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  1. CRA

    How long will it take?

    So predictable. It really all is with Trump. Maybe we can just have Putin pressers in the future so we can know what is going on
  2. CRA

    The weird Trump cult

    Trumpers put forth great effort to keep everything a "partisan" issue. Fact is, very little of this stuff is partisan at this point. Most Trumpers aren't conservative and the horrific things Trump does has little to do with Republican/Democrat views. He is just an unAmerican POTUS...and uses his cult to impact Republicans in office in silence. Entering that conversation is really pointless at this point. Trump isn't conservative. Neither is what drives his cult base. They just want to paint everything as R vs D because it helps distract from what it really is about.
  3. CRA

    The weird Trump cult

    Obama wouldn't of been impeached for yesterday....because he already would have been impeached long before he could of gotten that far. Heck, I it isn't just Obama. I think every recent POTUS would have been impeached by now. Prior POTUS' didn't hijack a party and groom a healthy 20% cult following.....that 20% cult following is literally all Trump cares about because it is essentially what stops Republicans from doing what they want. Ending his presidency because he is unfit. Which is most of Congress actually believes. That 20% cult however keeps Republicans complacent because they still need those dumbasses post Trump
  4. CRA

    The weird Trump cult

    They won't turn on him. He started prepping them day 1 for his corrupt and treasonous ways.....that he knows will come to light. He will just want them to shout lies! Deep state! Fake News! And they will. Art of the con. Only thing Trump has been good at. Reality is the con for Trump has always only worked on a select percentage of folks.....hence why he has failed at literally everything he has ever done in the end when his lies slowly out him.
  5. just isn't true. Trump is legitimizing NK. They aren't denuclearizing. Which as I have said is actually fine but how you do it matters. All Trump is doing is giving them power and legitimacy straight up. He is just giving them everything they want. That isn't deal making. as far as Russia? Again, that is bologna. Essentially your argument is Trump is making peace by bowing down to Russia and letting them do everything they want in regards to us. He is essentially helping them accomplish their goals. Weaken the West. Weaken America. Again, that isn't a deal for peace. Both of those strategies of getting out of our enemies way isn't a peace process. It sets the stage for a much more dangerous world down the road. Which is far from peaceful. and no, that doesn't set the stage for us to spend less. We will have to spend even more. Because the world will be far more dangerous....our enemies will be far more powerful and we will have less allies.
  6. Pretty sure I am not here on this board claiming Obama was great. But you are just engaging in whataboutism and deflection of the subject. Obama was a joke in many regards. But comparing him to Trump? Makes us wish we had Obama back.....and yeah, Obama hurt us in many ways. Why are you talking about him? I only brought him up in context of you claiming Trump scored some NATO victory. Just factually claimed all they have done is committed to honor the increase they gave Obama when he made the plea for it....Trump didn't obtain any new commitment in defense spending.
  7. CRA

    How long will it take?

    Well, Putin went on Russian state TV and talked a lot about the private meeting. Crickets from WH. Apparently, Trump made per Putin a very interesting offer on Ukraine. But I guess we will find out what it was through Russia as that is how it works. Every interesting offer these two discuss and come out has been mindboggling. Putin doing our cyber protection, letting Russian Intel “help” Mueller.
  8. You don’t even listen to reality. Putin agreed to let his intelligence aid Mueller in investigating Russians. In addition to that absurdity that makes no sense he made it even more crazy that if he “helped” Mueller he gets to start working on the likes of Bill Browder. That is more absurd than the last meeting when Putin said he he could protect our elections as a partner. Mueller would tell Putin to kick fuging rocks because he isn’t insane and stupid. Only one scared is the orange guy that cowered down on TV yesterday
  9. And our NATO allies pledged to increase spending under Obama and set new goals. Nothing has changed. Trump just tweets bullshit on it. Same Obama pledge holds. our standing was higher then than now no one respects Trump. He is the king of projection....not sure if they world is technically laughing at us but we are a worldwide joke. Our allies view us as untrustworthy and our enemies view as weak and vulnerable.
  10. Um.... destroying key American institutions destroying key Western alliances destroying America’s standing in the world those are all YUGE problems. In Trump’s America our allies are our enemies, US Intel is our enemy, free press is our enemy.....and our enemies? Well, Trump balls up like a bitch and gets pimp slapped around.
  11. Trump is just doing what those who bailed him out from bankruptcy when the US cut him off tell him. nothing more. The MAGA policy is to do that and to enrich himself. Nothing more. The real damage Trump is doing will be the world he is setting up. Which is far from deesculation big picture.
  12. Not true. He actually does a great deal of damage.
  13. There was a right answer. This isn’t even hard. It only is hard if you are compromised and can’t answer the easy and obvious. You say we know Russia interfered and continues to do so on multiple fronts. That it needs to stop in order for the relationship to work going forward. No one expects Putin to agree. It isn’t complex or hard.
  14. Trump is literally colluding right now in front of America. last meeting: hey guys, my friend Putin has a great idea. We should let him help us with securing our next election!! this meeting: hey guys, Trump again. Listen, Putin has another great idea. He and his team will help Bob Mueller figure out these so called indictments. Bob can come over and give him his info and his team will review it and help him figure out what is what. When they fly over they just have to give up Bill Browder and show Putin exactly how they have figured it all out so he can fix it next time. Sounds great! I’ll send y’all some of them Chinese made MAGA hats to celebrate.
  15. CRA


    Mueller’s pacing ensures he will be something we must deal with for awhile. I do think Mueller unloads prior to the 2020 election. But Mueller probably needs the voters to vote him out as part of his process. He isn’t going to hammer the main fish until Trump is out of power