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    i'm posting this from my underground bunker i've been occupying since the 2010 census
  2. The Clinton Body Count

    so basically one of your conspiracy websites needs to debunk their own bread and butter which is driving views and clicks for you to even be skeptical of those claims. or not uncritically accept them, even. oh no no wait, hold on. they'd be a part of the "establishment" then. so forget it.
  3. Sports Illustrated ranks their 50 fittest athletes

    it's another thing that makes me roll my eyes whenever some idiot pipes up and goes "hur american football players are fat it doesn't take any skill to play that sport" if that was true then any 6'5" moron on the planet who is over a certain weight could make millions playing quarterback in the NFL. those guys are superhuman mutants. even the "try hard" marginal type guys who maybe don't have archetypal speed, athleticism, or size are very physically gifted.
  4. The Clinton Body Count

    snopes is also far from the first outlet to take issue with it but i'm far from a fan of the clintons and don't want to seem like an apologist. the second point is a good one though. not even the rock stars like dylan avery and alex jones are immune to that.
  5. The Clinton Body Count

    there's the venom we all remember copy/paste something sourced from somewhere and anything contradicting it is automatically establishment disinfo
  6. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    well let's think back to what was being discussed by the armchair GMs on this site at the time. basically we should have spent up to the cap retaining smith (who would have had at least a $6 million cap figure in '15 even if he had retired after '14), lafell, munnerlyn, mitchell, and ginn while also bringing in anthony collins. extending our MVP first team all pro quarterback and defensive MVP middle linebacker should have taken a backseat to keeping a roster filled out by spare parts together at all costs. at least gettleman's fugups only have short term effects. the bell/chandler shitshow lasted like three quarters of one season and that's it.
  7. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    3 out of 5 OL positions had different starters by the end of the season and philly brown was starting to see the field more. plus bene, tre boston, and kony ealy were starting to get more opportunities. it was a tale of two different teams basically.
  8. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    seems like pretty intelligent responses to your assertions actually
  9. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    here's what's actually going to happen at the polls this fall
  10. selects Panther's best and worst historical draft picks

    cam doesn't need "huggers" or apologists anymore. his résumé can do the talking and it's only going to get longer. but, i'm sure there's that one guy trying to call out the "brady huggers" or "luck huggers" on their fan sites too
  11. josh norman tells redskins fan that he was not a fan of the dab

    that's a good question for the people on this site who will grab you by the shoulders and shake you (figuratively) while demanding that you cheer for x former panther or you're a dick. he doesn't play for my favorite team anymore. i'm a panthers fan first and foremost so i see everything through my fan goggles in much the same way that, say, a steve smith or julius peppers fanboy sees everything through his SS/JP homer goggles. if you want to do it then have fun with that but it's just two sides of the same coin to me.
  12. selects Panther's best and worst historical draft picks

    ask anybody if they were starting a team and could choose between a first team all pro quarterback and league MVP (an award won over the course of a season) and first team all pro pass rusher and super bowl MVP (award won over the course of one game) you could make a case for either but push comes to shove most anyone wouldn't try to get too cute and would take the quarterback
  13. josh norman tells redskins fan that he was not a fan of the dab

    why has nobody ever pointed this out before
  14. selects Panther's best and worst historical draft picks

    "cam huggers" nice try troll
  15. Michelob Ultra

    that was the place next to legends right? one of my friends had a tailgate spot in the adjacent lot.