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  1. Taking Cam out of the equation you would think the NFL would at least act like they care about head injuries... Oh wait, Cam’s head is bigger than everyone else’s so he can take the punishment
  2. So the NFL tells us they care so much about head injuries yet fine the guy who tried to kill Cam and Torrey the exact same amount... really would like an explanation
  3. mc52beast

    Graham Gano

    Don’t let Amini anywhere near the snapper
  4. Should put that fugger on a loop the week before we play them
  5. Breaking News; Colin Jones will be starting at Safety for the Carolina Panthers Will need to double my normal consumption of adult beverages on Sunday
  6. mc52beast

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Cincy fans must figure the Bengals can beat anyone since the Browns one their first game in over 600 days
  7. mc52beast

    So they DO notice

    Then we could all talk about how horrible a qb Cam is because he threw 5 picks... LOL
  8. Don’t see them letting him go even if they do continue to lose. He’s a major piece to that defense and when healthy(yeh, I know) he’s pretty freaking dominant. And Watt can’t play forever.
  9. Heard a discussion on Charlotte radio this morning about an interview Lewis gave, he was asked what he thought about Luke and Lewis saId he was the best LB he has ever seen/worked with coming out of college. Remember that Marvin has had the HOFer Ray Lewis on his team and that he was a LBer coach for awhile. Pretty high praise and a reminder that even the great ones have bad games.
  10. Davis has to know he doesn’t have much time left as a player. Young guys coming in who can run faster and play at or near his skill level will be wanted more. I don’t believe Tepper will let Davis go after this season, he’ll be offered a backup role. It’ll be up to Davis to accept or decline. Tepper doesn’t want another Steve Smith scenario.
  11. mc52beast

    Kuechly talks to Voth

    Also had nothing but good things to say about Dalton, who plays for Luke’s hometown Bengals.
  12. George Siefert coached in Carolina and looked like a lost puppy. You aren’t guaranteed success just because you were good somewhere else.
  13. Pretty insane since there are quality(didn’t say great) safeties that are still unsigned who would be a huge upgrade over Jones. Dalton has to be smiling.
  14. Pretty sure we were saying the same thing about Freeman being out
  15. Football’s version of Shaq vs Barkley