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  1. I'll take things that I never said for 500 Alex.
  2. It gets clicks dude, and that's what the OP wants more than anything, which leads us to this thread.
  3. Van Roten

    Rivera said on The Panthers Huddle that he probably wouldn't play until next week.
  4. Panthers Plan for Olsen

    He had a broken foot! Of course he's not going to be "in football shape".
  5. That was after last weeks game, not last night.
  6. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    Hummmm... I've never heard of that, sounds interesting! Might have to try it!
  7. I played my part

  8. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    Wait a min. You crumble up pork skins and used it for breading?
  9. Thank you Veterans

    Y'all are getting trolled on and don't even realize it.
  10. The maximum time between plays is 40 seconds unless there is a time out. You are just being overly dramatic!
  11. Inflation is a bitch ain't it! Lol!! I'm not saying soccer isn't growing, just that I don't think it will ever be the "go to" sport in the US anytime in the near future (or the distant future either).
  12. I've been hearing that since I was in high school in the 80s.
  13. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    I've looked it up, apparently it's really good! I was wondering if any of our chefs on here have tried it.
  14. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    I'm thinking about deep frying a boston butt this year after I do my turkeys. Has anybody here ever tried it?