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  1. It has to be frustrating for opposing defenses. Execute the defense you called on a given pass play exactly as designed on the chalk board and Cam breaks contain at the end and runs for 12 yards. Get 2 defenders in good position to make a play on the RB for no gain and Stew hits you and falls forward for a 4 yard gain. Blanket all the receivers and Olsen will make a ridiculous catch while hand fighting the coverage. I'm not sure it matters too much what you do on offense right now.
  2. Before the big game I'd video tape the Panthers' practices.   EDIT:Oh, I'd deflate the balls too.
  3. Johnson and Hardy

    If I never hear Greg Hardy's name again I'm good with that.
  4. Welp

    "Which one of you fuggers wants some?"
  5. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    I blame all the weed.
  6. A Proud Mother

    She new who Cam was all along.
  7. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    To the Victor go the spoils, getty up!
  8. Allow me to make a contribution

  9. Before we get all happy

    Cowboys passed for 199 yards, mostly in garbage time. I think the Panthers had more INT return yards than Romo passed for.
  10. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    Guess what, Tony Romo is IRRELEVANT.
  11. Post a pic, any pic.

  12. Norman on Dez Bryant

    Shyt no, let him suffer all the way to February in Santa Clara.
  13. You're Welcome

    This from the guy who predicted the Panthers lose today 21-17.
  14. SQUAD

    We need guys like Cotch to let these guys know what they are doing demands their attention 24/7.