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  1. Mods continue to make stellar threads.
  2. Kevin Greene

    Elliott, Gurley.... McCaffrey?

    You saw last year what happened to Gurley when Jeff Fisher left town and a coach with a plan came in. Witness #22 this year.
  3. Wasn't this topic regarding LT just 2 weeks ago?
  4. Kevin Greene

    Kavanaugh - Now 3 Alleged Rape Accusations

    Certainly no one is. But from the DNC conspiring to defeat Bernie Sanders to this moment now it's going to be damned interesting to see how all this plays out. This fight is a long way from over, November is a long way away. So much at stake, so much desperation. I really think this is an infomercial for term limits, as well as the elimination of the Electoral College.
  5. Kevin Greene

    California has the nation’s highest poverty rate

    And the beat goes on.
  6. The way CMC played today you're never allowed in BofA again, sorry.
  7. Kevin Greene

    McCaffery's pace

    First we got the player, (Thanks Nipple Shorts) then we got the OC we needed (Thanks Rivera). And thank baby jesus Rivera had this relationship with Turner in San Diego. Adverse as Rivera is to change this never would have happened otherwise.
  8. Kevin Greene

    Christian McCaffrey

    You're welcome.
  9. Kevin Greene

    Game Day Menu

    Hah, I was just on a cruise in the Carib a couple months ago. Representing of course. Side note: Ran into a guy in Roatan while on shore in full Panther gear. Had to go over and say go Panthers and show him my Panther wallpaper on my phone as I didn't have my hat on that day.
  10. Kevin Greene

    Game Day Menu

    It's gonna be Dodger Dogs and Cold draft beers, going to Fan Appreciation day versus the Padres.
  11. Kevin Greene

    California has the nation’s highest poverty rate

    It's frustrating living in California at times. Beautifuls state, tremendous qualities and attributes. It also has comparable problems exacerbated by the idiots in Sacramento. You have blithering idiots leading this state spending Billions of dollars on useless projects. By completion more than a decade from now the high speed rail from LA to Frisco will have totaled a staggering 100 Billion dollars, if not more. Homelessness, drug addiction, crime, infrastructure, health care.....all these issues could be virtually eliminated if these billions in tax dollars would be spent on what Californinas so desperately need, not some idiot plan devised by Moonbeam himself. http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-bullet-train-cost-increase-20180309-story.html
  12. Kevin Greene

    Best thing I've seen on Twitter all day

    Mayo>miracle whip \not even close
  13. But TD has a "History of cheap shots" per the NFL. How about Kazee?
  14. Kevin Greene

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 3 (READ ME)

    CIN @ CAR: CAR NYJ @ CLE: NYJ NO @ ATL: ATL DEN @ BAL: BAL NYG @ HOU: HOU TEN @ JAX: JAX SF @ KC: KC OAK @ MIA: OAK BUF @ MIN: MIN IND @ PHI: PHI GB @ WAS: GB LAC @ LAR: LAR CHI @ AZ: CHI DAL @ SEA: SEA NE @ DET: NE PIT @ TB: PIT Do we need a tie breaker? Total Monday Night score= 65
  15. Kevin Greene

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Please be very, very careful when mentioning Payday while Marty Hurney remains our GM. He has a long history of "rewarding" players.