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  1. mc52beast added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    Gary Barnidge kickin it with Cleveland...LOL
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  2. mc52beast added a post in a topic Hi again Panther fans!   

    With the exception of the playoff game last year the Panthers have played the Hawks close, even in that game it was close into the 4th qtr. With our run game struggling and our pass rush not consistent we could have problems.
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  3. mc52beast added a post in a topic If this playoff picture holds, I would rather have the WC anyway.   

    How about we get thru the next quarter of the season and see where we're at...
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  4. mc52beast added a post in a topic Check Ya Balls, Fellas   

    My wife has had my balls boxed and locked for years
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  5. mc52beast added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Sean Payton interested in leaving New Orleans
    Bleacher Report is reporting that Sean Payton is "intrigued " by interest from the Dolphins and Colts. He evidently doesn't seem to keen on the idea of starting over with a new qb...
    i thought the captain was supposed to go down with the ship...
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  6. mc52beast added a post in a topic Predict the Falcons media slobber   

    he's actually being optimistic... He said we're making the playoffs
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  7. mc52beast added a post in a topic Could Beast Mode be out against us week 6?   

    Panthers beat Seahawks... But Lynch was out so it doesn't really count. 
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  8. mc52beast added a post in a topic Skins fan for the weekend....   

    Sure would be nice for us to go into the last two or three games with the div wrapped up, but this team never does things the easy way... Got the de-fib pads on stand-by
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  9. mc52beast added a post in a topic Cam not the only one "too young" for Hochuli to protect   

    Just just wondering how long it took the Manning brothers to get those calls, what about Luck and the other " elite " qb's...
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  10. mc52beast added a post in a topic What's your official prediction for what our record will be at the end of the season?   

    Losses to Seattle, GB, Dallas, Falcons and either Philly or Wash... 11-5
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  11. mc52beast added a post in a topic I'm glad the Kraken is gone   

    in the right environment Greg's "Kraken" persona could be contained, like in Charlotte. Look at the difference in leadership... Thomas Davis vs that knucklehead receiver they have...nuff said.
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  12. mc52beast added a post in a topic Seahawks fans concerned about their OL   

    They should be concerned, the Lions got constant pressure and Wilson was running for his life. Hopefully our d-line will show up and maybe we get a win in Seattle.
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  13. mc52beast added a post in a topic Norwell... lol...   

    Dude plays till the whistle blows, I pity the fool that gets in his way. I like calling him the "Missing Link".
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  14. mc52beast added a post in a topic While I'm Happy, I'm Still Concerned*   

    Im concerned as well, we gave up almost 300 yards passing to a rookie qb who has struggled all year, we gave up over 100 yards rushing to an offense who's line has stunk it up. Without those interceptions it's a different ball game.
    if we can get Luke and Johnson back on defense and somehow figure out how to run the ball without Cam doing most of the work then we have a chance in all four games... I'll be happy if we go 2-2
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  15. mc52beast added a post in a topic Projection... Hawks Project they are tough and deserve to win.Carolina.....   

    What ever you're taking is probably illegal..
    Seriously though, this team is being built with guys that are very tough, both physically and mentally, Getty knows that games are won in the trenches and is building both lines to dominate. 
    Unfortunately even with all of our starters healthy for 16 games were not winning all of them... reality check.
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