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  1. Mike Remmers

    he was a scrap heap warm body signed in 2014 who turned into something of a decent JAG right tackle.  he got taken apart by the best pass rusher in the league which tends to happen to guys like that. thankfully his replacement is on the roster.
  2. about the best thing you can realistically ask for as a fan of an NFL team is for them to consistently make the playoffs.  it sucks to lose a super bowl and i know some people get off on the "super bowl or bust" angle and like to talk about how any season that doesn't end in a championship is a failure and blah blah but there is just so much parity in the league now that even getting a stab at one is something rare and special.  i enjoyed the journey the whole way.  having a 15-1 regular season is just not something you can take for granted.
  3. Kony Ealy's ridiculous stat line

    can we get gettlolman in here to explain what an inept awful pick he was again
  4. How cute the fans off all the teams we defeated are back to talk sh*t now

    it's not like playing in/potentially losing a super bowl is anything saints or falcons fans are going to have to worry about any time soon look i can't speak for anyone but myself but god knows i've been there many times as a panthers fan-a position where the only thing i have to look forward to is a team i hate losing in the playoffs because i was already looking forward to the draft in early december.  all the trash talk is hollow because at a gut level you still wish it was your team.  
  5. The media seems to get it

    i just think back to forehead's "protection problems" comments after the colts' 2005 playoff loss to the steelers whenever i see or hear riveting hot takes about cam's demeanor when dealing with the media people used to say the exact same stuff about peyton manning
  6. i had my existential football crisis prior to this season. losing the emotional attachment actually makes watching football more fun tbh.  my prime "on the verge of tears because my team lost" years were wasted on the infuriating mid to late fox/hurney/delhomme era which was loads of fun.    
  7. Look who I found trolling Cam's MVP article

    the worst nightmare of millions of idiots across the united states has come two thirds of the way true finish them off cam
  8. Deangelo Williams picks....

    let's also not forget that he got paid a shitload of money to pace up and down the sidelines in sweats drinking gatorade here
  9. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    michael procton would probably rather throw on his faded, peeling delhomme jersey and talk to a framed picture of john fox for three and a half hours in the dark than watch cam in the super bowl at this point
  10. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Dumb ass challenge
  11. what guitar should i get?

    unless you can get someone to hook you up with an amazing deal on a new gibson you're far better off trying to land one used in my experience and yeah online ordering can be nerve wracking.  i bought my les paul sight unseen from colorado and crossed my fingers but thankfully it delivered.
  12. What Saints Fans are Saying

  13. Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread

    So many near picks
  14. Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Get ready for a Shula stall