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  1. Sad to hear. The Catch is and will always be one of the NFL's greatest moments. RIP
  2. 80% of us would turn into assholes if we became billionaires. The other 20% of us would be dead before we got chance to become assholes.
  3. Murph

    Compensatory picks are in

    If we are entitled to two picks why aren't we using Star's contract? It was bigger than Ed's and could net us a 5th or 4th?
  4. Translated "my loyalty to seasoned vets sometimes blinds me. But I'll probably never change"
  5. 1. No 2. Harold Landry (my pipe dream) 3. Only 25% will complain because Landry is a steal.
  6. Verge, any teams ahead of us in love with Harold Landry?
  7. I'll be right there with you. Landry is my favorite player projected to go in the back half of the first round.
  8. Murph

    Hornets Leaning Toward Letting Coach Clifford Go

    Stephen Silas will get a strong look.
  9. The Panthers brought scouts to his pro day but so did most of the teams drafting ahead of us. I would be surprised if he slid to 24. I think he can be a dominant 4-3
  10. It's more and more likely Arizona will cut Honey Badger. I think he would thrive here behind our front seven.
  11. I haven't heard this much hype over a running back since Reggie Bush. And he certainly didn't live up to it.
  12. Murph

    The case for Billy Price....

    If Price is available at our 2nd round pick......fug yeah!!!!