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  1. i realize the options are slim to none but anything we can do to get another T we should try. Kalil has to be worst T in the league.
  2. Great match and Arsenal could have certainly won this one...Blues at home made just a really small difference but even match for the most part. Thought Kovacic looked very strong...Chelsea is loaded up in midfield. We still need a centre back badly. Arsenal is gonna be really tough this year.
  3. Jeez Arsenal could be up 6-2 right now. Middle of the box is wide open. Chelsea have to get that fixed quickly or this could get really ugly. The first Arsenal goal was a very tough shot to stop but Kepa needs to make those saves eventually. Great match.
  4. Samuel is showing flashes. Most people on this board won't admit the truth but Cam consistently is struggling with accuracy.
  5. He is learning...he'll be fine in the long run.
  6. Alonzo is a very dirty player get CMC out. NOW
  7. Kahlil is so horrible...damn man get some work ethic.
  8. Shocker

    McC will be LT 2.0

    Probably...Cam is wildly inconsistent...concerning.
  9. Shocker

    Tepper seen tailgating w/fans

    Dammit this team looks great..oops Cam Newton.
  10. Wait...CMC can't run from the backfield. WTF is going on.