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  1. Ebron is more talented and younger, but he will also likely be more expensive and sometimes look unmotivated. I'll go with Wilson since it's for no.2, something he is already familiar with.
  2. fug naw lol Listen, I won't hesitate to admit that Hurney has done a really good job since his return. It makes sense, next season will be his interview (again) for the new owner. However, that doesn't erase the fact that he was justifiably fired for putting us in cap hell for years. Also, he was a part of the complacency of us being perennial 7-9 "ah shucks, better luck next year" team for 10 years. Cam alluded to that mindset in the locker his rookie season and got roasted for it.
  3. He had lingering back issues in KC. Didn't seem to be a problem last year.
  4. I want this, don't let him leave.
  5. Breeland a Panther

    I'll never be a fan of Hurney, and I hopes he loses his job when the new ownership roles in, but I can't complain about our current offseason acquisitions so far.
  6. Half right, Addison is a Beane guy. Horton was a part of Gettleman's 2013 UFDA signings.
  7. I would prefer Luke Wilson, but yeah, we'll probably go after Rogers due to the connection.
  8. Rubin and Tsai are based in the Northeast, just like Tepper is. Why would they move it to Oakland to an area that the Raiders left because they refused to help with a new stadium?
  9. Rubin and Tsai. Both have the dollars, the youngest group, both have experience in having ownership pieces, Sixers players love Rubin, and they want to add local investors to their bid (and it's to show good faith, because they don't really need the money). Diddy will probably own a single digit percentage if he is a part of this group. This is my team right here.
  10. I'm on the Rubin/Tsai bandwagon. I doubt Richardson chooses them over Tepper, but that's who I'm with.
  11. Lee should be staying in Jacksonville, they chose him over Robinson.
  12. Rapaport says that the Sixers players love him.
  13. Niners are trending up, Seahawks are trending down.
  14. LOL I remembered that, NCAA changed the penalty rules after the Heels almost threw the game away in the final seconds. Heads up save by TJ. But yeah, with the Chiefs. Started one game (threw 3 TDs) like 2 years ago. I would rather draft someone like Ferguson or Lauletta in the 5th or 6th.