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  1. Exactly. Apply this sentiment to simply watching us play on Sundays...you don't need to break anything down just watch the game and see how bad it is.
  2. Why do you need 'facts' and numbers to back up Shula sucks comments? The fug. Watch the games and it's obvious no need to record everything and present it on here good lord. Saca posted numbers but who cares, how were those numbers not already obvious watching the games? I mean really P55 99% of posters see Shula sucks why do you need more? You think they're all wrong and must be something else because they don't have stats? Just being dumb I mean my god.
  3. You missed the point. It's about effort not drafting a franchise LT. It does not take a franchise LT to upgrade Kalil or Bell or Remmers or that DT we moved to LT (lol) forgot his name. You'll never find an answer if you don't look, are comfortable and don't take chances.
  4. I once dated this girl, well... never mind.
  5. Bingo. Gross' replacement has yet to be drafted lol. I am completely fine with Kalil not working out at LT in fact I'm impressed. They panthers there took a chance, something they never do and that's what this franchise needs instead of this stagnant mediocre status quo VS. That said, it's the only effort they've put in the position for a long time and it is way over do and even worse we have a qb worth protecting for years to come. Turner was effort. Kalil was effort. the style of our qb and identity of the offense requires more attention to the online.
  6. Shula unrest

    THAT'S THE POINT. With all that in mind why in god's name are you calling for plays that take forever to develop and completely ignore all the facts you just posted? Shula needs to adjust due to the reasons you just listed and instead he's acting like we are firing on all cylinders.
  7. Shula needs to fuging adjust once in his life already no Olsen, Kalil in and out, Cams surgery, no Oline, NO long developing plays. Is it me or does it feel like Shula is just being lazy and refusing to change despite desperate signs telling him he needs to do so? Short passes taking what the defense gives you was the theme of the 2015 Panthers. I feel it had to do more with Cam making much better decisions but Shula needs to help him out. Clearly the Panthers don't give two shits about the oline so they need to adjust their play calling to match that sentiment.
  8. Biggest issues are Cam not getting rid of it and Shula calling dumb plays. Oline is an issue but I feel like when this is the case the QB needs to check down. 4 seconds is a lot of time, and olines aren't perfect every play and it's up to the QB to see that and get rid of it. Not excusing the OLINE, but we have what we have and Shula as well as Cam need to see that and adjust. We simply needs plays designed more friendly to less time in the pocket and Cam to take what the defense gives him. We need a LT but they don't grow on trees.
  9. Gano

    Lol Easy to achieve, we don't even attempt 40+ yard fgs this team knows what they have, no one in their right mind would want Gano kicking a 45 yarder to win the game under pressure...that's an issue watching other teams they don't hesitate going for 45-50 yarders
  10. Friend lost 70 pounds from weird diet

    Never said it was magic, but it's not unhealthy. Also, it is the ONLY fat I listed in that diet. And fat is required in any good diet. peanut butter, oils, avocados are a good way to meet a fat requirement. If you eat fish, skip the oil/peanut butter as that has your fat in it. Not everyone is going to eat an raw avocado every day or fish, a simple tablespoon of peanut butter or better almond butter or your oil you mention is a fine way to get in your macro nutrients. I am also a weightlifter, thus the Calorie intake is much higher for my needs. I also mentioned in my post, exercising and hour a day. That post is very basic, for the uninformed user...it took minutes to type. A absolutely perfect diet is not one I care to discuss and it could go back and forth all day depending on a million variables. Saturated fat is not Trans fat and doesn't' need to be avoided at all costs, that is a myth.
  11. Friend lost 70 pounds from weird diet

    Also want to add be careful with different coconut oils, they are NOT all the same and some do contain unhealthy ingredients. Research before you buy.
  12. Friend lost 70 pounds from weird diet

    It's the KIND of saturated fat. (poly, mono etc.) There are different kinds. The kinds in Coconut oil and Peanut butter are very healthy. The kinds in say processed foods, or hamburger are NOT. However like peanut butter, there is still a lot of calories and fat in them and so they must be eaten in small amounts. Even too much healthy fat will make you gain weight with too much. I will not argue with Avacado oil though, great alternative.
  13. Friend lost 70 pounds from weird diet

    See, the reason your friend got fat was because he was lazy, he wasn't health conscious. That is WHY he was fat. He hasn't changed that. The foods he ate and habit were are result of being LAZY/NOT CARING which then casued him to be fat. Now he is relying on his laziness and not caring to make him skinny. What he is doing is STILL dangerously unhealthy, and STILL lazy. Thus he is doomed to either die or be fat forever. He needs to CORRECT his laziness, not his habits, one comes before the other. He needs to CORRECT the issue, not the side effects of the issue.
  14. Well, what do you guys think? I am waiting for the X, all I care about is the nice new screen.