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  1. Gettlebomb boom. All this chatter is very reassuring. Really liking our draft picks but its prior to the wedding so everythings looking like it will last forever. We'll see.
  2. Jesus she is fuggin exquisite. Sent from my iPad using CarolinaHuddle
  3. I will bite...these are my best in their prime NBA - Jordan (easy) NFL - Lawrence Taylor (easy) NCAAF - Christian McCaffrey (lol) NCAAM - Hansbrough (Latterner is worth a mention) MLB - Trout - just Trout NHL- Gretzky Boxing - Tyson Golf- Tiger Mens Soccer Sticker - ibrahimovic I expect soccer purest to hate me for ibrah but you cannot deny his amazing goals...
  4. Man, my wife shaves all hair not on her head. That's the way. Simple.
  5. Fuggin gross.
  6. Are you out of your fuggin mind? WTF would Brooklyn take Plumlee? That is complete nonsense. In my opinion Kemba is probably the only piece any team would seriously want. The rest are all overpaid. Cho has\continues to make sure we are completely average to below average. As long as he is here we are screwed. That Plumlee deal has got to be the worst trade in years. Or ever really.
  7. I laughed out loud. I gotta give you that. Fuggin retarded.
  8. This dude is one of the better "experts" out there. He has been around a LONG time.
  9. Well, actually it depends on if we won or lost last game. People jump on and off the bandwagon weekly for the most part. Its sad.
  10. Obviously its round but no way we went to the Moon. Hoax.
  11. She is one of the richest females on the planet and has more brains in her pinky than you will ever have.
  12. Seattle is the top NFC team? We own those biotches. We got this easy.
  13. LeBron is one of the best ever. Really no need to ask this anymore.
  14. Neither we have 2 now.