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  1. NFL did a great job of selling the game... Romo returns and helps beat Miami, shows everyone the Boyz are primed to make a playoff run. Unfortunately for the NFL and Boyz fans the Panthers took the field.
  2. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    A lot of media turds have Arizona as the #1 team in the NFC, some even have the Vikes better than we are, so yeh it would be great to play them this year.. of course the media will use the excuse that we didn't beat them on a neutral field. 
  3. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    We beat Arizona without Carson Palmer, who is playing lights out this year...
  4. Saints Fans and a Delorean

    I'm pretty sure the Aints play basically the same teams we have played, so while we have beat EVERY sorry team on our schedule they have managed to NOT do the same thing.
  5. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    Must be nice to play in a division that automatically guarantees you 6 wins...
  6. Easy way to never feel guilty about how good we are... just remember Jimmy Clausen.
  7. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    If this doesn't show anything else it shows our FO is dedicated to winning... not many 11-0 teams would be working out players the day after destroying "America's Team".
  8. Norman on Dez Bryant

    " GET THAT 70 MILLION BACK YOU GAVE HIM". Dude can talk trash with the best of them 
  9. Only 31 Rushing Yards Allowed...Dominate

    you wanna run on the Panthers, you better park a John Deere in your backfield.
  10. I'm alright with casual viewers jumping on the bandwagon, don't care much for people who jump from team to team.
  11. The media

    Not sure what you're watching, Dungy and Harrison gave us much love today.
  12. Teams you hate to lose to!

    Of course the NFCS, and then these teams; Pats Hawks Boyz Pack and then of course everyone else I didn't list
  13. Cowboy fans were right!!

    Guess they're ok with having a guy on their team who beats up women... cause that's definitely not worse than taking roids. 
  14. Caught the interview with Romo after the game, first off the wimp looked like he had been crying. A reporter asked him what it was like going against a player like Luke, Romo said he was a special player but didn't really give him any credit for picking him twice... also said he goes up against good players every time he takes the field.  I say to Romo... yes, you go up against good players every week, but you DONT go up against the freaking Lukeness Monster every week.... there's a BIG difference.
  15. Resting players vs 16-0

    16-0 would be nice but it really doesn't get you anything but the #1 seed, a bye and some fame... Super Bowl is the goal