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  1. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    Started watching football via the Panthers since the beginning of their2003 season,and I've been hooked ever since. Only game I've been able to attend was us vs the Broncos to seal an undefeated record at home back in 2008. Technically the Panthers haven't lost every time I'm there! Good on you for this contest, Igo. Regardless of who wins, I think we all know that Huddlers are going to be loud and proud. Good luck, everyone!
  2. Well he's a definitely high effort guy. So we got that goin' for us, which is nice.
  3. This is classic Gettlemagic. Raises eyebrows at first, but drops jaws later.
  4. McCoy vs Kelly

    So he wants special treatment over other teammates because he thinks he's a star? Sorry, this isn't the NBA.
  5. Robert Lester one of the best DB in the League next year?

    I will always love him for this play alone. That was one of the best Panther games of all time, and it ended with us on top because of him.
  6. Big Play Bene begs to differ. Let's not judge Gettleman's picks after only two drafts. That's very short-sighted.
  7. Deflate-Gate: Patriots Being Investigated For Deflated Footballs

    As far the refs noticing is concerned, that is the last thing on their minds. They have to be on top of everything, which includes the pre-snap process. As fans all we see is a huddle-up, but the refs are paying attention to the substitutions, getting yelled at by both head coaches, have to spot the ball, make sure the chains are adjusted, get in proper position, etc. So, personally I have no problem seeing the logic of the refs overlooking something as subtle as the ball inflation (during the actual game that is). However, we all know how "buddy-buddy"Brady is with the refs every game, so I wouldn't be surprised by anything.
  8. The Braves

    So much awesomeness and we're only 5 games in! On a side-note, ESPN didn't have that Upton magic in their Top 10 Plays at all. Can't even watch SportsCenter without them pissing me off now...