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  1. Cam's Response To PantherNation

      really?  who in the fug made you the arbiter of what is or isn't "the mark of a man" or "the sign of character" or "an indicator of a true leader"?  there are 52 (technically 45 but you know what i mean) other professional football players that follow the man's lead every sunday and a coaching staff and front office who have staked their careers on their faith in his ability to do that. i'm not one to advocate the "if the fans were so smart they'd be working for an NFL team" argument but give me a freaking break.
  2. Cam's Response To PantherNation

    i mean the main thing i get hung up on is the idea that there is some magic method for "shutting down cam" that wouldn't rattle most quarterbacks.  like "pressure him and knock him down a lot" is some new idea and something that uniquely gives cam trouble or some poo. others on this site have pointed out that arizona resorted to the green dog concept many times but were just out-executed and thus didn't accomplish dick in terms of a pass rush.  if the key to "exposing" cam is to have the literal best pass rush in the league then you have to consider that, assuming my math is correct here, there are 30 teams the panthers could potentially play that can't pull that off.  sounds good to me.
  3. Is Kony Ealy the next great Panthers defensive end?

    the last big one i can remember was matt cassell to the chiefs in 2009 tag and trades are rare.  it takes a particular combination of the player being willing to sign his tender and cooperate (nobody is going to table a first round pick for a player if there's a chance he'll hold out), a realistic threat that the team tagging him might actually sign him to a long term extension before he can hit FA the next year, and the team doing the tagging willing to take the risk of possibly having to eat the contract if they can't find a trade partner. there is other stuff that can happen too.  in the peppers situation we couldn't just ship him off to the browns or raiders for two first round picks and be done with it.  he wouldn't sign his tender so he was technically not under the franchise tag yet and couldn't be traded.  he was essentially playing chicken with the panthers as training camp approached with regard to whether it would turn into a holdout situation.  he could sign the tender or the panthers could rescind the tag with no cap hit and release him to FA - those were the only options.  once he signed the tender there was no turning back.  he'd have to be traded or we'd be on the hook for his cap figure. tagging a player with the intention of trading him is really a tightrope and there are a lot of things that can go wrong for the team trying to pull it off.  the player and his agent still have a lot of power in that arrangement.
  4. Is Kony Ealy the next great Panthers defensive end?

    he has major film room chops and a great understanding of football due to his complete immersion in many different aspects of it for decades.  that sounds mundane but it's the difference between him and a GM like marty hurney and so many others.  it leads to excellent value signings like michael oher which, as i'm sure everyone here remembers, was an absolute joke and garnered a massive wtf type reaction when it was announced.  nobody was really excited about kurt coleman when was brought in either. i love reading fans of other teams discussing the guy.  almost every one of them is going "where in the hell did this guy come from and how did he get passed over so many times".  giants fans in particular have plenty of colorful things to say.  it's nice to be on that side of things for once i have to admit.
  5. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    he truly was the real deal
  6. a first team all pro linebacker becoming an unrestricted free agent would probably be a news story picked up by more than one outlet
  7. Archie Manning Defends Cam

    time for bed grits
  8. Real talk from Brittany the Colts fan about Cam and the media

    have we reached a point where cam and tom brady are the two most discussed quarterbacks in the league?  it's starting to feel like it.
  9. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    i'm not going anywhere
  10. Archie Manning Defends Cam

    cool another credible opinion on the topic that's going to be ignored archie manning would have been a hall of famer if he had played for one of the pre-salary cap powerhouse teams and had actual nfl talent around him instead of the saints for ten years. 
  11. Bill Voth: "Panthers Are Allowing Cam To Look Like A Baby."

    one of these days i hope someone will finally explain how looking a certain way to media outlets affects anything that happens on the football field.  particularly if the people whose jobs are riding on cam are completely behind him.  
  12. jeremy posted a photo from the 2014 divisional playoff loss to the seahawks that drove this home for me.  i think it encapsulates the insane brutality of pro football in a way that's not easily seen just by watching a game on TV too. it was a shot of cam running for his life about to get taken down from behind by a seahawk defender.  he had blood all over his pants and jersey and an anguished look on his face.  he dealt with injuries sustained in a traffic accident and the painful aftermath of a surgery that season which, by themselves, would have probably IR'd half the quarterbacks in the league.  but here he was leading a team that had scrapped and clawed its way into the playoffs against the defending super bowl champs in their house.  and the game was close until the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. at this level, people who doubt his heart or will to win are morons like jim folsom or your average PFT commenter/hot take-dishing gritsrgreat type guy calling into a radio show.  or douchebags in the michael procton mold who aren't actually that stupid but are extremely biased and have a near-religious adherence to a very narrow ideology.
  13. Bill Voth: "Panthers Are Allowing Cam To Look Like A Baby."

    whining about this whiny generation my favorite
  14. Bill Voth: "Panthers Are Allowing Cam To Look Like A Baby."

    maybe i'm stupid or missing something here but it seems like all the calls for cam to "man up" or "act more mature" basically equate to "look good to the media". the front office, coaching staff, his teammates, and the fans are sure as hell still behind him so i'm sort of lost as to what functional purpose reciting "mature" canned responses in a suit at a postgame presser accomplishes other than that.
  15. Replay assistant for SB50, was a Broncos fan

    up until recently there were probably more fans of other teams living in charlotte than actual panthers fans because it's a transplant city so yeah i'd say that's more of an assumption