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  1. And in the past the Patriots have used the FT on their kicker, 3 times. Pretty well run Franchise in New England I'd say. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/patriots-franchise-gostkowski-3rd-time-team-has-tagged-a-kicker/
  2. Is Gano worth 4.835 million? No.
  3. I don't care if we got him fro free, smart NFL Franchises don't spend 16 million on players like Landry.
  4. I think this all depends on how much damage Hurney is allowed to do to this roster between now and the time new ownership blows him out the door. We can survive a Draft and possibly Free Agency but if he hinders the Cap for years as he did last time he was fired we're screwed for years, despite what new ownership might want to do. One other thing though re exciting ownership, aren't the Bucs currently on a decade long no Playoff streak? No thanks.
  5. This would be as stupid as trading away future #1s so we could select a hack in the 2nd round, we won't do that. Wait........... .
  6. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    I don't believe Hurney would do this.
  7. Please no me me me players in Carolina.
  8. Hi there

    Just finished playing 18, beers and a cheeseburger. Life is good.
  9. Ownership options so far

    Perhaps the Panthers haven't reached this level yet in the Carolinas but take the LA Dodgers as an example. I consider the Dodgers a public trust. The Dodgers are part of the fabric of Southern California and by and large has been a class organization that has done things the right way in business and by the fan. A few years back Frank McCourt purchased the Dodgers but did not last for long as he was not the right ownership. Guggenheim, with Magic Johnson out front now runs the Dodgers and things are as they should be. Who owns the Panthers isn't as important as how the organization is run top to bottom. Run it the right way and win games, Panther fans should demand no less.
  10. Ownership options so far

    Love your take, grew up a 49er fan eh?
  11. Ownership options so far

    I hear ya, LT wasn't kicked out of the NFL, Debartolo was.