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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars are dead to me.

    Effing Jville bastages.
  2. Point Man movie trailer

    You need a Travel Agent. My wife being one makes travel no stress.
  3. Point Man movie trailer

    Dude, congrats on taking it this far.
  4. What is Hurney's plan?

    Keep his job.
  5. Here we go...

  6. Thomas Davis hanging out with Richard Sherman

    Sherman's agent: "Go get on social media with TD, Hawks should have a contract offer coming post haste.". In this case of course it's Sherman's inside voice speaking.
  7. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    I approve this transaction.
  8. The Rams have acquired Aqib Talib....

    One of the dirtiest players in the NFL from the dirtiest team in the NFL.
  9. King Earl on the block?

    Welp this will be his 9th year in the NFL and he'll have a 10.4 million dollar cap hit.
  10. Richard Sherman anyone ?

    Some are smart enough not to make their ostensible politics their platform to the public. Although it would be hilarious to watch the reaction if Cam Newton became Lebron James' personna to the Carolina masses.
  11. King Earl on the block?

    There's a reason all these guys are available a couple years after the Hawks were relevant.
  12. The Nippleshorts Prophecies

    Getts taunting Hurney:
  13. Remember kids....

    Remember when? http://thetandd.com/sports/nfl-peppers-uncertainty-leave-panthers-squeezed-by-cap/article_2c0bdac5-ff33-5535-a02f-29f050dcd7b6.html http://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=4092544 The idiot Marty Hurney didn't do the Peppers Franchise tag cap debacle once but twice! It's inconceivable he has a job GMing an NFL Franchise.
  14. Remember kids....

    Then eventually we won't even have the cap space to sign those comp picks and we'll be so desperate he'll restructure and extend someone past their prime as Hurney did with Delhomme in a Defcon 5 cap grab. People still think Delhomme's final contract was simply Hurney giving him more money cause he felt he deserved it. No, it's because Hurney was so incompetent he couldn't even sign draft picks due to no cap space.
  15. Remember kids....

    Ultimately there could be 2 3rd round compensatories coming back for Norwell and Star. Coupled with the 15-20 mill additional cap space. Preferable to really bad patented Hurney contracts.
  16. This is why it's critical new ownership blows this idiot out asap. We can survive a bad draft. But not this moron's contracts
  17. REPORT: Andrew Norwell to Giants a "done deal"

    Interested to see what kind of money Norwell would get. Just how vindictive is Getts? To the point of liabilty to the Giants' Cap?
  18. Tag and Trade Norwell -

    LOL, remember Julius Peppers Franchise Tag debacles? When was the last time a guy was FT'd signed and was traded successfully? The Patriots raping the Chiefs for Matt Cassel doesn't count.
  19. Quick Note on Thomas Davis

    Whether TD is involved with the Panthers post playing career will be an excellent litmus test for new ownership. Stay tuned.
  20. Current Grade: Incomplete

    It does look OK now because most of the moves that matter have been offseason cuts that were simply common sense. Really surprised Hurney cut Stewart, pleasantly surprised you might say. The proof in the pudding will be contracts handed out to players currently on the roster or Free Agents. A blown Draft Pick would only be a rookie contract deal. *fingers crossed new management blows Hurney out before he again destroys the Cap for 5 years*
  21. I hope Cam becomes the Hut's spokesperson. I despise Peyton Manning with every fiber in my soul. One less set of annoying commercials on the screen.
  22. So far this is a new improved Hurney.