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  1. Mayo

    Mayo played well, but I am in mourning and already in the third stage of grief (bargaining with the football gods for Luke's recovery).
  2. And we had the lead in the game when we tried this fake punt. Wow, I must be dreaming. Never again in million years would RR do this again.
  3. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Eagles fans learn to boo before they learn how to cheer.
  4. I am OK with it. Horton, Cox and sliding KK outside are better than some washed up free agent.
  5. I place some of the blame for unnecessary time outs or delay of game penalties on Cam. He has no sense of urgency in getting out of the huddle quickly.
  6. Funny and engaging guy with a lot of heart, but too slow and small for the NFL.
  7. Well said and deserves some pie.
  8. Byrd-Man. He has not caught almost everything catchable that has been thrown his way. Clay has had better punt returns, but I believe Byrd can be just as good on punts. He is should be receiver #2 or #3, not just #5.
  9. I agree, Crum has been the most unheralded and under-appreciated player of the preseason.
  10. Pay Norwell. He might not be as good an athlete as Turner, but what he lacks in talent, he makes up for with attitude. He is a bulldog on a ham-bone and finishes every block with gusto. Pay the man.
  11. Jimmy Clausen.

    We need a poll. Who would you rather have: Cam or Clausen ?
  12. Hurney Statement

    Such a bold move, JR!. Innovative and revolutionary. I am sick to my stomach.
  13. Enter Sandland

    Dickson has not done poo. Need an upgrade for #2 TE. Hope this is it.