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  1. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Why do so many people want a 2 down one dimensional RB?
  2. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    I'll be real, part of me wants McKensie Alexender. He doesn't have height but dude can ball. Im pretty sure he isn't on their radar. Dude has that attitude I like....said it before Norman was also nice because you need some attitude. I like my D to have some swag/annoyance to it in a few spots
  3. lol....teams who "may" try to move up. talk about a bogus article. Let's name random teams at the top and random teams at the bottom and suggest they want to be where the other is
  4. Official Carolina Huddle Reaction Pic

    I am ready for Derrick Henry and I am also ready for a good pick
  5. cute vs. hot. 2 totally different vibes. Hot doesn't beat cute every time.
  6. animals and people are two things that a lot of tattoo artist can't do and yet ruin people's bodies with their versions of them. Hers is good. Which IMO is a little rare these days.
  7. your lady has got a pretty sweet lion tat
  8. Your final predictions (#30)

    Lot of people of late have had mocks breakdown down where he goes round 2. He is one of those guys people will go get on round 2 and move up. One of many guys I am think DG could move in round 2 to go get if it goes down....
  9. Your final predictions (#30)

    Oh, my real prediction...if they draft Henry? people annoyed with my "don't extend Williams and Stewart because that isn't how you build "rants or my "Williams is old and not really that good anymore, cut that dude" rants....will REALLY REALLY get annoyed with my "the Gettlemen/Henry pick probably will be traced back years from now as the initial move that snowballed our franchise and sent us down a spiral of suck which eventually causes our team becoming the London Panthers" rants just kidding. I wouldn't do that. Actually, you know I'm not kidding.
  10. Gamble played at a high level longer than Josh Josh's 2015 season was better than any Gamble had....and is still going
  11. There are an absurd number of college athletes who likely don't cook.... college kids in general don't cook much...and his dad is a chef
  12. Your final predictions (#30)

    Impossible to predict with all the action ahead of us. Could be DE, DT, CB or WR My big prediction is for the 2nd year in a row Dave makes a move and moves up in 2nd round for a guy.
  13. We need legit speed at WR. Not just bandaids or speed with bad hands that can only do certain things...
  14. yeah, I could see a DT and that likely will tick off some people too.
  15. well, we just lost a SB IMO b/c we haven't valued it enough IMO. We were in the Super Bowl asking a Ram's practice squad investment to go one on one with Von Miller. Gettlemen watches a lot of film....the right side had been struggling on and off all year.