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  1. TE2 is officially a huge need. Hard to believe that we couldn't beat a 2.5mil contract.
  2. Official. That's not much money at all.
  3. Golden Tate (member of Lions) tweeted out "Welcome to the Squad Bro!". So he is signing with Detriot.
  4. Does Carolina still have the worst WR corps in the NFL? Yes? No? My vote is yes.
  5. Between Torrey Smith, Shepard, and Wright, we are paying $12.5M in salary annually.
  6. Do you guys see you are comparing him to Clay and Bersin? He looks good compared to players that shouldn't be on a roster. But that doesn't mean he should be a starter (which he will be here). Hurney has signed two FA WR and both are meh. This is no different than any other year. We sign cast offs and hope they become good here. It never works.
  7. We got ripped off. AND A 3rd year option. THIS IS NOT A CAMP BODY.
  8. I don't disagree with the fact that he's better than the poo we've had out there before. But that doesn't mean it's a good signing. It means we are still trying to fix the offense with diamonds in the rough instead of real weapons. And Cam get's blamed when it fails.
  9. 4.42 in 2012 combine. So I guess? Vikings offense didn't exactly set the world on fire and we are signing their cast offs. All because of familiarity with Norv. It's stupid.
  10. Yay. An average receiver. So much for the NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IS TO GIVE CAM WEAPONS.
  11. Having a player do this isn't terrible. But having Wilson do it is. He has 0 personality. Will be boring as poo.
  12. Coleman to saints 3yrs

    3 years, up to 18M. 6.5M in first year.
  13. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    Damn, you'd think we were on a Patriots message board. I'm being blasted for hating Tom Brady.