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  1. I honestly forgot 4corners even existed because I ignored him so long ago.
  2. I hope it's coach speak but you never know with Rivera. Amini doesn't even deserve to be on this roster, much less the starting LG. If the left side of the line is Kalil-Silatolu then you may as well put Cam on IR now.
  3. Those non comments by Hurney/Rivera made it worse. Now it seems there is really something going on.
  4. Observer has an article up. No comment from Hurney. "It's complicated" from Rivera. Not bringing the drama down by not giving a real reason there.
  5. I don't disagree in most scenarios. I think it's very doubtful we get a real answer though.
  6. I have to think he didn't agree with the two new DBs we just drafted or didn't like the move of Gaulden to Safety.
  7. Very unexpected, especially after we just drafted 2 new DBs. What next?
  8. Based on what you are pointing out, TAKEAWAYS was the significant factor, not giveaways. Only 3 more giveaways in 2017 than 2015. Those can easily be attributed to luck of a fumble or dropped interception. It's still in the top 30% in the league. The biggest difference was takeaways BY FAR. 18 less takeaways in 2017.
  9. It would cost them the 1st and 3rd this year, and 1st next year to move up into the top 10. I hope they do it.
  10. jamos14

    I smell a trade happening...

    From everything I've been reading, DJ Moore is probably the 1st WR taken in the draft. No chance he is there in round 2. I don't know enough about Hughes but I haven't seen him listed in round 1 very often. I also saw that Ragnow is likely the 1st Center taken and probably won't last to 24, definitely not the 2nd round. And please, there are so many TEs that have better value than Hurst. I wouldn't touch him until round 3 at the earliest.
  11. LOL. Some of you guys are ridiculous. This woman is a 10/10. Congrats to Kalil for being super rich and having an incredibly beautiful wife. I wish he was that successful at performing his job though.
  12. Simonson FTW! He's the next Gronk.
  13. TE2 is officially a huge need. Hard to believe that we couldn't beat a 2.5mil contract.
  14. Official. That's not much money at all.