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  1. There should be a review board. John McCain, Maxine Waters, Pelosi.....all well past their prime.
  2. Meh, I prefer blondes (no homo).
  3. Bordering on a reformed Christian at this point.
  4. It can only help California if she is finally pushed out the door. Both sides need to raise the bar.
  5. It was a douche move. He'd be kicked off any course in America. No respect.
  6. Just spent last Thursday and Friday down in Anaheim watching the Angels. They played like crap versus the Royals but we had a good time. Maybin was a solid pickup this year and next year when some of the Angels toxic contracts go off the books maybe they can improve.
  7. When you grow up on the West Coast you just don't realize how fugged up the South apparently still is.
  8. And she can cook Italian.
  9. Bump for more views.
  10. Shula has shown time again his ability to completely shyt the bed on gameday play caling. These are the facts and they are undisputed.
  11. Only if you don't understand what chili is.
  12. I consider Greg Olsen a man of great integrity. That being said 3 years ago he happily signed a contract thru 2018. 3/5/2015: Signed a four-year, $27.75 million contract. The deal included a $12 million signing bonus. Olsen is eligible for annual $250,000 workout bonuses in years two through four. 2017-2018: $6.5 million, 2019: Free Agent I expect him to honor this contract. If he wants to sign a deal that gives us more cap space this year, extends him 2 more years at a reasonable rate then I'm good. But Gettleman hasn't shown a tendency to long term aging NFL players, Young Franchise types sure and wisely so. If Olsen holds out I'd be extremely surprised and disappointed he would jeopardize this coming season and hope Getts could find a solid replacement asap wia all the avenues available to him.