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  1. I'm done

    Tinderbox is the Hotel California
  2. I'm done

    Flake, Corker, Comey, Mueller....all flaming liberals, bruh.
  3. Robots

    this is the robot that said she would kill all humans. Even when "fixed" the answer is well....not comforting. I mean, frankly what is the end goal for AI. I mean if you take AI as far as you can (which is human nature)....you essentially would great something that would view itself as superior to humans.
  4. Things that trump says

    media sucks. They helped him get elected and still haven't learned how to cover him. Sad really. They still go for ratings above everything. They don't even both holding this Admin to the fire....more content giggling with glee when it shits on this country to run back and print about it for some clicks. But Trump is unique and so are the Russian playbook tactics they are now facing....they will get there IMO.
  5. Does white privilege exist?

    find me a person.....and I'll find you a person whose ancestors were slave owners. that isn't belittling how horrific slavery was in this country. It was a horrific chapter in our history. But overall, people seem to lack a lot of knowledge about slavery that occurred in mankind history.
  6. Things that trump says

    well the point is Trump wants to talk about LaVar and Lynch....he doesn't want the discussion on all those important issues.
  7. Things that trump says

    it is almost like if he talks about Big Baller Brand's Dad and Marshawn Lynch....people overlook.... - his Admin just told votersin Bama to vote for Moore - more than half of Puerto Rico is without power still - Kushner, Trump's lawyer, etc all have dates with Mueller this week - he still hasn't enforced the Russian sanctions - and there is always the standard stuff of having made zero ground on trade policy, healthcare, etc.
  8. Things that trump says

    Ball actually is suppose to be on CNN today to share his thoughts. I do feel there are actually two valid points that can be made. 1. You need to be thankful for the US Government (which includes Trump) regardless of the reasoning....for saving the rear ends of 3 stupid kids. 2. I do think there is a fine line of being grateful and still being able to recognize what Trump is choosing to do with this topic......and disagreeing with playing into it. But I don't think Ball is the type that can walk that fine line. I don't think there is much to Ball outside of the me me me me showman clown. He and Trump actually are alike in many ways.
  9. well, those are the fans. If we don't blow someone out by 30 then Shula needs to be fired. The record with Shula in Carolina secures his job much more so than fans would like. It is good.
  10. Almost comically easy to predict how a Panther season will go. Start of a season Media thinks the Panthers will be good = Panthers flop Media doesn't pay attention to Panthers or care = Panthers make a run to the postseason
  11. Things that trump says

    pretty much what Steve Kerr said. NBA actually has handful of coaches that aren't afraid to call it like it is.
  12. Last week Larsen helped Turner out more than anything. It was a good gameplan.
  13. well, that just isn’t true. better yes? Better this upcoming week? Very debatable. But the problem we are facing obviously isn’t much of a problem. Fine with it either way really. Lack of speed at WR is still the O issue despite Cam’s great Phin game
  14. love Kalil. But I say roll with Larsen. Coming off a great game and OL finally working well.
  15. Things that trump says

    what occured for the UCLA players.....has occured under every President over and over and over again. Yes they should be grateful and they expressed. No US President goes out and look for praise because until now we haven't had a troll/child in the WH. Trump is just using this like he does everything. Chaos element. Be unpresidetnial every day. Push the line. Then when the serious poo hits the fan.....the line has already been so heavily distorted it too gets viewed different. Media still has no clue how to cover Trump. Media still plays into his objectives. They still go for outrage ratings instead of legitimately helping help hold him accountable for being unfit.