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  1. Since being up 28-3 in the SB the Falcons have been outscored 51-0 by the Pats.
  2. If the Pats win we are tied for first in the division. Go figure.. In the win column anyway.
  3. My man my wife cheated on me with

    Jeez it never ceases to amaze me how feeble and ridiculous some people can be. Cheaters are the lowest type of scum IMO.
  4. Easy for me...fire Rivera, fire Shula and replace them with smarter offensive coaches.
  5. Hire Norv Turner

    The Huddle thinks I'm gonna fire somebody...
  6. The problem is that all of our "good" OL are playing terrible (Turner) or are content to sit around on the sidelines cashing checks (Kahlil). Matt Kahlil is a clown to begin with.. Again, no one is accountable with Marty Hurney in charge.
  7. Somebody please tell them that we can try 50 yrd field goals. It is allowed.
  8. LOL...these posts getting more hateful lately.
  9. Rivera is the head coach (although he does nothing) and Steve Wilks is the defensive coord. We can fire Rivera just fine.
  10. Gettleman was keeping everyone working hard and a little uncomfortable which is a good thing. Now, nobody cares just like Hurneys first tour of duty. Fire him first.
  11. World Cup Qualifiers

    Lets start talking. USA is in serious trouble..maybe more than the Netherlands.

    Fire em all...except Wilkes, but alas it wont happen. JR has assured us medicore.
  13. Well we all knew mediocre was coming as soon as Marty was signed but I had no idea it would be this quick. Horrible.
  14. I am also now on the fire Shula team. We cannot be worse.
  15. Seroiusly this is one of the worst games I have seen us play since right before Marty was fired the first time. Very bad.
  16. You have to go for it, course not. Nobody fuggin cares. This is what u get when Marty Hurney is your GM. No accountablity. Thank you Jerry Richardson.
  17. Refs wont give us crap now. Horrible call.