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  1. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    Unfit for office.
  2. Your Odd News For The Day

  3. Should Dex be banned?

  4. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I say he went to Bojangles, called and told Nipple Shorts he'd buy him lunch. Nipple Shorts didn't show.
  5. Local cops here are really cracking down on DUI offenders. Even after the fact. They followed 7 of the perps as they left the courthouse during their court appearances. All had already had their license previously suspended. 4 of the people were caught driving away in their cars despite having their licenses already pulled. They're really gonna be fugged now.
  6. Actually pretty easy in many cases to ck a cell phones activity at the time of a wreck. A child is apples and oranges. I watch people around me on the freeway distracted by their phones for miles at a time. In stop and go traffic I'll wait for the fuggers to look up briefly then go back to their phone and I hall ass away leaving them sitting there when traffic restarts and they]re stopped looking at their phone when everyone around them has started moving. You really need to spend time in stop and go traffic to realize how many people have there phone in hand while driving.
  7. Super Bowl in 2019 - Atlanta named as host

    Just a heads up people, first we're winning Super Bowls in Houston and Minneapolis.
  8. Texting, reading etc on cell phones is going out of control on today's roads. I spend 20 minutes or so on SoCal freeways each way to work everyday and the number of idiots with their noses in their phones is ridiculous. I bring this up because recently a member of our Panther nation was killed by a distracted driver and Panthasan made me aware of the lady who is also a Panther fan left without a husband due to the drivers' negligence. Here's s recent writeup in the local rag: Incredibly this women who killed these 2 people is only facing misdemeanor charges stemming from this case, despite what the CHP recommended. Apparently there was some closed door deals made. Drunk driving is a choice some people make and the consequences can be fatal. But so is distracted driving and a large portion of the general public do it constantly on a daily basis. I think laws need to be stiffened for cases like this and penalties should be inline with what the driver would face if she was drunk at the time of the killings. This shyt needs to stop. What say you?
  9. Obama kills...

    War monger.
  10. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Well damn, NFL players are people too.
  11. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    Nah, all Pits should simply be neutered. As all pets should. And eventually be allowed to cease to exist in the general public. No one wants to murder your pet. There are so many breeds to choose from that don't have the potential to be life threatening and still be man's best friend.
  12. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    You prevent what is likely to burn and harm.
  13. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    They continue to be emotional rather than rational. Logic and common sense is becoming less common place.
  14. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    Putting out the fire after the victim is burnt to a crisp. Nah, I'd rather prevent the fire altogether.