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  1. Can we be excited about CMC now?

    Hah, it was started by me the day he declared.
  2. Can we be excited about CMC now?

    I just threw up a little. We need all hands on deck.
  3. Panthers trip

    Welcome to Teh Huddle. And bring at least 2 Swedish bikini team members mkay?
  4. I remember when you started that thread that Cam Newton couldn't be good because.......
  5. Perhaps, but shouldn't this kind of thing be permitted on an abandoned airport runway somewhere as opposed to the Historic Boston Common?
  6. So, as part of the permit process to organize a rally wouldn't it be reasonable to charge a permit fee in stead with the expected cost for security before any such permit is granted? http://bangordailynews.com/2017/08/18/news/nation/roadblocks-weapons-bans-as-boston-braces-for-free-speech-rally/
  7. Yeah, the DOW was about 15k when Obama took office, 20k when he left. Very good job. But that first year, yikes down to 9k. My 401k is much happier the last 8 years. http://www.macrotrends.net/1319/dow-jones-100-year-historical-chart Of course the chart the guy references is much more dramatic starting at the bottom after Obama's first year plus in office. But that's part of good journalism too.
  8. Rubber hits the road

    Funny, didn't know he had a street there already.
  9. Rubber hits the road

    I thought Marge Schott had the crown as most racist ever. Definitely change it. I suggest, "This is our fuging city" Drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoTnGa-Dckw
  10. You guys remember this game

    Again you Packer fuggers need to bend the knee to Carolina because we did what you could never do. Beat Dallas in the Playoffs clearing your path to finally reach the Super Bowl.
  11. Opioid "crisis"

    We need to fix this shyt cause Tiger needs to win another major to piss off the haters.
  12. Barcelona?

    Yeah Putin sounds more Presidential than, well you know.
  13. The defense best bring help.