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  1. He is old and has attitude.  Those aren't guys teams generally want unless their services are in need for a quick rental 
  2. Saints Fans and a Delorean

    I love the....they haven't beat teams with winning records.  Um, we are 11-0....we dictate that to a fair degree. if our opponents had beat us....only 4 of the 11 opponents would have losing records.   5 would have winning records and 2 at .500
  3. If AZ is healthy at WR come postseason time they will be a handful. Can't just sign a guy the week prior and think he will be a huge help.  Peanut IMO will struggle to stay healthy for 9 more games....
  4. is he really much different than Norman? Or 89? He wore a Titan uniform and he wasn't as a good of a player as those two....but his nonsense is the same 
  5. At CB but Teddy is our best gunner.  Those ST jobs are very underrated and Ron finally acknowledged how just inserting random guys into ST instead of real special teammers is costly 
  6. He probably is much easier to stomach when he plays on your team. I mean look at Smitty and Norman....he really isn't more annoying than them.  But those were our guys  
  7. Shaq is here to keep our LB corp crazy good b/c our FO values it.  He will ultimately be Davis' replacement and allow us to continue the trend of great LB play.
  8. I think Luke's missed games will hurt him this year for that award.  I'm not saying it should, just that I think it he already has a DPOY on his shelf. also, I think the media darling JJ Watt will be considered strongly.  Don't think he should but he gets so much crazy pointless hype and love.  I think Norman should be the leading candidate.  I think teams avoiding him and the drop off in stats as a result could hurt him.  These awards aren't always legit.  I also think the fact he plays on a great D hurts him and Luke both.  But it it should go to Norman if the award was given out today.  Most impressive run to date
  9. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    Even at 11-0 we are a small market team. Networks play to the masses 
  10. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    1. Stewart and Cam's best running by far is up the middle.  So I the master plan to contain the outside seems a little funny.   2.  This entire win streak everyone says double Olsen and game over.  Olsen plays every snap on a running team....that is why that formula doesn't work.    You can't from the snap plan on doubling a blocker.  LOL.   That is the rub. The Olsen game plan only works if we get so far behind we have to abandon our offense completely.   3.  as far as NE goes....a healthy Edlemen and they are tough.  That would be the matchup we would struggle most with IMO.  
  11. Skip Bayless

    He is a HUGE Cowboy fan.  He isn't trying to be objective when discussing it. same with The Golden Calf of Bristol.  The Golden Calf of Bristol could walk on to the Browns and he would pick them to beat most teams   
  12. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Cowboy fans need to realize a couple things.... We ain't the Phins, the Eagles or Giants.... so you need to bring more than this Romo is 3-0 hype to the table in terms of why you will win.    
  13. Meh...Kony will log the most snaps out of the 3 IMO.  He isn't starting CJ and Allen b/c he thinks they will outplay Kony right now.   Allen pretty much has admitted he is cool being a rotational guy so Ron is just doing him and CJ a solid by giving them the title of starter.  
  14. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    He gets hurt a lot.  Dude ain't soft though.   He has played when he shouldn't have
  15. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    I very much dislike the Cowboys. Romo?  Romo is actually hard to dislike.  Romo has a good story and wasn't a golden boy given a gig.   Romo also shares some of that Cam magic.   He allows plays to occur that simply don't happen when other QBs are in the game.