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  1. My Project 53 Roster

    Probably close Armah to PS and add Bersin. Also, I can see a safety signed later. Good job man!
  2. I have respect for Spurs, a lot and they were unlucky but this was a gigantic win for Chelsea right now. This race will be amazing this yr.
  3. Could have easily had 4 goals in that game. Why not discuss how your team cannot even beat Stoke? This was without question an impressive victory, cry about it all you want.
  4. Chelsea dominated. Stoke dominated too. Your Arsenal bias is getting old.
  5. Chelsea dominated and even with the total gift goal we were much better even at half strength. We were obvoiusly better than Spurs. Arsenal sucks btw.
  6. At this point why is DA over Webb?

    DA is a better pure passer and he has won games.
  7. I hate to beat a dead horse but Mick Mixon is a much better #2 guy. Mr obvious and gets players wrong all day. Come on man.
  8. Outside the obvious Worley has been my most impressive guy.
  9. I would totally live with Armah and any growing pains with him learning, if he goes PS I would worry he gets snatched. Beast.
  10. Seriously he has watched CMC and the light has gone on...2 cuts at most and go! Armah lets go.
  11. Almost completely sure it will be Butker over Gano.
  12. Cash is money today, rocked up and all over the place.
  13. What did they pan to Samuel? We need him to be back and great. . Any way we could talk Smitty outta retirement?