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  1. You should look into this thing called Free Agency. The Panthers are and have plenty of cap space. So quit your fugging constant whining.
  2. What is Your Day Three and Overall 2017 Panthers Draft Grade? Add any comments you feel relevant.
  3. This may be my favorite pick besides #22. Gano cost us games last year including the opener. Fug Gano, welcome to the Panthers.
  4. What is Your Day Two Panthers Draft Grade?
  5. This is gonna light a fire under Darryl Williams' ass, camp is going to be tooth and nail.
  6. 4.76 40 at the combine. Faster than Derek Barnett.
  7. Welp, now we wait for the 5th round. Unless........
  8. Kalil and Moton and weapons for Cam. This is exactly what we needed. Now slurp up some of that position heavy DE and DB talent from this draft.
  9. Actuall Tenn has the pick now don't they?
  10. Who are the Patriots gonna grab with our pick here that's really going to piss us off?
  11. Goodell should suspend him one year, if he's a good citizen, does charitable work then consider reinstatement.
  12. I love basic common sense and the Panthers seem to have gotten a dose this offseason.