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  1. Let's play pick two running backs

    Fozzy and CAP. people hate on Fozzy but he has shown more big play potential than anyone of the others. So the proof is in the pudding. Most dangerous RB we have on a check down pass to date. not sold on CAP. Camp/preseason I'd be fine someone jumping him
  2. that 2011 team lead held the lead in almost every game in the 2nd half. No way that team had a ceiling of 9 wins. that was the season of basically anti-Riverboat. Ron, at that time, had no clue what do to with a lead. 2016 Ron could coach that team to double digit wins IMO. We took care of teams just fine in the first half of games consistently all season...2nd half we disappeared on both sides. That was coaching. When you consistently do what we was Ron and part of this growth. You give most people the option to keep Ron or Gettlemen right now? I think it is a debate....and IMO it shouldn't be.
  3. Ron clearly has grown as a coach. Which makes perfect sense. Those slight changes IMO are the reason we win. Ron's 6 win and 7 win teams pre Gettlemen easily wouldn't of been losing seasons with Riverboat playcalls. So yeah....I don't think you can credit Gettlemen with the natural progression of Ron (which Ron always commented on from day 1 that he would have to learn and grow like Cam)
  4. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Well he hasn't stopped talking. He only says Hodor....which I'm sure will mean something of importance IMO. Maybe Hodor isn't a dumb as assumed. Maybe he knows something. Could be a vow not to speak and Hodor is the clue
  5. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    What I am most curious about is Jon Snow won't be Jon Snow of old when he returns. So what "pet cemetery" type change will be have endured. Doesn't necessarily mean it will be for the worst but the death has to result in a different version of him.
  6. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Haven't really thought of that but maybe... only reason I say no is Theon/Reek IMO is doomed as well.
  7. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    mad? I would say you are the first one I have heard voice it. There is no way they couldn't bring him back. His character makes the story lines go at this point.
  8. I think Ron is a better coach than Fox. I think Dave also gets too much credit and Rivera's growth is the biggest reason we are winning. I still maintain if Riverboat Ron made Riverboat calls early Dave wouldn't even be here because he would have won his first two seasons
  9. People keep claiming our DTs got tired as a defense of this pick. only thing that stood out was despite elite DT our DE did virtually nothing for huge chunks of the season. The DEs were the issue
  10. This ain't don't move arguably the best DT in 2016 to DE because you drafted a DT. You want KK on the field for every meaningful snap we play. Sure he needs some breaks but getting him on the sideline or moving him is the opposite of what you want to do with that caliber of player
  11. Also, if Riverboat Ron existed when Hurney was here....Gettlemen may not even be here. people are quick to give Gettlemen all the love. He has done a fine job but Ron making some simple changes has made us a winning team. Fully believe Riverboat calls would have given him winning seasons his first couple years
  12. Actually, Hurney still owns the best 3 yr window IMO. 2003-2005 > 2013-2015 slightly. People didn't question Hurney enough when he did dumb stuff either at first....people forget Hurney at one point had Gettlemen hype too.
  13. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Jon Snow is about to go on an ass kicking spree. Would be a lot cooler if he comes back and is Jon Stark going forward Ramsay getting it. White Walker leader getting it. Everyone about to get an ass whipping via the bastard. Then he going to ride off into the sunset with the Mother of Dragons when it is all said and done
  14. DE and OT got lucky too often last year as they both showed to be glaring issues in many games.
  15. Insert 7th Rounder here

    Really hope it is a CB