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  1. Lumps added a post in a topic Players, Role Models, Fathers   

    as a childless pimp...
    well done
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  2. Lumps added a post in a topic Kelvin Shines in Camp Debut that you?
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  3. Lumps added a post in a topic I'm boned (In need of Dental advice)   

    all laughs cause you're Canadian
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  4. Lumps added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    fuging idiots.
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  5. Lumps added a post in a topic Brady's suspension upheld   

    What will all you butthurt panther fans bitch about now?
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  6. Lumps added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    I hate all the spices and salt poo people put in their food. I love things natural and bland. Chipotle is a great, cheap, and healthy way to get some carbs before going ham in the gym if you know how to order.
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  7. Lumps added a post in a topic PTSD is a motherfuger   

    Problems still might occur later. It's best not to be hard headed and get after it early. Another song you might like is Background by Third Eye Blind. Excellent song, check it out. Also PTSD is a problem for many other people besides just soldiers for many reasons. You're not alone.
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  8. Lumps added a post in a topic PTSD is a motherfuger   

    That's my favorite song by TOOL; 46&2. Has nothing to do with mental illness but if you can relate good for you. You should seek help.
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  9. Lumps added a post in a topic Coach on Robert Griffin III: 'There's no coming back. He is done'   

    Lol the huddle says stats don't mean anything when it benefits them but then all of a sudden they're pointed out. RG has some good skills, very accurate passing. He didn't have much help either. Had he not been injured I believe he would actually be one of the best up and coming QBs, o the media and analyst got it right. You can't say they're were all wrong because of an unforeseen injury lol how dumb. More butthurt cam defenders. Yawn.
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  10. Lumps added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    Meh, it's actually a great place to work. Just because I can't drink on the job doesn't mean it's a terrible place to work. I get to do a ton of things other jobs would never allow. I agree with the firing for alcohol on the job. It's not about what affects you and what doesn't. No corporation should have to contemplate that or figure it out. It's about not having to know the employees well enough to find out if they have a drinking problem, or possibly having come across wrong to an important person or customer who doesn't need to be told 'you smell beer but don't worry, it was just one beer', or like someone mentioned mixing it with on and so forth. It's all about perception, and I agree with it.
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  11. Lumps added a post in a topic Just called in to NFL radio on Sirius   

    It's not that I hate Smitty. I enjoyed watching him for his skill. As far as his drama and theatrics, I really couldn't care less, it doesn't interest me. That said, now that he isn't a Panther...I feel indifferent towards him. I honestly don't understand how you guys watch football caring about characters and drama and bullshit. It's just a sport and the skill of the player is really the only thing that matters outside extremes. I feel like I couldn't watch and enjoy the sport if I actually gave two shits about the drama. Kind of like actors.
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  12. Lumps added a post in a topic Baby Daddy Cam   

    Don't give a fug what cam does as long as he brings us a trophy.
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  13. Lumps added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    I work it a pretty uptight professional work place; young professionals. If I came back from lunch smelling like a beer I'd be fired on the spot.
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  14. Lumps added a post in a topic I think another shark attack just happened...   

    People are still getting in the water? fuging stupid, poor kids with dumb parents
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  15. Lumps added a post in a topic OUCH. This stat hurts!   

    This franchise was run like poo for a while. Some of that is fixed...and JR finally hired people to hire people. I think as long as he doesn't meddle or delay things, which he probably will, things will get better.
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