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  1. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    Kelce been breaking it down for a while.  He might could challenge Tolbert.   Imagine if Cam spent all game yelling at refs and teammates like Brady did last night and lost.  Every outlet would be running a story on Cam's behavior and what it "meant" and the "impact". Issue is simply Cam doesn't  fit in the box the modern media claims a QB should.  So they attack what is different.   They want different to fail.  Tolbert and Kelce aren't "different".  They fit the molds assigned to what we are told TEs/RBs can do.  So no one cares about them.      
  2. PLEASE NOTE. McD said he would start off at NCB McD didn't say he was starting  McD didn't even say he would play 1 snap Sunday. McD said everything would just be handled day to day with him
  3. You don't throw a 31 yr old out there for a full NFL game who hasn't put on pads since last season.   It ain't Madden.    He will probably get 10ish situational reps at nickel.  That's it.  They have to work him slowly into football shape and their scheme.   10 snaps could be pushing it.  
  4. 49ers Alex Boone rips the NFL officials

    NFL officiating shouldn't be a part time gig on the weekends.   It is an easy fix.   Make NFL officiating an actual job...where that is why people actually do for a living.   What they devote all their time to.
  5. I don't see how you can give him significant playing time. He is an older player that hasn't had any contact or game time in a LONG time.  That will just get him hurt.  They got to ease him into this or it is a wasted move IMO. 
  6. when is the last time he played a football game? I would imagine he is far from suiting up and being a starter in anything other than name and will be on a snap count.
  7. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    the greatest player in our franchise history is one of the biggest trash talker and instigators of the last decade. Carolina has an issue w/ off the field guys.  Clearly we don't have an issue with jerks on the field. 
  8. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    learning our verbage really is the main thing.  Once he learns our verbiage of things and our audible calls....he is good to go 
  9. He has been injured.  Only reason he struggled to produce was b/c of the reps being given to 34. 
  10. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Good signing.  Vet, savy and can play. to my knowledge he has never caused issues with his teams.  He basically annoys opponents with his poo.....which we have always embraced when it is one of our own.   I think he actually likely is slightly more controlled with that nonsense than Norman currently is.
  11. Arizona is the 2nd best team in the NFC.  Easily. Seattle, GB, etc.....they can battle it out for rights for 3rd best.  Legion of What lol.
  12. Walking Dead Season 6

    That was the most boring mid season finale.  Too much of long setup to build to a "cliffhanger(s).    They should of given us a little more.  Definitely wish that would have been an hr and a half instead of the Morgan episode.  Also, screw AMC with this making us watch the Badlands to get the goods.  That show sucks.  Quit that crap.  Also, Talking needs to be after Walking.   We get what you are doing.  Badlands blows though.
  13. Is Kalil 100%?

    I did find it odd that we seemed to regress back to the days of Cam's panic clapping and barely getting snaps off.   It was odd considering what we have been doing. as far as his health, we are 11 games in and he has missed time with injury.  Once someone misses a game with an injury I think it takes a long time for them to really be 100%.  NFL is just too brutal to recover given what is asked of you.   Another thing I noticed is it seems Kalil has been caught for more holding penalties than are the norm for him....that makes me think maybe that ankle is hurting as he has to resort to more holding to try to make up for getting beat   
  14. He is old and has attitude.  Those aren't guys teams generally want unless their services are in need for a quick rental