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  1. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Feels nasty with cowturd fans posting in here. We are going to have to have a serious clean up after this week, I'm talking about Jeremy shutting the place down and sterilizing it!!
  2. We Are The Warriors of the NFL

    Sometime in February.
  3. Gameday Menu

    A bunch of these will be waiting on me after the victory!  
  4. Carolina Panthers Color Rush Video
  5. Carolina Panthers Color Rush Video

    Black is the absence of color.
  6. GRITS

    No it ain't, and I miss those days!!!
  7. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    The Panthers just posted this on their Facebook page about 30min. ago. I love it!!!  
  8. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    There is a three page thread about it on the first page!   Jeremy wants us to share this website on social media and with our friends, This very thread is a prime example of why I would never recommend this web site to friends, family or even other Panther fans!
  9. One year ago...

    Try wiping your ass with your left hand! I about had to have someone do it for me!!
  10. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    The edit button is right beside the quote button at the bottom left of your post.
  12. Cam owning BoA

  13. Olivia Munn pic thread..

    Oh no! She WOULD get it!!!