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  1. Post a pic, any pic.

    Son of a Gun, neither do I....
  2. Post a pic, any pic.

    Kids gotta be protected too....
  3. Post a pic, any pic.

    Eff Yeah!!!
  4. Post a pic, any pic.

    Hahahaha! I know where that intersection is. It's in Bakersfield, CA. It's right behind the county gubment building. Seems appropriate.....
  5. Post a pic, any pic.

    Nice Flare Stack. You work on the oil or gas side of things?
  6. Post a pic, any pic.

    Thanks Biscuit! It's supposed to be Obama and Biden after he called out that terrorist group Isis....
  7. Post a pic, any pic.

    Contact info? Hey, I forgot how to link stuff but if one of you nutcases could do it for me, I might think fondly of you. It's funny as hell, trust me..
  8. Date I recently went on...

    Or a cast iron hibachi grill. Trust me on this.......
  9. Post a pic, any pic.

    I lol'd...
  10. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    I wanna rock..
  11. Post a pic, any pic.

    BecauseI hit it.....
  12. Post a pic, any pic.

    And candidate for the PanthaSeed Award.....
  13. Post a pic, any pic.

    Oh and almost forgot... I'd so be hitting that. Nothing like a sure bet to make you feel like a real man.
  14. Post a pic, any pic.

    Officer on the mic: "HQ, she says that if we want our patrol car back, we're gonna have to go in and get it ourselves. Please advise."