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  1. With luck this willbe Shula's ticket out of town.
  2. Cam Post Game Presser

  3. Is anyone legitimately surprised?

    Look at all the trolls rolling out from beneath their rocks.
  4. Cam pouting at the podium

    Ah what was it PhillyB said? Ah yes, "diaf".
  5. OK, you got a bad bong load  tonight huh?
  6. Still here, still a believer, still pounding

    Hard to be mad when you play like shiz from start to fininsh.
  7. If only this forum had MODs.
  8. Cam Newton sucks Denver's dick

    This is shiz that should have been handled months ago. Weak sucks.
  9. Cam Newton sucks Denver's dick

    They would.
  10. Cam Newton sucks Denver's dick

    Here's another fug that needs to move onto Atlanta.
  11. Cam Newton sucks Denver's dick

    True colors are coming our here in Panther fans, Go Cam, sorry he'll be here for a decade. I'd move on to Atlanta if I were you.
  12. jesus Jangler's account has been hacked by PU. details at 7.
  13. Why didn't Cam jump on the ball?

    I think he thought it was an incomplete pass.