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  1. Michael Crabtree?

    That's fine...I just think Austin is better (under used with the Rams) than either Byrd or Samuel. Just my opinion.
  2. Michael Crabtree?

    The Curtis Samuel that was hurt most of the year and didnt do much of anything. You can count on production from him but I'm not.
  3. Michael Crabtree?

    I'm on record saying I would target Tavon Austin. Will be 28 with killer speed and can return punts. He is worth a decent contract no fuggin doubt. Grab him and draft an outside WR and go with that.
  4. Oscar Nominations

    A few oscar movies I've seen recently...no spoilers The Shape of Water - I liked it but strange and the stories been done before but interesting and great acting. Three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri - off beat and a little of everything here. Really liked it. Funny parts and some great acting in this one. Dunkirk...meh, I turned it off. Maybe I will try again later but didnt like it. Saw Get Out way back and its really good and I think has a real chance to win. Still I think Three BBs will take it from what Ive seen. Another one to check out on Netflix is Mudbound. Good movie. Lastly, I would say I was somewhat disappointed with Blade Runner 2049. My expectations were sky high but I would call it good.
  5. Thor: Ragnarok

    Liked the movie, I actually liked the original Thor but this one was a little better.
  6. First Pick Mock

    I just took the best available in that draft simulator. No way Michel goes that late but I guess the point is moving down some picks could really help us fill many holes on this team.
  7. Tina better round up dem Top Cats for the presser.
  8. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    You're the type that finds a ten pound diamond and complains because its dirty.
  9. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    Jesus no wonder he cant focus on football.
  10. Hornets vs Magic

    I noticed that the commentators said this is the first 1 possession game the Hornets have won in 14 games dating back 2 yrs.
  11. To each his own but I like NFL Network. Mandatory channel for me and like Mayock and many of the other NFL Network staff. Love Path to the Draft as well.
  12. Sure, but I think we will look at RB later as many folks have said here...spending a top 3 on him? Just not sure I'd go that route.
  13. NFC Possible cuts

    Given that Tavon Austin did very little last year and his price could possibly be quite low I would take a chance on him if the deal is really friendly. He'll never be a high volume pass catcher but he can still make plays.
  14. If we were picking say 3rd this year and it cost us nothing to pick Barkley I'm still not sure I pick him there. Too many needs and we just picked a RB last year.
  15. UEFA Champions League

    PSG still has a decent chance but Ronaldo is just a goal machine even when he is not overly impressive he just finds goals. It is possible but keeping Real of the score sheet in the next game will be near impossible. Liverpool was just completely dominant. Almost laughable.