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  1. Gonna take a while to take hold here on Teh Huddle.
  2. So this is 2 concussions in 7 games for Luke with an extended period off the field between them. The Panthers and it's fans need to seriously consider football post Luke at MLB. Like I've said the day of the latest concussion, Life after football>Football. One thing, I thought there was one play a bit earlier in the game where Luke went into a tackle leading with his helmet and I thought it was a nastier impact than the Olineman hit. Anyone remember that?
  3. Not sure that's fair, Cam has had just the one concussion hasn't he and went through the normal protocol? I will say though while it's been obvious for numerous offseasons Cam needs to be protected better in the pocket (due to various injuries) with an upgraded line the necessary steps have yet to be taken.
  4. Dodgers 2017

  5. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    So can the Panthers get past this media hype and focus on the Bears? No one was raped, no one was caught driving 110 mph while drunk, no one took PEDs. There is football to play Sunday. Rivera should ban all optional media access until the media enjoys the same black hole of information we suffer from BofA on a daily basis.
  6. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    Shula cannot put his players on the field in the best position to succeed, moreover even if he had plays that would succeed he does not have the ability to adjust on the fly.
  7. Lions claim Brad Kaaya

    Oh, you mean about 10 years from now when we move on from Hurney.
  8. We come out in the Wildcat for the first play of the game....... because Rivera benches Cam to start as Rivera didn't like the color of Cam's tie on the bus. -4 yards.
  9. 1st game of the year CMC had 2 nice returns negated by idiot special teams penalties. Only a matter of time.
  10. Cam Newton now ranked 4th all time.

    A post with reason. The only way you want Cam to gain yardage on the ground is a defense killing scramble or a short yardage/goal line situation. Mike Vick is 91 overall all time in passing yardage, Cam Newton has already eclipsed this dog killers production through the air. Cam will dominate another 10 years if Carolina and it's fans can move past this Cam is a Running Back mentality. He is far more gifted than Mike Vick ever hoped to be. Both on the field and in the mind off it. At some point I hope the Carolina's will truly appreciate the gift Cam Newton is in real time.
  11. Cam Newton now ranked 4th all time.

    Wow Vick couldn't do much but run his entire career. Well, he could kill dogs.