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  1. Dilla

    Daeshon Hall

    It's the yearly preseason where people overrate/underrate depth players game-to-game. There another thread talking about how Jermaine Carter might already be our 4th best LB lol
  2. Dilla

    DW. Dislocated patella and torn mcl

    For his own benefit, he should get the surgery. If he rehabs, he'll still be gimped and he'll get the surgery in the off-season anyway, while being a free agent.
  3. He's not going to sign for a multi-year deal after an injury. He'll likely bet on himself and do a one year deal in hopes of getting that one mega-deal that most young players desire.
  4. I wish these journalists would stop using a recorder in Sabates' vicinity.
  5. With Tepper having no connections to the area, I honestly expect the Panthers to stay in Charlotte for training camp after the Wofford contract expires in 2019.
  6. Dilla

    Any news on tryouts this weekend?

    I would see if he would be willing to add 15 pounds and move to TE like Marcus Lucas did three years ago (if he is signed). Better shot to make the team there. Would like to see Kalif signed as well.
  7. Dilla

    Any news on tryouts this weekend?

    The website usually has the full list of tryout players posted by now, surprised it hasn't been released.
  8. Tepper is already a part of the club. He is a minority owner of the Steelers and was being set-up to be the next majority NFL owner. Navarro is an outsider that only Bob McNair seems to like of the 31 other NFL owners.
  9. Dilla

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Great signing, but I'm not too shocked by the price. $3-4$ mil is his March value. No team would pay value in May after most rosters are set until preseason cuts.
  10. I wish blocked people had their quoted posts blocked as well, makes the entire process pointless, otherwise.
  11. Dilla

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Love getting local players a shot. Best bet would be for him to stick with the practice squad or back-of-the-roster and compete to fill Anderson's spot next year if he is not re-signed.
  12. Dilla

    Official UDFA Signings Thread

    We still have four open spots, probably going to save those for the tryouts at the Rookie minicamp and maybe a vet.
  13. Dilla

    Official UDFA Signings Thread

    Riley Ferguson went to Tampa for those curious.