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  1. Predicting the Tag

    Based on what I am reading the offers from other teams for Norwell will start at 12.5 million per year and someone will probably throw a 13.75 per at him. If we have to match that to keep him 5 years (the last two he may be on the decline) or pay him 14.3 mil for one year under the tag I'll take the tag. Of course that means this time next year we may be without both Kalil's, Norwell and Williams (free agent). That would be a rough situation for Cam to start 2019 with four new starters on the OL.
  2. Kemba Interview: Inside the NBA

    Love him. Impossible not to. I liked how everyone kept going back to the same point: why isn't Charlotte better with all that talent.?
  3. Don't sleep on Jessie Bates the safety from Wake Forest. That kid has a nose for the ball and the speed to get there. He may not make it to our 2nd round pick but if he did it would be hard to pass on him.
  4. Big cats and karma

    Chuckle https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-africa-43035474
  5. Clifford only has one year left on his contract so letting him go shouldn't break the bank. New GM and new coach for next season with 90% of this team returning that has waaayyy too much talent to be this bad. I'm in for a change.
  6. This might be a situation that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The Panthers may have gone out of their way to promote their image by only interviewing black candidates but what if the best candidates available happened to be black? JR might be pushing to get Hurney as permanent GM to keep a presence in the organization but some guys on message boards have figured that out then surely the potential new owners and their informants/lawyers would be on top of this and, with the apparent support of the NFL, do everything they could to prevent Jerry from hiring him.
  7. On a side note here is a two year old article praising Jimmy Raye (in case you wanted more info on the other candidates since they are realisticly in play now) http://m.colts.com/news/article-1/Jimmy-Raye-III-Ryan-Grigsons-Trusted-Right-Hand-Man/bba67d1d-2eb9-410a-9e56-1d3a728eb050
  8. I wouldn't be surprised to see the panthers take a qb with one of there third round picks . That guy from Richmond who shined in the senior bowl comes to mind.
  9. Dick Butkus tops them all. I will give Lewis 2nd place over Singletary...barely.
  10. I hope this means they don't plan to bring back Amini.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes top ten. Four years ago at this time Khalil Mack was a solid first rounder but nobody thought top 5 until close to draft day. Oakland proved that he was worth the pick. Mack is perfect for the 3-4. Davenport could have a similar career in the 4-3. Even if there is a huge QB run in the draft I can't see him falling out of the teens. Seattle would take him in a heartbeat.