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  1. CRA added a post in a topic Give Brown a BREAK.. The Kid was Undrafted.. asking him to Replace Benjamin iS TOO DAMN MUCH   

    Philly is a paid professional WR.....and he drops wide open balls.  He struggled often making ugly catches last season too....
    this is ain't college.  NFL players deserve the heat when they earn it. 
    Also, the Gettlemen "knows" talent and is "all knowing" type hype that is building is a tad much.  He put Bell and Chandler at tackle last year and was cool with it...dude has his flaws. Not doing something soon at WR IMO will be a mistake.  Division is weak enough we should be focused on a playoff run 
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  2. CRA added a post in a topic What happens when the lead dogg goes down?   

    Brown is a 2nd year undrafted kid whose catches last year looked painful....
    and Ron is trying to make him a NFL starter....
    just like he he tried to make Bersin a NFL returner.
    Some things obviously don't work....those seem to be the toughest for Ron
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  3. CRA added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    Cam likes throwing to Bersin?
    Cam literally throws to every scrub on the field.   Nothing suggests Cam has any preference for him.   
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  4. CRA added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    well, I can...Philly basically stole the reps from guys who deserved a chance to get them.
    Philly is likely the 2nd fasted player on the team.  Speed simply means you run fast.  Not sure anyone can legitimately state he is a better WR than anyone else trying to make the team.   That is why those other guys deserved their reps. 
    But Ron had his mind made long ago outside of likely 2-3 spots who would make this roster and his depth chart. 
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  5. CRA added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    First team O seemed to have the same issues with Kalil every time they attempted to run in the first 2 games
    i think the issue is much bigger than the C
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  6. CRA added a post in a topic We're a Funchess injury away from tonight, all season (or as long as DF is out) therefore ...   

    no one feels bad for Rodgers b/c he still has plenty of actual WRs to throw to.   He went from having maybe the best WR corps in the NFL to an above average one.   
    We are trying to make a #1 WR out of what GB still would consider a 3 or 4
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  7. CRA added a post in a topic Does Ron Favor Vets Over Rookies?   

    Harper.  We have the slowest S in the NFL.  
    Kinda wish Brady didn't miss that wide open throw on him where he got burned for a TD.  At least Ron would have been forced to at least answer a question or two about his lack of ability to keep up with WRs.  
    We we have enough run support 
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  8. CRA added a post in a topic Does Ron Favor Vets Over Rookies?   

    Ron gives some dudes a comical long leash IMO.  
    Dudes that don't deserve the long one. 
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  9. CRA added a post in a topic Not much in potential receiver cuts   

    why would we only be open to a band-aid?  We don't have tons of talent.  We have a Funchess who we know nothing of really.  We have KB who will take a year off with a knee injury....never know, that could derail his career.  Maybe a year off of football will be bad news for him in 2017 (he has a history of getting out of shape when he only has an offseason and has played all he had a full year of not playing).
    WR is one of the few spots taking on talent and a contract would be reasonable for actual talent IMO
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  10. CRA added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    You send Bersin and Boykin both to every team and force them to get keep will win in a landslide.
    and it ain't the Richardson's token alumni
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  11. CRA added a post in a topic Does Ron Favor Vets Over Rookies?   

    Philly is a great example of Ron's unique/odd stubbornness.  He was likely set the moment KB went down that Philly would be the "guy".  
    Then last night he let a garbage WR steal reps from other WRs we should of been looking at.  Even last year, it was evident he doesn't catch the ball well at all....yet Ron will convince himself this is a new temporary issue
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  12. CRA added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    Ron and company are so desperate right now...
    heck, how many reps did Philly steal last night from guys like Boykin.  Keep in mind guys like Boykin likely are better WRs (groomed in GB) simply he has speed. 
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  13. CRA added a post in a topic Impressions - Preseason Three   

    Last night was the nail on the coffin for Wegher.  Practice squander 100%.   Only injury now would earn him a spot heading into the season 
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  14. CRA added a post in a topic Was the Tillman 'interception' valid...   

    they all looked good...
    except for Harper.  That will be a liability all year.  Slowest S in the NFL.  Watching him flail his body about trying to catch up every getting beat like a drum was a preview of what to expect this year.  QBs will attack him all year and force match ups.
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  15. CRA added a post in a topic We only have one issue.. Remove Brown from the roster and we are legitimate contenders.   

    we know we can run the ball? We haven't done it all preseason with the 1s.
    Cam still is Cam.  Money for chunks, then the odd ball
    If Cotchery and Ginn are your 1 and 2 all season it will be a long year (and I like Ginn but he should be a 3-4 at best 
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