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  1. I predict John Ross pulls a hammy on his way to the commish
  2. Gano missed the extra pt to tie the game at Tampa. I seriously just laughed when happened.
  3. Awesome! I love it
  4. PTO Wed-Friday and yard works done. Bout to get this draft on!
  5. I like the idea of quality vs quantity. I do hope we dont involve future draft picks but picks in this draft I am totally ok with parlaying them into studs.
  6. That would be ideal, totally agree.
  7. If there is GM out there willing to overlook these things they can build quite a team. Sent from my iPad using CarolinaHuddle
  8. A move up to 6 to secure Nette would probably cost us 64.
  9. There has been talk that the Bengals love Nette and this would not surprise me at all.
  10. Personally I want McCaffrey. Still doubt we take him before Nette.
  11. Got to agree, I can see dudes in the late second that might end up the best in this class *cough Carlos*
  12. Dont these athletes get freebees to promote the brand?
  13. I've been a bit torn on picking between the 2 but this all originated with the thought that Fournette would be gone. I just really like what CMac can do but I do agree the Panthers probably take Fournette. I don't know what they would do if its Fournette vs Adams or Thomas. Would love that problem either way.
  14. Sure Adams can play but Hooker is ridiculoius IMO. That dude is nasty. He is the top safety in my book. Yeah different types but love me some Hooker.