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  1. Football Outsiders Draft Grade: Panthers DEAD Last

    an actual former scout and pro football player who would have dared think
  2. Best Hair Band songs

    holy crap. at least robert plant isn't afraid to look old. coverdale was already in his mid 30s when whitesnake had their string of hits in the US anyway
  3. Gettleman: We drafted a pass rusher

    in wilson's case he'll just run backwards 20 yards, spin around, and heave a duck at nobody while getting tackled which will bounce off the other ten defenders' hands and get wedged between lockett's legs while he trips and falls into the endzone
  4. Football Outsiders Draft Grade: Panthers DEAD Last

    i think SI or some other site published a 2014 re-draft and i think three of our selections were graded as first rounders
  5. Cant even find a Fred Lane highlight on youtube

    yeah there are a couple youtube channels where people (mainly fans of other teams) have incidentally uploaded clips of the late 90s/early 00s panther teams because they were playing a team that was good at the time like this dude e: not a perfect example because that was a badass panther team beating up the channel owner's favorite team but still
  6. Gettleman: We drafted a pass rusher

    yeah, ask any quarterback if it's easier to step up into an uncontested pocket or his center/guard(s) getting pushed into his lap
  7. i think there's a third option and that's irrelevancy in terms of outside attention this franchise was essentially the tennessee titans of the NFC for years, outside of the injection of personality cam brought to the late hurney era. and of course what's happened since 2013.
  8. i mean think back a couple years OP. you (or at least many of us) have been there as a panthers fan. there's always some reason why the top teams in the NFL are overrated and your little under-the-radar squad is the best kept secret in the league, bursting at the seams with under-appreciated and unnoticed talent. we'll show the world this year and on and on.
  9. Football Outsiders Draft Grade: Panthers DEAD Last

    oh wow for a minute i thought they might have used advanced metrics to put together a draft grade like PFF et al but then i read the opening paragraph which explains that they just compiled grades from a bunch of media personalities zzzzzz
  10. the madness of obliterating male and female distinctives the... madness
  11. Best Hair Band songs

    what your parents conceived you to
  12. if word gets out that he doesn't want to serve customers that fit a specific profile, they'll just take their business elsewhere and people in the community won't be willing to support him. it's a lot more simple than you pc libs want to make it imo.
  13. oh and i bet a liberal tow truck driver wouldn't have towed a blah blah both sides you know the drill
  14. Oldie but goodie

    so latinos are responsible for this? see i knew we needed that wall