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  1. Trump apologizes to Erdogan

    oh, could you point us to where Trump ever has publically acknowledged how they came in and beat the piss out of Americans peacefully executing their constitutional rights? It all jives. Trump is the polar opposite of what the American presidency is about
  2. Trump apologizes to Erdogan

    Nah, Trump just wants to be and admires leaders like him. Part of a consistent pattern with Trump admiring poo heads. Like when he praised the guy for murdering drug dealers. Like his love for Putin. Trump doesn't want to be an American President....he wants to be one of this shithead foreign leaders in style but with American power behind him.
  3. per Erdogan, Trump called him last week to apologize. Sorry Erdogan had to have his goons beat the piss out of Americans. He will look into it. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/351461-erdogan-trump-apologized-to-me-over-turkish-bodyguards-attacking
  4. Meanwhile non-fake billionaires are liquidating college funds to just survive the early stages...oh yeah, and the Trump Ethics office just green lighted unknown lobbyist money for his defense. Drain the swamp...lol. Any Trump who repeats that bullshit line should punch themselves in the nuts. Greatest swamp ever. YUGE!!!! would be the only intellectually honest take.
  5. We don't have a full back. when we did have a full back....he was a glorified RB that sucked at lead blocking Last real fullback Shula had in the NFL was Alsott. He knew how to use him. Shula is and isn't many things. He would probably love a Brad Hoover but never has had a legit FB in Carolina
  6. Jr wants more privacy, huh. I wonder why... if I was a betting man....Jr ain't getting much privacy by the US IC
  7. @guardianrover on twitter is a good follow for when Trump news is coming. He is pretty moderate but nails the timing on Trump events about to unfold.
  8. Mueller comin! I suspect Manafort goes down first.....then Jared. Jared will be the big one. Flynn could be inbetween but Jared will be the poo hitting the fan. Some very accurate Intel guys on twitter are claiming more is coming this week. Manafort indictment?
  9. Gano

    6 for 6 and all kick offs out of the endzone. Kicks either aren't talked about much or hated on. But he has started strong. Part of the reason we are 2-0.
  10. he doesn't compare to Williams (old or young versions). He is 2 games in. Means he has to learn some and so does Shula and company on how to use him. He will be fine. Teams are overplaying him ways a rookie Williams never saw. Bottom line. When Cam gets back to normal and threatens teams more....CMC will explode IMO that ain't a knock on Williams. He was great for a window and good for another....only meh at the end. But CMC doesn't run like him nor do they compare as WRs
  11. Part of it also is teams are almost overplaying CMC. They know Cam ain't 100%. Plus Bills got a decent D. Shula didn't have a great day but all the problems we got ain't on Shula. If Cam hits layup plays today Shula instantly looks better. plus, Shula and the O were facing McD. The matchup was against a guy who knows our O and weakness to a T
  12. per great wisdom...we will combine all future Mueller investigation posts here. There will be many...
  13. Just trying to stir it up
  14. that would be much more efficient. I will consider it. But I can make no promises. Despite the great Mueller title the topic also really is a Paris Agreement one too. Another soon to be flip flop.
  15. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when the dots get connected on social media, Kushner, Cambridge and Russia...it is going to bad news for Team Trump. Word this week is Mueller is all up in it. AND......now Trump reportedly isn't backing out leaving the Paris Agreement. LMFAO!!! Of course his press sec just tweets his position has not changed and that it was never set in stone he was definitely withdrawing.... LOL. Trump isn't literally doing a 180 on all his supporters. I know, I know...but CRA why are you bashing Trump for being normal now? Well...because he isn't. He is doing a mad scramble to now try to play every side of the fence and literally now take BOTH SIDES on issues. He agrees with everyone. Everyone should like him. He takes every side simultaneously. Why? Because poo bout to get real and Trump knows it. Mad scramble for friends in DC begins