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  1. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    He actually did answer about the team. He said it reminds him of his rookie year in SF with all the great players. Compared the D of Willis, Bowman, Justin Smith, Aldon Smith to now with Luke and Pep, KK.
  2. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    C'mon man. I'm trying to be patient. You are completely misleading with this response.
  3. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    He said they use the same lingo that LSU did. That being in a 4-3 or a 3-4 isn't much different for the secondary. Still 11 players on the field. He's been working out 5 days a week, hopes to be in football shape by the end of the week. He just hopes to make plays to help the defense and win. He's always been a big safety. Scouts wanted him to play LB originally.
  4. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Dude? You misspelled 2 of the 3 players names. And why would he ever blame Cam publicly for a loss? Or call Olsen or Kalil a racist?
  5. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    What did I miss?!!
  6. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    They asked him the same question about 5 times hoping for a different answer.
  7. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    He's black, he should answer for all black crime. If black people are killing each other, why does it matter if police kill them too??! /sarcasm. I guess that was his [stupid] point.
  8. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    This presser was hardly a distraction. On twitter, there is almost 0 impact. Only local media voices. There will be some conversation on Sunday depending on how/if he protests but then it will be done.
  9. jamos14

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Then you didn't watch the presser. He only answered the questions he was asked. He talked football when the media asked football questions. He only talked about Kap and protesting when they asked him that. The media obviously had an agenda which is why they asked so many questions about his protest history, Kap, and his collusion case. The dude said absolutely nothing bad or divisive. All he said was he wants to help people that are growing up similar to them have a better life. Why would that bother anyone?
  10. jamos14

    Elliott, Gurley.... McCaffrey?

    CMC had more rushing yards yesterday than Kamara has had ALL SEASON. Kamara is the only back in NO right now and his touches will go down once Ingram comes back. CMC is just as good as Kamara. Everyone from last year is awfully quiet now. Both are great players.
  11. True. But DNP on Wed & Thursday is almost always an OUT on Sunday.
  12. That doesn't make me anymore confident. Gaulden is not good enough to be a starting safety yet (may be later?). They are both equally bad options as a starter.
  13. That is absolutely not the case with all the injuries to the secondary. It was a weak link anyway and now we are missing two of them (Jackson and Searcy). I don't think we are going to be very effective stopping their passing attack with Elder and Jones/Gaulden starting.
  14. Not only are we starting Colin Jones at safety but also Corn Elder at CB#2. Green, Boyd, and Ross are going to absolutely cook us. The only hope is the pass rush pressuring Dalton like they did Dak week 1.
  15. jamos14

    Curtis Samuel

    Not really news or anything BUT This tweet I made was "liked" by Jamie Taylor. Turns out, she is the wife of WR Coach Lance Taylor. I think she probably knows some real news about Samuel's condition and appears to be agreeing with me that it's a lot more serious than they thought.