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  1. mc52beast

    Panthers make personnel changes

    Hard to believe that Ron would make moves based on personal feelings instead of talent and knowledge. He’s got to know Tepper won’t stand for mediocrity
  2. Dallas is at the top of my list of teams I hate outside the NFCS. Their fans are some of the most arrogant people walking planet Earth even though they haven’t done much of anything in the 21st century. Can’t wait for the talking heads before game day claiming that we have no chance.
  3. But he has a freaking awesome car... gets a pass from me.
  4. mc52beast

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    The potency of our offense hinges on the o-line. With (possibly) Amini and Kalil on the left side I would be slightly worried.
  5. mc52beast

    Preseason Games

    I would be shocked if we showed much more than the basic stuff. Winning isn’t really important in the pre-season but I’ll be worried if we struggle scoring points
  6. mc52beast

    Who is going to training camp?

    Would have to drive 16 hours round trip... If I’m not taking a sledge hammer to JR’s statue then it ain’t worth the trip
  7. Going to take a lot to get rid of the **** stain JR left for Tepper to clean up
  8. mc52beast

    Bad review for an old friend

    How many carries does he get with Barkley in the picture... no worries, Shula is the OC up there, he’s got this
  9. mc52beast

    Player’s Opinion on new Facilities

    We need to hire JR as a consultant
  10. I think a winning season gets him at least one more year. He’s improved since destroying our cap and has made decent moves. Does Tepper have the stones to fire someone if we have a winning season but miss the playoffs?
  11. Will the Panthers end their Curse of never having consecutive winning seasons in Tepper’s first year as owner? Im sure if they do it will make that statue of Jerry look a little less “erect”.
  12. mc52beast

    What they’re saying...

    NFCS is going to be brutal, minus the Bucs. It’s going to take a very much improved offense and a secondary that doesn’t give up huge freaking plays.
  13. mc52beast

    Panthers TC Preview...NFL.com

    Everyone will be watching the o-line, wr’s and secondary... I’m also interested in how Thomas looks, hoping this kid can claim the #2 tight end behind Olsen.
  14. mc52beast

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    Rivera and Hurney didn’t waste any time getting rid of dead weight Shula. Even with Tepper saying there will be no “changes” to the coaching staff Ron and Marty know their jobs are in jeopardy if they don’t end the Curse and make a playoff run... especially with the talent we have on offense now.
  15. mc52beast

    David Tepper Fires Panthers Legal Counsel

    Tepper proving that he means what he says. This guy was the architect of the non-disclosure agreements , a true piece of shiite