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  1. Dunno these answers. But what is critical is that Hurney not trade away future draft picks as he has done repeatedly in the past in an attempt to grab some dog 2nd rounder to improve this draft in a fruitless attempt to retain his job when new ownership hangs their shingle at BofA. Once there's a new sheriff in town, Hurney ain't going to be one of the deputies.
  2. Raiders sign Daryl Worley

    What in the wide, wide world of sports did Al Davis fug?
  3. Calvin Ridley. Somehow. Someway. 1,2,3. Nothing else matters.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000837427/article/transactions-panthers-pad-greg-olsens-contract Less than a year ago.
  5. Same shyt, different year. How about you perform this year Greg and earn that new contract?
  6. A Classic Mock Draft

  7. Let's talk about BUSTS

    Sure I'll start,
  8. Worley likely released per Les Bowen

    Suck it Iggles.
  9. Ownership Info from Darin Gantt

    Karma for all those years the old codger kept the NFL logo on the 50 denying the fans their preference.
  10. Hi

    You're just mad cause he bought all the cupcakes.
  11. Hi

    Where'd ya go on vacay?
  12. Masters week.

    Well Mickelson and Tiger are certainly sucking. Freddy the old man is beating both their asses. Still a lot of golfers in contention as any of the current leaders could easily throw a 75 on the board Moving Day.
  13. Bummer, that's a shame for the team. But every NFL Pro Player is responsible for what goes down his neck. Just don't expect this to happen for an NFL Man of the Year you have all the respect in the world for. We don't need a bumpy road this season, we have enough problems to deal with already.