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  1. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    Yep. to me, Jerry seemed to be in the camp supporting the owner who had always put the league first and whose project promoted traditional football and that experience for the fans. 
  2. I know that....but you argue he didn't have a clear view of why the ball was coming at him.  The illegal bat can't be disputed.  I think you can argue why he didn't call that one. FG was the most blatant joke.     
  3. Scooping and batting a ball downfield to aid a recovery is a penalty.  Now could the ref see it? Probably happened though.  Can't say it didn't happen.  Von scooped and flung it toward the Panther end zone....hence the ball flying at the ref. So did contact to the head on the first one.    Cam won't get that call.  Peyton might. 
  4. I'm not of favor of extending guys on the decline.    Time to move on got to get new bodies on the field.  Just b/c a guy can still play doesn't make it always the right business move to find a way to keep him
  5. Cam got us here... I'm not going to nitpick a HD slow mo replay of a play and bash him for what he should of done.  Things are happening quick.  What he has done with his body and the sacrifices he is willing to make....he has earned that.  Bottom line. I don't think the issue with Cam is a sportsmanship issue  Yeah, he sucks at losing but he man's up to the people he is suppose to man up to.  Media has reached insane levels.  Eventually, players will have to start pushing back at the absurdity.  I think we are seeing that some now. 
  6. Hell, even Skip Bayless doesn't think any of the post game Cam stuff is that big of a deal. 
  7. Cam going to go full Marshawn Lynch mode soon. Media is a joke.  I loved how the other day Stephen A. Smith said, he had no idea Peyton Manning once walked off the field on the Super Bowl as the clocked ticked down.  People didn't overact to Manning b/c Manning will at least play the bs media game which is all they want.
  8. Dameshek defends Cam

    Issue is media tries to take a sound byte and spin it as black and white. Newton didn't mean that people who put on a fake faces for the media are losers.  Cam is just saying he doesn't need to put but on the fake face for media.   He doesn't like to lose.  Being a phony at a presser simply isn't what he does.  He eats, breathes and bleeds football.  Not everyone in the NFL does....some are check caishers that would simply like to win and not lose.  Losing isn't devastating to them.  Good sportsmanship also isn't doing everything the media wants of a player.  They have taken it to extremes....and really there needs to be more Lynches and Newtons that try to hold the media accountable.  Lynch didn't talk because he got sick of what current media is about.  People should be sick of it.  Not one major outlet has shown Cam addressing Peyton and no one really cares when guys like Peyton haven't done the same.   Peyton will play the media "game" though. 
  9. Broncos IMO were a good bet with the points even if you expected a Panther win.  Allowed for the standard 1, 3, or 4 point Carolina which are the standard win spreads in closer games.
  10. More like the 127 INTs where QBs fakes to slowly chase it or the 167 strips where the QB awkward looks down and shuffles and might flop down on the ground after it is clearly recovered. Heck, I could make just an Eli and Peyton highlight reel of it i think based on where Cam planted his foot and where the ball was just a natural reaction to kick out try to play the potential bounce.....which he then did.   Cam is the most physical QB in NFL history....the too scared angle is comical.
  11. It would take hardly any effort to put a highlight reel of QBs not getting in the mix
  12. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    Cancer sucks.  They tend to do a great job with prostate cancers if they catch it early.  My dad whipped it's ass.   Hopefully Blank does as well
  13. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    Entire offense was blocking for him because he opted to to stay alive. in football you neve can predict how things unfold.  Which is why people finish runs/routes. my only issue with Ginn is that is why you look to upgrade and not stay content with what he is.  Maybe you can't upgrade, maybe you can.  There are a lot of potential quick return guys you can look at in a draft.   We didn't lose bc of Ginn but we lost be we have too many Ginn types all over the offense.   
  14. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    How many people had an angle on him when he made that big play vs AZ?  Pretty  sure half the team had an angle.  Even old slow Cotchery finishes runs  
  15. That is why Vegas wins.  B/c so many don't understand what they think they do.   no offense to thebigcat.  I don't understand it either.  This post could be wrong too and I wouldn't know.