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  1. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    Maybe you could explain what these globalist fundamentalist ideologies are... The word has lost all meaning largely because Trump reinvented it. It is just a slur. If you had to pick a US “business man” that represents globalism...Trump would be a perfect representation. and some of the biggest moves as POTUS have been to empower the elite who cash in the most on globalization...like himself. Trump rollled into Davos deeper than any POTUS in history...how anti-globalist of him lol.
  2. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    What does it matter? It matters if you are pretending a fake account is the real one and merging what they two say as a reflection of one person. Talking about being an independent isn’t a positive Trump statement. What is Kanye doing? Besides marketing himself and trying to get rich folks to meet with him?
  3. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    Chance disagrees.
  4. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    Real Chance or fake Chance?
  5. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    lol at the fake Chance account being pimped as real.
  6. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    Trumpers be like....fugging celebs need to shut there stupid ass mouths. Then finally a celeb bigger than Chachi doesn’t poo on Trump and Trumpers be like....dude knows his poo. Y’all should listen!! Kanye crazy as fug. As Ben Shapiro just warned....live by the Kanye....die by the Kanye. Kanye just marketing. Simple and plain. He always begging for meeting with the Uber rich to “hear” him. He went on a Trump long twitter diarrhea after this Trump praising once again mentioning the rich dudes he would like to talk to.
  7. also a civil lawsuit and I believe in a civil court the judge/jury is allowed to take into account why someone would be choosing to plead the 5th. But I get it. Cohen has much bigger problems than Stormy. No point ever talking really. I mean he has spent decades being essentially a mob lawyer....talking now ain’t gonna help
  8. bust is a bad word... to date he hasn’t been worth the pick and that isn’t really Butler’s fault. Can say the same for Shaq. And I am a huge Shaq fan too.
  9. Cohen’s attoney has advised he will plead the and of course as the Giant Cheeto says... "If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?"
  10. Will be a long chapter in US History. Trump will obviously get a lot of the attention.... but what guys like Pruitt and others are doing will end up taking years and years and years to fix. Little Iraq wars that will haunt Admins for years....and Americans. Impact of guys like Pruitt won’t really show for some time
  11. Does Trump Admin vet anyone?

    Dr Ronny with a squeaky clean resume had a tough road ahead of him. Can’t claim impossible because Trump has gotten enough comically unqualified people approved for jobs. He given chance to deny the claims today....he opted to say he looked forward to addressing them. Which probably means he knows there is a paper trail. IG report is probably just the start of this blowing up
  12. Does Trump Admin vet anyone?

    IG report recommended Dr Ronny be removed in 2012. I mean that just works out perfect for Trump to go right into his repeat standup routine. So now he will just rant about how this is Obama's fault. Not his fault he doesn't vet people and put thought into things. Obama should of prevented him from doing stupid things.
  13. Does Trump Admin vet anyone?

    everything Trump touches dies Trump just likely ended this dudes career with his retard nomination with no thought outside of the fact he liked his physician was willing to go in front of America, BS and sell the POTUS' health. Hopefully he is out of office before America feels the full effect of his touch of death.
  14. we know the answer. No. The entire world is basically being run by whatever random thought pops into Trump's head and goes on twitter. Then a mad scramble to deal with it and sell it as awesome. We all know Dr. Ronny. The personal physician who deemed the McDonald's eating, Diet Coke drinking, what is excercise? Trump in great shape. Hell he even grew an inch taller suddenly at 70. Well apparently his nomination has stalled because now Congress has to do basic vetting work that the Trump Admin should of done. In reality, the consequences of all these many many many bad hires will be felt down the road. The real impact of incompetent hires comes later. Apparently Dr Ronny likes to drink excessive and is an a hole to people......which sounds like a great hire to run the 2nd largest government org despite no actual applicable experience.
  15. Good news

    majority of Americans and gun owners want change and sensible gun reform. Only tantrum going down....is a small minority of NRA type snowflakes. Truth hurts. But keep projecting. Or making youtube videos blowing up coolers. The tiny NRA crowd is literally documenting their tantrum all over the web right now.