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  1. AND the NFL announced no suspensions. They are just making poo up at this point.
  2. Torn ACL for Wentz (confirmed)

    Yes, I've seen him play enough. And so have the other 31 teams in the NFL that wanted nothing to do with him. He was cut 1 year after that 2013 season. He is an above average backup. A below average starter. Certainly not a "great QB". Would he be a starter on other teams? Maybe now, with all the injuries. But not before.
  3. Killa Cam is my favorite Cam

    He was talking about overcoming coaching in the context that you are taught not to throw across the field and off your back foot but sometimes you just gotta make poo happen.
  4. If we execute, we win. We are a more talented football team. When we don't, we've all seen the results. But just having these 3 in the Saints lineup doesn't make this a loss.
  5. Lattimore, Armstead, and PJ Williams listed as Questionable. Saints say Lattimore DID practice on Friday (Limited). My bet is all 3 will play.
  6. Nice to see you join when the Saints are winning again. Where have you been the last several years? fug off.
  7. Officially out for season. Torn ligaments. Will require surgery. He will go to IR. Per everyone on twitter including Schefter. fug me. He was a big key to opening our offense. Byrd isn't the same athete. Not even close.
  8. 20-9. Atlanta. We cannot score. Fire Hurney. Fire Shula. Fire Rivera.
  9. Yup. Now they can act like they tried to hire someone else but nobody was interested.
  10. This quote makes me sick. " he has spent his recent weekends on college campuses, which suggests he’s preparing for next year’s draft and not lining up interviews with potential replacements." Guarantee this was the plan all along. JR is a fug face.
  11. I hate Jerry Richardson. He has ruined this team's future.
  12. Trade deadline thread

    Jay Ajayi to Philly. WoW! Only a 4
  13. Agree, it is a PS signing. But it goes to show you how stupid Hurney is. Nobody wants or needs a PS kicker. No other teams have kicker on their PS. Why do we?