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  1. Just bc he'll have similar numbers won't mean he might get it. What QBs and RBs were #2 and #3 in voting when he won? What were their stats like? He might have better competition this time around. But it would be great to see him get a second MVP.
  2. There should never be fear to begin with. You should never feel the need to punch someone over words. Grow a set.
  3. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Who cares. Who cares what Cam does. Who cares what the media thinks of Cam.
  4. If he had been there, yes. Admitting that doesn't make you less of a fan.
  5. Homecoming Party

    Love the $28.03 ticket price, lol. That's awesome. And very cool idea. The front of the shirt sort of looks like something a Neo-Nazi might wear though. Just sayin.
  6. RE the Fantastic Header:

    I thought I had a page error at first. Then I scrolled down.
  7. Game etiquette

    Bad comparison. No one sits at those ... and they wave signs and act like Raider fans for the most part.
  8. Game etiquette

    I bet some of you talk, text, and answer your phones in movie theaters too.
  9. Brees, Newton, Ryan, Stafford, Wilson, Wentz
  10. The Eagles are simply run-stuffing monsters.
  11. Game etiquette

    Concert and game two different animals. And are you serious about the anthem, lol?
  12. Game etiquette

    Just have a dedicated "standing" section, lol. There you can keep living in those college years you miss. Maybe pee in cups like NCSU kids do! Or a dedicated supporters section like they have in soccer. You can stand, cheer, bounce, and wabe a 1287632 ft flag!