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  1. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    the thing that scares me about romo is he can torch you with a no name reciever  ( at least at the time)  Williams, Cecil Shorts/ who was that other guy a few years ago?
  2. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Maybe the redskins should change their name now to get that stank off.
  3. Camera lens just died.....

    You'll get your money's worth when the "spoils"  slide show of them Tennessee gals hits the huddle.
  4. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    wtf.......TO  opening drive deep in own territory .........get it together guys...........btw anyone else lag like hellishly  when replying to a thread  or is it just me?
  5. Camera lens just died.....

    KEEP POUNDING !             duh
  6. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    He's been doing that here lately if he didnt' run it in himself
  7. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    The only thing that can stop Greg Olsen is the one yard line.  PIE IF YOU AGREE
  8. UNC Settles Suit With Willingham

    Should that not  say money money money.  hah
  9. So long, Suliamon.

        The topic at hand is  why was Suliamon dismissed in which I sarcastically replied. You're defending him/ Duke  who we don't know has done anything wrong by harping on UNC stuff.   gtfo with that crap  I'll go no further with it.  We can run around in circles all day.  Here if this makes it easy for you  I bow out  you win    I just dont know what you won.   NCAA sanction this guy!
  10. So long, Suliamon.

    hmmm maybe because every school has been on the the "dark side"   I know  and work with people who've attended major colleges as student athletes and they can tell you  some stories that will make the UNC deal look like childs play.     How about getting paid directly after every game and the amount depending on your performance?  Happened, may still be happening.       *edit I shouldn't say "every" but damn after some stories I've heard its hard to believe any major program has been intentionally clean even if it meant to ( athletes going out of bounds on their own)
  11. So long, Suliamon.

    First and foremost my initial post was a half ass question made with sarcasm......You seem mighty defensive. Did YOU give him money?
  12. So long, Suliamon.

    maybe worse idk ?   To be dismissed....done fugged up
  13. So long, Suliamon.

    Is that confirmed?   bad attitude ?  I'm not really looking at it very hard I thought maybe he's had interactions where he should not have(money)  and got kicked
  14. So long, Suliamon.

    do I detect crippling NCAA sanctions on the horizon?