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  1. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    Level 25 right now. xbone: compton535
  2. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

    I like the move. I always liked CJ as well. Just the first thought that came to mind.
  3. This guy wins the internet today...

    My nephew scored the winning goal in his hockey game last night. As he skated by me he dabbed. Priceless moment. I have a very bad video of it. This kid rocks a panther patch on his jersey.
  4. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Thanks for sharing these each week. I continue to share on Facebook!
  5. When it's all said and done Luke will rank amongst the greatest all time lber. So glad he's with us and no one else.
  6. Players, Role Models, Fathers

    It's a shame articles like this don't make headlines. way to much gloom and doom.
  7. Jimmy starts. Pats win 4 in a row. Trade Brady to QB needy team for 1st Round pick. Patriots win/win. Seems like thier recipe. Tell me that wouldn't be a secenario that could play out. lol.
  8. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    it was on nfln as well
  9. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    saw this on nfln as well
  10. saw that to. said they were talking to different prospects. said only way chico stays is if carolina wins. now they didn't say he'd be fired in the season or afyer a loss or two. juat that they were exploring possibilities.
  11. at the ralph. where are we tailgating?
  12. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    do you guys tailgate at all? I'm thinking about doing it before the game.
  13. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    I'm not sure but ill be at Anchor Bar in buffalo Saturday night!
  14. If you can't find the game, try here around kickoff time, it's a website that streams TV channels and such, (if it's not listed yet don't fret. the broadcaster may not start broadcasting the channel until kickoff). Don't worry, it's safe, secure and most of all, FREE! ENJOY!!!