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  1. Just got into a road rage fight

    Please post a photo of yourself, ludwig. It'll make all of this so much easier to believe.
  2. Yes, people get carried away with what might have happen. Yes people dislike him and some say for no good reason. But really ... why do some love him? LOTS of people give to charity. LOTS of people create jobs for Carolinians. LOTS of people help the Charlotte economy. Do you fawn over them too? At some point the fact that he brought a team to Charlotte is going to have to stop being the reason he's seemingly untouchable in some eyes.
  3. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Pretty sure JR spilled something on Bersin. HEY-OH!
  4. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    I wonder what Michael Jordan will re-name the team? The Charlotte Swoosh?
  5. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Team will not move, though there are indeed cities that could support the franchise. That said ... 1% chance he diddled a young boy 15% chance it has to do with discrimination 75% chance sexual harassment 4% chance he diddled a player
  6. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    His personal guards. Elite Praetorian Guards to be exact.
  7. If they cleared him, nothing will keep him from playing. Same with Cam. Guys have heart and desire. The risk isn't even in his mind.
  8. So about the end of game kneel downs

    There's no point of doing the victory formation if the other team isn't going to try and cause a fumble. If the game is out of reach, just end the game. Why waste everyone's time? Why give the QB negative rushing yards? Just end it. If the game is an 8 point game, then yeah ... go for the fumble. Never works, but it's better than nothing.
  9. Props to Bersin

    Are you new here? People have wanted him to be a huge part of the team for years.
  10. Props to Bersin

    Ok. I'll make a thread for every special teams player that made a tackle out there today!
  11. This. It's Apple trying to be clever. Their products are now "more than computers", thus this little kid equates a computer to some archaic device.
  12. You tin foil hat wearing morons make me laugh and laugh.
  13. The Last Jedi

    Spoilers are out!
  14. Props to Bersin

    You went to Wofford didn't you?