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  1. Should be a hall of fame TE if he keeps it up for a few more years. Maybe even if he retired now.
  2. Panthers hinting at it. Tepper is the best owner already!! All but confirmed.
  3. Official, surgery and on IR. Out for season.
  4. If you can see a break in a picture, it's an open/compound fracture. That has to be season ending.
  5. Cockrell was going to play A LOT. This loss was just as bad as Williams, probably worse because we don't have depth behind it.
  6. Breeland won't sign in Carolina. Voth already said it. AND we have no fuging money to sign anyone worth a poo.
  7. How the fug does this keep happening?
  8. There are a whole lot blind idiots on the blog.
  9. jamos14

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    I tried to unblock you for a few minutes but you quickly reminded me why you were there. Goodbye.
  10. jamos14

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    Duval was a moron to leave. His jumper is so broken, it's not a surprise he wasn't drafted. Only thought is in the D league he will be able to spent 24/7 working on fixing it. If him or Pinson can develop a J, they will stick around the league for a while.
  11. jamos14

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    I didn't know you had to be a high level basketball player to have an opinion on other athletes. I know that Newman wasn't drafted. I'd prefer him over Graham. Shows you how little I think of him. Him and Berry are basically the same player. Unathletic (by NBA standards) combo guards that can shoot an open J. How does that help the Hornets?
  12. jamos14

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    Figures you'd bring up Duke in this conversation. I like Graham. He was a good college player. His skills don't translate to the NBA. It is what it is. I'd rather have Malik Newman if I was choosing Kansas players. Graham is a nonathletic guard that can make open jumpers. It is the 2nd round pick so guess you can't expect much from it though.
  13. jamos14

    Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

    He's an average player at best in the NBA. I don't think he's a backup PG. He isn't really much of a passer. More of a combo guard. Already maxed out his skillset. Meh on this pick. (like the rest of the draft).
  14. jamos14

    Theo Pinson

    Pinson is trash (at least for the NBA). So is Bridges. I can't believe anyone would legit think Pinson would be drafted. He can't shoot at all. Just like Duval. That's why both were undrafted. Berry has a better chance of making a roster because he can shoot. But he isn't much of an athlete.
  15. I honestly forgot 4corners even existed because I ignored him so long ago.