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  1. How dare Cam take over 'our' QB position!

    Seems like Tinderbox material to me.    *grabs popcorn and eagerly waits to see if this discussion remains civil   I'm sure race has something to do with it, but its actions as well.   The "face" of the NFL as he is being proclaimed now has never had so much swag.  I think that puts him on a pedestal to be criticized  and  its open game for racism.   I don't know that its just because he's a QB in particular.
  2. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    2003 hurt more and Idk why.  This one hurt to be sure but honestly  2005 seattle  and 2012 AZ  hurt more than this superbowl and i can't pin why but to me it just does.   As far as hurt goes......2003, 2012,2005,2016.. in that order and its hard to explain.   I was so worked up during this year that I think I burnt my self out early with worry.  I felt more stressed about getting deflated by a 2012-esq game  and so stressed that I just finally let it go  I had to.........and so glad i did because this SB was crap just like 2012.IF  I had held on to that hi stress I was running a few weeks ago this would be the worst.  Does any of that make sense?  You be the Judge.
  3. So now we know the refs are against us

    F-bomb the refs  F-Bomb the REFS.  WTF HAVE REPLAY IF YOU CAN"T GET IT RIGHT
  4. Breakfast

    is it your anniversary or something?
  5. Bucky Brooks: Five part plan for Broncos to beat Panthers

    Honest Opinion.  Our Offense will struggle if they can contain / pressure Cam with just 4 or 5 guys.   Cams worst games ( lol not this year)  have come when pressure and contain were one and the same.   If you get pressure but no contain you're screwed.   
  6. More butthurt from Seahawk fan

    the butthurt is real  pathetic  
  7. if only I'd of won that darned ole lottery.  #fml   
  8. rofl     ELI  years 2 -6  ( omitted rookie year only started 9 games)   17,601 yds   119 TD  79 INT   3 rushing TD   Cam  years 1-5 18,263 yds  117 TD  64 INT   43 rushing TD   yeah......some of them are right ......*sarcasm warning* ELI is SO MUCH MORE OF  A PURE PASSER  Much more refined. Just plain ole better.........LMAO
  9. Just tell any kids you bring or see  to be quiet.   Noisemaker guaranteed.
  10. Mike Shula

    Whoah  there buddy how do you know  Riverboat didnt' jump off the boat and back into  Linebacker Ron and slow it all down....... OC's  make calls like they are asked to.  You can't call that all on him.   Ron  could have jumped on his mic and told Mike to go for the kill but did he? 
  11. this is what happend when our offense goes into bitch mode( burn clock go conservative)  instead of fuggin win mode
  12. RIP Alan Rickman

    when I see him or picture him its always as she sheriff of Nottingham  I guess its just a childhood thing
  13. Breaking news - LA Lotto winner's name announced.

    I want to punch you in the scrotum   have a good day sir.
  14. It would be kinda funny/ ironic  for me if the A's came to NC.   On some of the old console MLB games I'd create my own NC based MLB team called the Green Sox   :D
  15. The Carolina's have a rich history with baseball.   Be it  the good ole Carolina Leagues  ( see movie Bull Durham)  or the beginnings of Babe Ruth's Career to where he allegedly got the name "Babe" http://www.visitfayettevillenc.com/baberuth/history Even the term "Bull Pen" has NC ties     also see this web page: http://www.chrisholaday.com/