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  1. I will be surprised if Butker makes it through the entire season on our Practice Squad. Some team will be needing a kicker over the next few months.
  2. Irma

    Charleston Market
  3. Ugly win but we 1&0

    OP needs to go back and watch our 16-13 win at NO in 2007 with an inept David Carr at QB. now that was an ugly win
  4. Unless he suffers a setback, Corn will be activated during the season. Until then Cole Luke deserves his spot. He earned it
  5. This kid looks promising. Trade Gano and sign TJ Ward
  6. He's paid for two things. The other is to kick it out of the end zone. Rivera got burned too many times with crappy kickoff coverage his first few seasons here. He wants the other team to start on the 25 every time.
  7. Winston might have thought that grab to his helmet would draw a flag so why not throw it up and see what happens. If so, that still wasn't smart. QBs should never assume a free play until they see the hanky.
  8. Would any of these guys not make it through half the season on our PS before another teams signs them? WR Kaelin Clay WR Austin Duke QB Garrett Gilbert DE Bryan Cox LB Ben Boulware CB Luke Cole K Harrison Butker FB Alex Armah
  9. That's my projection also
  10. If Kuechly played some of those Titans plays would have been less successful
  11. I think the horrible special teams coverage of Rivera's early years here has him wanting to stick with a kicker who gets a touchback almost all the time. Thus Gano is the favorite. Personally I would rather have Butker kicking to the goal line allowing them to run it out. If the special teams is just decent they can stop him before hitting the 25 yard line. Unfortunately I don't think Rivera wants to take that risk.