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  1. God of War

    I talked my son outta XBOX 1. PS4 is freaking amazing. No amazing knowledge on this...we've been PS side for a long while but Uncharted, Last of Us, GOW etc was a major sell point. The PS4s are really pretty affordable now.
  2. God of War

    Anybody played this yet? Game is getting perfect reviews.
  3. Mike Mayock's Final Position Rankings

    Man, I would love to come out of this draft with Moore, Penny and Gesicki. Offense would be nasty.
  4. Gonna be weird not see him on the sidelines.
  5. When the NFL finishes PED testing the Panthers roster they need to make their way down to Atlanta next. Then NO and Tampa.
  6. He will be released in the next 10 mins
  7. Moore has just been better in the post season workouts and Ridley avoided contact much of the time at Bama. Dont see that with Moore. We are talking about him here but the likelyhood of him making it to 24 is dropping fast.
  8. Moore moved to #1 on Mike Mayocks rankings...I agree. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000927595/article/mike-mayocks-2018-nfl-draft-position-rankings-30
  9. Browns take 2 QBs?

    Using 4 as trade bait...no way they pick 2.
  10. Kawhi Leonard

    We have new management...we could draft well this year. Possible. New coach. Lets see. The NBA draft is an amazingly difficult animal. SO many busts. I hope Kup takes the best, most fundamentally sound player. Those players are making it more often that not. Blowing it up is not really smart when we are within 10 games of the playoffs.
  11. My one and only mock draft

    Man, Miller is slow, played against lower comp, ran mostly go routes, can't go across the middle and is undersized. So...you are over hoping here man.
  12. Kawhi Leonard

    This brings something to mind for me...great post. What if Leonard wants that huge payday and chill out the rest of his career (poke to Batum). That is completely possible. Kemba doesn't have that in his DNA. He was upset with trade talk. I'll leave it right there. Lets talk change...new GM...new coach and new minds. Draft a good NBA talent at our pick and lets roll. You have to give Kup a few seasons. We will be ok, or a least we have to give them a chance.
  13. My one and only mock draft

    Will post this here...does anyone in the world think Gettleman will take a QB at 2? My guess is Chubb (80%) or maybe move out of the pick (20%)
  14. Holy fugnuckle

    Exactly...fast start.
  15. My one and only mock draft

    No offense man...we've been waiting on the next Steve Smith since...Steve Smith.
  16. Dallas, at home, week 1

    Probably like 4 teams I would rather start with more than Dallas. We got this.
  17. There is something to this traveling angle...going cross the country all year can suck.
  18. True, I've haven't gone back and checked but it feels like they have kinda owned us since the Cota int game.
  19. Kawhi Leonard

    Looking at the end of the season we had some dominate games there...I'm ok with keeping the band together. Just draft well. No need to blow it up just yet especially for 1 yr rental like Leonard. He ain't signing long term here IMO. Kemba might. If we can find the cap room. However, if we get word Kemba ain't signing here than trade him to the highest bidder. Gotta get something for him.