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  1. I'd run to the podium if Ridley is available. He is just the type of deep threat we need.
  2. Hope he plays at least a few more years.
  3. Playstation vue

    That internet speed is more than enough. You'll be fine.
  4. This is totally ridiculous. The NBA doesn't even care enough about Charlotte to entertain this shet.
  5. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Damn, the Eagles would have won the Super Bowl with Wentz. Still might.
  6. If they trade Kemba..

    Yeah, but this franchise has been in that situation for literally EVER. Why not just play Monk, Bacon and Kemba right now? We aren't a playoff team anyway..just play the young boys. Sigh. The amazingly short sighted coaching and vision is keeping us from winning right now. Literally right now we have depth and talent and can't win against mediocre teams. Why? Need a man at coach. Someone that can tell Dwight Howard...you will play hard on defense and within the scheme or you are obsolete in the NBA. He can, but won't.
  7. If they trade Kemba..

    Trae Young is a close to Curry potential..yeah, just close. 90% of the NBA is in this shet bucket
  8. If they trade Kemba..

    A salary dump situtation with returning no young talent or potential high draft pick makes no sense. If the Knicks did make a move and gave us FN then at least we can pair him the Monk and Bacon and there is some hope in like 3 years. Do agree we need a philosopy change and some vision on what can win in this league. I still think good basketball with high percentage shooting and great defense can win but the Golden State bullshet is just extra tough to compete with. The Hornets arent that far away but we need an amazing return in the draft and an elite scorer. I think D12 kills team chemistry even though the numbers are there for him. I think I would keep this together and hire a coach, GM and draft scouts that know the game and will have a voice on draft night. So maybe, only a chance...offer Kemba and our first pick on draft night for a top pick and get Trae Young. Is he perfect no, far from it but pairing him with Monk sounds good as our 2 guards. Pick up rim protectors and rebounding and just go with that. Young is leading the nation in scoring and assists. Just give up whatever you have to to get him (except Monk or Bacon). Yes we would lose for a few years but like the scoring guards teamed with MKG and our bigs can score (somewhat). Our defense would probably suck but we can't get worse atp. For the record, I would trade Kemba right now to the Knicks for Frank Ntilikina and a contract. I really think he'll be a star in the next few years and he can be an elite defensive guard as well with elite size. He can be great.
  9. Playstation vue

    Still depends on the area at least for me. Fox was fine. However, I couldn't get NBC or CBS even with a digital antenna with booster. Vue has added both CBS and NBC in my area now. Nothing really I want that I don't have with the Vue service. Agree on the internet\WI FI bandwidth comment, make sure you have a strong internet connection and hard wiring will make it even better. The only service that is close would be Direct TV NOW. Similar offering and great pricing but the locals weren't available to me so that was a big deal breaker. Also, some people I know that have it complain about buffering with DirectTV now. None of that with Vue. Vue also has DVR for free and you can restart programs from the beginning on most programs which is awesome. Last comment you can play Vue on up to 5 TVs at once...some of the Sling packages only allow 1 TV at a time.
  10. If they trade Kemba..

    Well, I think at this point we will probably have to lose any trade involving Kemba miserably or the trade partner won't do it. Cleveland isn't giving up the Nets pick for Kemba. Won't do it much less take on Batum. I thought maybe the Knicks trade Ntilikina and another contract for him but doubt they even do that. He's a future star and Kemba is due a huge extension soon. Same with Dallas and Dennis Smith Jr. No way. No one is giving up much for him IMO. All this said, we are still in the "fringe playoff range" and will not contend unless we hit big time in the draft. Agree we are probably riding out some bad contracts for a while.
  11. If they trade Kemba..

    The more time goes by I dont think they will trade Kemba. With that it will be a huge call on whether to resign him to a huge deal but I'd think they would start that process as well. On paper, the team does have talent and a possible high pick so maybe just stick with this team for now. Maybe get a new coach with fresh approach.
  12. Playstation vue

    I have PS Vue Core and it's the best service available. No blackouts of Panthers games at all. I've tried DirectTV, Dish, Time Warner and Sling and PS Vue is clearly the best. Just go with that service. You will need a streaming device and I have a FireTV and 2 Roku and not a ton of difference once you get used to the menu options. If you have Amazon Prime you might lean to Fire TV but the Roku is very good as well. No contracts either for Vue and I get all locals in my area. It's been clearly the best by far.
  13. Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    Thats the top 3 recruits in the nation for Duke.
  14. I actually dont hate the Isiah Thomas, Frye and Brooklyn pick for Kemba. I doubt the Cavs do that. Thomas is only 1 yr older than Kemba. Also, expiring contract as is Frye. That pick means 2 lottery picks. Thats a good deal for Charlotte.
  15. Kemba may have told them he was leaving in FA and not resigning. Or, Jordan and Cho know they can't afford to resign him to a max deal anyway. Who knows but you could see this coming. If this happens what in the world will we get back? I can't even imagine a trade with Kemba and Batum in terms of contacts we would take back. That's 34 mill worth of salary going out. Whew.
  16. Who do you have...who wins? AFC - Patriots - the Jags get a little brother mentality and lose a close one Pats - 24 - 19 NFC - Vikings - the Vikings defense destroys 38 - 17 And yes...the Vikings win the Super Bowl
  17. Where is everyone with the picks?
  18. Is there any chance that NE can't stop a monster Fornette game? Beast needs to eat.
  19. Jesus Christ...you guys are total idiots.
  20. Panthers going on a run

    So I'm Sanjay now? Fug your troll ass.
  21. Panthers going on a run

    Why say that? Sanjay cares and has solid opinions on what should be done with the team. Do you have any real thoughts on this team or anything else?
  22. Panthers going on a run

    Sanjay the problem is that we have serious issues at key spots. We have money spent at DE (Addison) and good players but not dominating guys. Obviously missing offensive weapons outside of CMC. In Fantasy this year I noticed that no one ever picked up Funchess. Is he a decent WR...yes. He didn't produce enough to get picked up in my league? Hmm. My thoughts are we need up the middle picks. RB and SS in particular and RB is a deep position. But we HAVE to get WRs, 2 really good ones. Lots of needs so best available player probably makes sense...yes even TE. I hope that the Panthers new offensive staff asks Cam what he thinks. What do you need to win the Super Bowl. Listen to him. Cam can win the Super Bowl and end up a HOF player but dammit...get healthy and tell us what wins championships. He has won a few against the odds before coming up. Odds are long but Cam can fuggin win it.
  23. We let Ginn leave and he was a good WR for us and was for them. Whatever, yeah close call but Ginn wasn't putting us over the top last year. And anyone that tells me Josh Norman was worth a 15 million per yr contact just does not understand the cap and roster breakdowns. You cannot pay a CB that kind of money.
  24. I have been keeping up with the draft forever atp and Kiper many, many years gives us OL. I think he isnt interested much in Carolina. Thats my take. And no, we dont pick an interior DL, or OL unless he is cant miss amazing. Top needs to me: WR, SS, DE and LB. RB if a great player drops and yes QB if one drops.