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  1. You forgot to include the date of the 51st Super Bowl... cuz the Panthers are winning that sucker.
  2. As Panthers fans, we love our qb. We defend his on field antics, we defend him when he walks out during pressers, we love the guy no matter what. So my question is this; Cam Newton is wearing a Falcons jersey, he comes to BOA and does his usual celebrating... are you still ok with this or do you join the media and other fans in condemning it?
  3. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    Don't want to sound like so many Cowboy fans I know, who constantly blame the refs, the weather and even the cheerleaders... We lost the game because we got outplayed, out coached and the refs seemed one sided in their flag throwing.
  4. I think the big difference between Cam and every other qb in the league is how he celebrates...  First down celebrations TD celebrations Qb's in the NFL over 50 years have basically been the "parents" on the field, they don't do the things Cam does on the field and the fans, media are having trouble dealing with our version of a qb. 
  5. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    If he decides to walk, where would he go that plays the style of defense we play. He's a great corner IN OUR SYSTEM but how would he do in Denver where they basically play straight up man 2 man?
  6. Wouldn't mind seeing it happen, but JR and especially Ron would never let it happen. Would definitely solidify our status as the "Bad Boys" of the NFL.
  7. Yes I love my Panthers, feels like they're part of the family. When they screw up I get mad, just like with my kids. But I don't sell my kids on the black market and I won't ever burn my Panthers stuff. Till death do we part.   
  8. Guys were talking about the offense we saw last night, Bayless said Shula called a terrible game, didn't understand anything he was doing. Stephen A said It wasn't Mike's fault, said no matter what he called the Broncos had an answer for it. So what is it, did Mike screw the pooch last night or was it just a matter of the Broncos defense being better than our offense.
  9. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Anyone who questions how Dave operates is a moron... he has taken a house that was falling apart and turned it into a mansion. Yes there are holes on our team, and he knows it. He now has money to spend and will fix what needs to be fixed.
  10. Dudes gave up a grand total of 194 yards, played like a #1 defense...  Dont worry, this team will be back.
  11. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Coming from a guy who has failed miserably as a HC... 
  12. What about Charles?

    CJ either restructures or he hits the road, didn't do anything this season to make me think any different. Allen is gone, Peanut will retire, could be a few more " mercenaries" who are gone also.
  13. Blandino on the no catch call

    Those idiots who looked at the replay must have special sets of eyes, because every single person who I have heard comment on this has said IT WAS A CATCH. This screwup by the refs basically cost us 7 points, and it allowed the Broncos to play with a lead.
  14. Most of the media were hoping Cam would give them something to jump on, and this is it. it's freaking insane that they would put Cam right next to the Broncos and expect anything different than what they got.
  15. We had an awesome season guys, we're left for dead before we even got started. I think our in-experience showed up tonight, along with the fact that we played a damn good defense.  You can bet your ass the other 31 teams have been put on notice... there's a new bully on the block.