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  1. Come out of your stretch like a MVP

    I don't do yoga... But I will watch dem womenz do day thang...
  2. Just ask yourself; Would Dave Gettleman make that move... probably not
  3. Devon Johnson got a $20,000 signing bonus

    Very good chance he takes the place of Tolbert next year, hopefully nobody snatches him up off the PS.
  4. Lou Young CB..a closer look

    Basically there's a good chance the guys who don't make our team will be starting for someone else; Not a bad problem to have
  5. OTAs start Tuesday

    Corners are the most interesting story, since Dave got blasted by the "experts" for drafting 3.
  6. Newton isn't a ballerina??? I've seen guys who are far less athletic than he is jump on loose balls... I mean footballs.
  7. The "experts" on NFLN actually picked us to lose BOTH games to the Falcons and sweep everyone else.
  8. Ron Rivera's office

    He's got a bigger office than those people who buy those ridiculous tiny houses...
  9. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I think Garrett sends Brown or Hill packing if he has a good camp and preseason. If Ginn wasn't so valuable in the return game he could also be looking elsewhere.
  10. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    Hes a reporter for a reason... just like Gettlemans a GM for a reason. If i want advice on how to construct a proper sentence, I'll contact Shinn. If i want to know if a guy can play in the NFL, I'll call Dave.
  11. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Ginn( not because of his pass catching abilities) Brown or Bird... Hill scares me i think Garrett becomes the guy he was in college
  12. A few photos and observations from Saturday

    Byrd vs Ginn in the 40 yd dash... who wins?
  13. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    Hopefully when Smith decides to hang up his cleats he'll sign a one day contract with Carolina and do it right...
  14. Putting the K in Keyarris....

    It's more interesting when women eat bananas.
  15. Vernon Butler First Impressions

    Yeh, he's 6-4... Sapp was around 6-1