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  1. Hurney says we don’t need no stinking rb... gonna sign Stew to a 10 year billion dollar deal
  2. If Bill France is involved I can see it moving to Charlotte Motor SpeedWay... dem deadly left turns
  3. Dude could have been an all time great Panther if his stupidity hadn’t got in the way. I can’t believe how anyone would want him even getting near that kid, I know I wouldnt.
  4. I think the biggest question going into this off-season is whether Ron actually listens to Norv Turner... an actual REAL offensive coordinator. Or will he be unwilling to budge and keep our offense in Shula-Mode
  5. I just don’t f’ing get it. It’s not like Marty is some hot commodity that other teams are waiting to snatch up if he’s let go, the guy utterly destroyed this team and lost his job because of it... Yet somehow in Jerry Richardson’s warped brain something is telling him to hold on to Marty till the bitter end, and who gives an F if he sets us back 10 years
  6. I heard he told the Girl Scouts he didn’t want their cookies so he won’t be wearing black n blue this year
  7. G-Man gets Norwell ONLY if he takes Amini and the other sorry decisions he made
  8. Hi there

    Have come to the conclusion that the Panthers should change their mascot to Bozo The Clown
  9. Everyone talks about the prima donna Tom Brady playing at a high level at the age of 40 but what about an almost 40 year old DE still getting double digit sacks and playing only half or less of the snaps... Id say that’s more impressive
  10. It’s very rare that you see the owner of a company(NFL team) fire a person for basically gross negligence then hire the same person back and give them their old job back on a silver platter. Can only think that JR is doing this to show his f’d up loyalty and knowing that new ownership will dump him.
  11. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    Just heard about this on NFL Live this morning... almost burnt my crotch with scalding hot coffee. Told my wife if he is given the permanent job the Panthers will go straight to Hell. Our only hope is that whoever we get as a new owner/owners actually looks at the Huddle and gets rid of him.
  12. Predicting the Tag

    I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the best that M Kalil has to offer... no “if’s” needed. Would be great if Moton could take over at LT, wouldn’t be asking too much to think he would be an upgrade over what we have now.
  13. But does he like BoJangles???
  14. Rivera graduated from the Woody Hayes School of 3 Yards and a Cloud of Dust
  15. Will Gilbert be good enough that Carolina has a QB controversy in the near future...