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  1. Honestly, I wouldn't expect any different even if the Panther were 4-8. Say that Hurney is legitimately an interim who will be replaced in June (lol), making him responsible for replacing Rivera wouldn't make much sense. Rivera would be here another year to be evaluated by the new GM.
  2. Gettleman is likely done tbh. He himself said that the Panthers would be his last job and that he was planning retirement prior to coming to Charlotte.
  3. Agree with a few other guys here, wouldn't be frothing mad at Kirk, Sutton, or St. Brown early, but I would prefer to not draft another young-ass WR. Go after Marquis Lee or Watkins in free agency first.
  4. They've already decided to simply removed the interim for Matt Luke's title.
  5. General Gameday thread...

    It's amazing what a coaching change has done to help Goff.
  6. 11-5 or fire Rivera

    If we go 11-5, Rivera is probably getting another extension.
  7. Hurney originally brought Rivera and Shula in, no need for a coup
  8. Look up Rashaad Penny from SDSU. If he is available in the middle rounds, I believe he can be the guy. Someone like Royce Freeman will there too.
  9. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    As long as he keeps Bruton far away.
  10. It would be a power guy. If someone like Josh Adams or Rashaad Penny was available in the 3rd or 4th, I would like the pick. This is assuming that the Panthers have moved on from Stewart.
  11. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Cam's gotta cut it out here, if this gets beyond local media. . . that heart-felt apology will go out the window and the "Cam is sexist" narrative will grow stronger.
  12. A QB is being put on the block. Gotta be for this to make sense.
  13. Jacksonville's defense is going to be a problem

    Jags will be perennial once they figure out their QB issues.
  14. 5 weeks into the season, beggars can't be choosers.
  15. Damiere Byrd is heading to IR, so now we only have 4 WRs on roster.