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    California has the nation’s highest poverty rate

    It's frustrating living in California at times. Beautifuls state, tremendous qualities and attributes. It also has comparable problems exacerbated by the idiots in Sacramento. You have blithering idiots leading this state spending Billions of dollars on useless projects. By completion more than a decade from now the high speed rail from LA to Frisco will have totaled a staggering 100 Billion dollars, if not more. Homelessness, drug addiction, crime, infrastructure, health care.....all these issues could be virtually eliminated if these billions in tax dollars would be spent on what Californinas so desperately need, not some idiot plan devised by Moonbeam himself. http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-bullet-train-cost-increase-20180309-story.html
  2. Kevin Greene

    Best thing I've seen on Twitter all day

    Mayo>miracle whip \not even close
  3. But TD has a "History of cheap shots" per the NFL. How about Kazee?
  4. Kevin Greene

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 3 (READ ME)

    CIN @ CAR: CAR NYJ @ CLE: NYJ NO @ ATL: ATL DEN @ BAL: BAL NYG @ HOU: HOU TEN @ JAX: JAX SF @ KC: KC OAK @ MIA: OAK BUF @ MIN: MIN IND @ PHI: PHI GB @ WAS: GB LAC @ LAR: LAR CHI @ AZ: CHI DAL @ SEA: SEA NE @ DET: NE PIT @ TB: PIT Do we need a tie breaker? Total Monday Night score= 65
  5. Kevin Greene

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Please be very, very careful when mentioning Payday while Marty Hurney remains our GM. He has a long history of "rewarding" players.
  6. Reactionary MOD thread. Just week 2. Gotta love Teh Huddle.
  7. Did you think you were in the Patriot's forum?
  8. Kevin Greene

    Norv Turner

    Did you pause to consider the Op?
  9. Kevin Greene

    CAM getting some love

    Cam can do so much more than Vick could do on a scramble/run. Early In the Dallas game where he took that DB on man on man and basically body slammed him Smitty style (made me so friggin' proud!). I both died and nutted in my Cargo shorts at the same time. I fear for Cam's longevity...while I marvel at his greatness.
  10. Probably a little bit of Tepper here in every business he's built or purchased. He's very successful, Rivera better listen. I would like Tepper to acquaint himself closely with Hurney's performance last time he was the GM here.
  11. Kevin Greene

    Thanks to David Tepper and Roger Goodell

    Already posted here and moved to the Tinderbox.
  12. Kevin Greene

    Panthers Owner David Tepper Says President Trump Is Wrong

    We have got some great men on this team (and the women who support them) doing great things in this and other communities as well. It's a point of pride to many of us I'm sure, it certainly is for me.
  13. Kevin Greene

    Hurricane Florence

    Ironic last night I was watching an episode of Island Life on HGTV and a family looking to move to the Outer Banks to get away from the Pennsylvania snow was featured. Probably shyttin bricks about now. https://www.hgtv.com/shows/island-life/episodes/views-of-the-sand-dunes Stay safe.
  14. Kevin Greene

    Monday Night Football Games Thread

    I guess it figures with all of ESPN's on air cuts how bad these announcers suck.
  15. Kevin Greene

    Monday Night Football Games Thread

    Yeah a little hand fighting, neither player had a bead on the ball.
  16. Kevin Greene

    Monday Night Football Games Thread

    That was a BS PI call.
  17. Kevin Greene

    Monday Night Football Games Thread

    Just to add. Oakland Alameda coliseum is the only shythole in the league that is probably worse than the LA Coliseum the Rams currently occupy. Kudos to Raider fan always showing up. Ironic that both the Rams, after coming back from St.Louis for the same crap stadium they left decades ago are now joining the Raiders who left Oakland for LA's Coliseum only to come back and finally head to Vegas to a new stadium. Both teams will finally have state of the art stadiums, something neither team has ever had in their California (or soon the be Nevada) existence.
  18. Kevin Greene

    Monday Night Football Games Thread

    Continues to be an embarrassment to the NFL that there is a baseball diamond on the field. Pathetic.
  19. Kevin Greene

    Cowboys fans

    Cowboy fan at work owes me a 12 pack tomorrow.
  20. Too bad about Olsen though huh? Got your Gronk jersey ordered yet?