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  1. No.  Rivera said Allen had done it in the past but they would likely have to bring in somebody.    
  2. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    It was correct to assume there was never a chance.    
  3. Never know.  Seemed silly to ask how a football player gets a head injury.      
  4. I'm going to assume you're kidding and know that LS are involved in punt coverage and get hit/make tackles routinely.    
  5. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Hill's suspension was based on his marijuana arrest in the off-season.    
  6. Tillman Most Likely Out

    I'll agree and offer a little more on this.   The Cowboys w/Romo LIVE for play action.  If we can shut McFadden down completely and force them to pass, Witten won't be a concern either.  He becomes a big threat when our LBs are biting on the PA fake and can't recover in time.  
  7. Tillman Most Likely Out

      Rivera said in presser yesterday that Josh will mostly shadow Dez.  Just because he's in slot doesn't change that.    
  8. It's time we remember the Titans....

    Vegas agrees with you, the spread is only CAR -4.5    
  9. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

      This is the son in law.  Racist piece of poo.  
  10. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    Dude,he was an E9.  They are hated by all other enlisted and most officers.  An E9 is always upset about frivolous poo, that's their job.   Not shocking he's acting this way at all.
  11. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    Because he wore an Army hat, Cam was supposed to know he was a retired SgtMaj and his son in law was an AD SPC.  LOL   If I'm his CO, I'm gonna hit up the SPC first thing this morning for a height/weight check cause he is out of regs.
  12. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    As a vet, his guy sounded exactly like I expected to sound.  A butt hurt salty retired E9 who doesn't have any more NCOs to yell at.  He was bitching and complaining about not making money, as a retired E9 with 30+ he is making $3,800 in pension alone.  What a douche.      

  14. UNC vs. Duke (Round 2)

    I only talk poo because 4corners is such a bitch. Otherwise, duke winning is expected and I wouldn't gloat.