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  1. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    shapiro is the fuging dennis miller of the alt right. the "see we have smart guys too" guy
  2. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    brought to you by the same people outraged by a tan suit
  3. 21st & Prime

    didn't he trash cam for finishing his degree an offseason or two ago too i know people in sports media will often take on a certain exaggerated persona to provoke reactions/get attention but i don't think he's faking it
  4. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    the first time i saw that commercial it was so obvious that they were trying to make it a thing
  5. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    this might be the first time i've seen somebody on that side of the political spectrum treat a law enforcement account of something with skepticism
  6. NFL Power Rankings, Are We Really a Top 10 Team?

    if the NFC wasn't as much of a brick shithouse as it is this year we'd be an easy top five team in the NFL as it stands though i think the bottom half of the top ten is accurate
  7. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    tool fans, much like rick and morty fans, are on a different intellectual level than the rest of us
  8. Does white privilege exist?

    anyone who engages with him should know that he's a fuging troll who probably doesn't believe anything that he's saying. he just re-materialized posting walls of copy/paste bullshit he found on the internet just like before. he's done similar stuff on football topics too, just trying to gish gallop people to death with walls of text.
  9. Robots

  10. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    ♫♫ macho insecurity, macho insecurity ♫♫
  11. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    every couple of years the bills start out 5-2 or something and everybody goes "holy hell the bills are for real" then they poo the bed and finish 7-9, missing the playoffs for the millionth time in a row
  12. Things that trump says

    punishing entire families for one person not kissing dear leader's ass isn't just for north korea anymore
  13. Trump Org worth a fraction of what Trump claims

    the myth of the bizness man president who's going to run the country like a business needs to go away. if i was a little more naive i might think that the trump shitshow would strike a death blow to the concept but i doubt it. trump has never had to deal with anyone he couldn't simply ignore, fire, or throw his lawyers at. he really thought being president would be like being an emperor and he was dead wrong.
  14. HRC DNC Rigging

    undeniable proof of DNC rigging
  15. yeah in our 2017 yearbook episode during the offseason greg olsen discusses the crucial role his identification of a wooden spoon used by the vikings staff to mix the gatorade played in our victory