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  1. Racist peice of poo

    Jesus, either some of all was asleep during history or don't see context if it was rubbing it's nuts in y'all face. Holy poo.
  2. Cam pouting at the podium

  3. Cam pouting at the podium

    I understand, but he just gave his haters something to hold on to and I don't feel like hearing it.
  4. Cool Jon Beason article

    There was someone on that Beason vs Luke thread a couple weeks back that said he would take AJ Klein over Beason.   Lol
  5. One Carolina

    Somebody with Twitter shout out Leicester City!      
  6. Gonna be paying Wisenhunt for a couple more years + plus a shaky ownership situation.   Money, basically.
  7. Cam throws a 12 flag out . Bannergate 2.0

    I think this opposing fans are just doing it for attention now. The Tampa guy and this dude was literally waving it in Cam's face.   Edit: Actually, looking at the video again, it looked like it was handed to him, which is strange because I see Seahawks' gear on the dude.
  8. Saturday. Division game thread.

    There is no clear view of the ball hitting the ground, correct call.
  9. Saturday. Division game thread.

  10. Barring Tennessee not hiring Mularkey (lol), looks like both McDermott and Shula will be here. I'm starting to feel bad for McDermott, actually. Yeah, I want to keep him, but I would never deny a guy an opportunity to advance his career. He has essentially been passed up for a promotion for two years now. I would be getting frustrated with it if I was him.
  11. Futures Contracts

    Haha i remember wanting us to draft Cobi Hamilton with our last pick in 2013.
  12. DC Sean McDermott

    The only thing making this a distraction are the fans.
  13. We're the heels of the NFL now

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heel_%28professional_wrestling%29   Before you go off on your little rant and make yourself look like a jackass.
  14. Bucky Brooks might be going insane

    Bucky must have been hypnotized in the offseason. He always was pro-Cam and pro-Panthers in the past, so this turnaround is weird.   Might just be playing a role or something.