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  1. Tepper has already said Ron and Marty are safe, so there’s no pressure on them to do well this year. I think we’ll go 10-6 or 11-5 and finally break that dreaded curse.
  2. I didn’t see owner on your list
  3. mc52beast

    About the new stadium...

    This is what happens to every taxpayer in every city that has a pro team of any kind... the owner says he/she needs money and if they don’t get it they threaten to go somewhere else. One thing that better be on his “ to-do” list is getting rid of that fugging Shield
  4. mc52beast

    David Tepper another Jerry Jones?

    I would say he looks more like Rich Eisen than Jerry Jones
  5. mc52beast

    Deep dive insiders info on the sale by SI

    What does the new owner do if the Panthers curse of never having consecutive winning seasons continues? Does he stand by Hurney and Rivera or does he find new people.
  6. mc52beast

    Marty impressed with new guard

    There’s a reason Norwell wasn’t drafted, now he’s the highest paid lineman in the NFL
  7. mc52beast

    OT -headed to Charlotte tomorrow

    I thought we were finally getting Byron Bell back
  8. Because for every bad cop there’s 1000 good ones?
  9. mc52beast

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Thanks for sucking up to the Brass and leaving that ugly fuggin Shield at the 50 Thanks for letting Hurney destroy the team, then firing him, then hiring him again I appreciate what JR did in bringing football to the Carolinas but it’s time to go
  10. mc52beast

    Our projected LG from NFL.com

    Pretty sure he talked to the Jets a couple days ago, don’t know if they signed him
  11. If it’s not top 10 our secondary will be laughable
  12. You would think the guy would at least stop by the Huddle and thank us personally for supporting the team and never saying anything negative about how he refused to demolish the Shield at midfield
  13. mc52beast

    Mike Rucker

    The See-Food diet... Everything he sees he eats
  14. mc52beast


    Aints fans better get those paper bags ready, the party is being crashed.