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  1. I noticed we signed Weber for 2 yrs. So he is the 3rd PG, dont know much about him.
  2. Monk is such a great fit and we needed scoring. Love this offseason for da bugs.
  3. I do like Bacon, not bad value there.
  4. Cho needs the cash for the after draft party strippers.
  5. Cho has to trade our second rounder for cash and stuff. Why not just keep Jackson?
  6. This is that "very athletic" I keep hearing about. Kennard aint got no video close to that.
  7. Mitchell has very similar measurables. Interesting.
  8. Mr Miagi or whatever he is named now will be banned and reincarnated any day now.
  9. Go fug yourself... Your posts are garbage btw. Douche.
  10. Cant wait for this one, looks awesome.
  11. I don't get it...why do people consistently not listen to police? You can't pull a damn weapon out on a cop. Bit of advice, if a cop tells you to do something...fuggin do it!
  12. Bradley is not ready. Great tools and crazy wingspan but he is very raw. Needs a few years at least.