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  1. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Austin Hooper, TE from Stanford is in play for us. Haven't heard too many on here mention him.
  2. Robinson, Butler, Hunter Henry or trade down a few spots and still get one of those 3.
  3. Robinson would be a steal at #30
  4. Gettles is literally in hog heaven right now.
  5. Bob McGinn's top 100 players

    He has Shaq Lawson ranked low enough that he could be there for us at #30. I am seeing more and more rankings that no longer have Shaq as a top twenty lock. Gettles may have a stud drop into his lap tomorrow night.
  6. Drinking before noon again?
  7. 50 mil guaranteed? Skins are dumb
  8. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    I have nothing to add to this whole situation except to say that it sucks.
  9. Super Bowl loss stil sting for others?

    '03 still stings. This one feels like a kick in the gut every waking moment.
  10. Jeremy Cash

  11. More good stuff from Duke's pro day
  12. DeMarcus Cousins

    Lakers and Celtics will have lottery picks in the top 6 this year. They will have more to offer,
  13. Tolbert returning for two more years

    With him coming back 18 of the top 20 guys on offense (based on most snaps played) will be returning from the #1 ranked offense. Only Silatolu and Cotchery are missing.