slow so that it won't jump up.
  6. Quick note on the sale

    I predict a much lower sale price if no bidding war happens.
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars are dead to me.

    It's a pretty good dig by their social media kid. Some of you need thicker skin.
  8. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    I wouldn't mind Mike Pouncey.
  9. Hurndog seems pretty active in FA this year. I wonder if that's due to you know who no longer being in charge.
  10. Chris Simms on ESPN ranked Cammy Cam #6 QB

    He's anywhere from 5-7, so ... yeah. 6.
  11. Lions release tight end Eric Ebron

    Nope. Nope. Nope. This isn't UNC ... dude is trash.
  12. J-Stew to the Giants

    Hope he has an ok season, now that Cam won't take a majority of his goal line TDs away from him.
  13. You can tell the people that played Fantasy Football ... five years ago.