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  1. Some unhappy campers in Minnesota...http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000877413/article/vikings-unhappy-with-greg-olsen-calling-rams-game
  2. I would hope we had enough veteran leadership on this team that they wouldn’t have to see what other teams are doing and just focus on what’s in front of them...
  3. Poor effort

    Brady said he likes dem balls...
  4. Don’t worry guys/gals... We’ll have our good friend Hurney directing our off-season transactions and the Draft... another SB is right around the corner
  5. Almost makes Kalil look like a HOFer...
  6. You mean I was supposed to wait until Monday??? OOPS
  7. DG in retrospect

    Don’t worry, we’ll be right back in Hurneys personal Cap Hell shortly
  8. With Adams out

    Remember what Ron said about Colin... ” He runs really fast in a straight line.”
  9. Potential Postseason Advantage

    Unfortunately the Aints look to be legit, barring a huge breakdown they could easily sweep us. Pretty sure the Falcons didn’t have much to play for last year and ended our unbeaten streak... anything can happen
  10. Panthers org would never even sniff him... not up to their standards
  11. "Still feeling our way around"

    Hooked up with a new girl last weekend... had to feel my way around
  12. Probably wouldn’t care much for Brady’s deflated balls...
  13. Ron has proven over the years here that he knows NFL defense... maybe one of the best defensive minds in the game. But he knows absolutely zip about offense which means he must let Shula make the decisions on that side of the ball... and he is way too loyal to vets on this team who probably shouldn’t have been starting... and of course his in-game decisions which leave a lot of us scratching our heads.