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  1. Thats a pretty slippery way to prove your retarded post but whatever. I look forward to more laughs reading your garbage real soon.
  2. My man my wife cheated on me with

    These trips down ludwig lane are always entertaining.
  3. Jesus did you really think I wouldnt call u on this bs? http://www.footballdb.com/stats/stats.html?mode=U You've got it bassackwards again. Homework man!
  4. We have played great offenses and we are 9th in total defense. Dunno, I think we are good atp. Winning record the next 4 and we are good.
  5. No, but the punter decision is a different story.
  6. Used car price haggling question

    LOL, hilarious. I could see that working. Word to the wise...took my wife to buy her car and had a great deal until the guy mentioned they gave away ipads on some sales. The whole thing fell apart and became totally about the Ipad. My wife wasnt leaving without an ipad. Jeez.

    . Finally!
  8. Trade advice

    Watson has been on a tear so far but Mariota is pretty good. Tough call.. I'd probably do the trade. Howards a good back. Watson is on a bye this week and Gordans been killing it lately. If he can wait a week might be better. In my league Watson is the #1 fantasy pt leader right now at QB, damn he is doing really well.
  9. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I thought it was much better than the first one. Good call.
  10. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not sure anyone is interested but the syfy app is streaming the original Phantasm remaster which fuggin rocks. TCMs app has classic universal monsters as well as Hammer Horror this month.
  11. UEFA Champions League

    Chelsea blows 2-0 lead but now 3-3. Conte takes off Hazard for Willan? hmm. Update: I have to say it Willan is done. He has been dreadful lately.
  12. Scrambled Eggs

    Good lord, I cant imagine.
  13. He was picked before us right? Sure I wanted Peyton Manning too but he wasnt available. Still I'm very happy with CMC. Most people on this board loved Fournette but he wasnt there.
  14. Wow Sanjay, deep stuff, I'm impressed. The neanderthals on this board wont get this but good stuff man.
  15. NBA General Discussion

    Jason Tatum will bust...not buying the hype.