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  1. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    When he stayed in his draft spot and made a selection in the 1st the results were good. When he tried to get clever and traded away future #1s to take a pick he thought merited the move failure was the result.
  2. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    We have to remember why Delhomme got that contract. it is because Hurney was desperate for enough cap space to even sign our draft picks. The restructure wasn't merit based, it was a reaction to Hurney's incompetence and zero cap dollars available. Don't even get me started how the Pepper's Franchise tag debacle ruined 2 straight seasons due to Hurney's gross incompetence.
  3. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    It's really good to have some perspective around here because we have a bunch of rapid fire topic starters who truly have no clue what the NFL is all about.
  4. Peyton Manning was a broken down carnival clown riding on the coat tails of his defense. Ravens was Ray Lewis' defense and won despite Trent Dilfer. Harbaugh vs Harbaugh was a good battle. Packers would be the closest I guess with an MVP level QB. Seahawks and the Legion of Boom destroying Peyton Manning 43-8 was entertaining. Aside from the Patriots the Taints were probably the last offensive juggernaut to win a Lombardi when the NFL escorted them to the SB win. You have to have a Top 5 QB to win without a top level defense. With Norv, Cam and Rivera I think we have a realistic shot at both with some quality offseason moves.
  5. I say horse shyt Norv will rely on the frigging zone read as part of Cam's normal offense. Phillip Rivers is a top 10 QB in the League the last 10 years. I expect Cam to be top 5 moving forward. Chud scratched Cam's potential as a rookie, Shula retarded his sophistication as an NFL QB. I don't think many Huddlers will recognize what Cam is by October of next year. Can't frigging wait.
  6. When would you say is the last time a WCO took home a Lombardi?
  7. Official 2018 Panthers free agent list

    Gano retained by Hurney in favor of younger/cheaper Harrison Butker who had a fine year with the Chiefs. Once we overpay to retain Gano this will be the first Hurney move that starts the downhill spiral to the return to Cap Hell. What would Gettleman have done? Hmmmmmmm.... Incidentally if Gano doesn't choke and miss an easy early game chip shot last week all we needed was a field goal at the end of the game to be in Minny right now.
  8. Great stuff in here. Norv brings a direct link to Don Coryell and Ernie Zampese. 2 of the greatest. Moreover this is someone Rivera trusts, gameday play calling will be night and day. Stupid is gone. Cam will dominate. That is all.
  9. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Praise baby Jesus. Ron you can stay!
  10. Cam Not Talking to Media

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/10/21/cam-newton-completes-week-without-speaking-to-media/ Fug 'em, let your actions on the field speak.
  11. Cam Not Talking to Media

  12. Cam Not Talking to Media

    Peace, too bad we can't discuss this in the main forum. But this is what the NFL has become. Lots of apathy right now for NFL fans, they need to reel this in.
  13. Cam Not Talking to Media

    So yeah there's no drama here, let's discuss it. Or be Goodell's drama queens.
  14. Cam Not Talking to Media

    Fug the NFL. this is why it will ultimately fail.
  15. Cam Not Talking to Media

    LOL, Pro Football Talk thinks this is a topic of conversation but the Huddle runs and hides from it. Too funny, mostly pathetic.
  16. Cam Not Talking to Media

    Marshawn Lynch really isn't that relative in today's NFL. The media would use this sound bite to further crucify Cam. Let them eat static.
  17. Um... SCP it's FRIDAY where are you!!!

    I was thinking none of that looks appetizing, but whatevs.
  18. Meh, this time the break is on his throwing shoulder. MIght be a bit optimistic.
  19. Gonna take a while to take hold here on Teh Huddle.
  20. So this is 2 concussions in 7 games for Luke with an extended period off the field between them. The Panthers and it's fans need to seriously consider football post Luke at MLB. Like I've said the day of the latest concussion, Life after football>Football. One thing, I thought there was one play a bit earlier in the game where Luke went into a tackle leading with his helmet and I thought it was a nastier impact than the Olineman hit. Anyone remember that?
  21. Not sure that's fair, Cam has had just the one concussion hasn't he and went through the normal protocol? I will say though while it's been obvious for numerous offseasons Cam needs to be protected better in the pocket (due to various injuries) with an upgraded line the necessary steps have yet to be taken.
  22. Dodgers 2017

    Dodgers finally starting to come alive, specifically when this kid got called up. Cody Bellinger, age 21 n ow taking over first base a couple weeks while Wallie Pip... eeerrr I mean Adrian Gonzales is on the DL. No pressure but this kid has it: Hope he continues to succeed, what a nucleus they would form with Bellinger and Corey Seager. Go Blue!