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  1. Lumps added a post in a topic Subway Jared house searched for child porn   

    The situation isn't funny either, you sound like a dumbass. Nothing is funny about it, it's just sad. If it was personal it wouldn't be funny would it? But because it's not, for you, it's funny and should be to everyone is doesn't personally effect. There are very few topics I don't thin humor belongs in. Genocide, rape, child isn't THAT hard to separate humor from your moral compass unless you have issues. You guys know it's wrong but I get it, it's the Internet and it's ok you want to fit in it, no need to be uptight when talking about child porn and there is absolutely not harm in that...yea...makes a ton of sense.
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  2. Lumps added a post in a topic Incubus/Deftones @ PNC August 9, 2015   

    fug yea I'm going. Deftones is on my bucket list. I've seen incubus multiple times and each time they've been god awful.
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  3. Lumps added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin is Fat...   

    Car choice is more disappointing
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  4. Lumps added a post in a topic Which Would You Rather?   

    I've been all over the stadium for many years. Club has a better view, the lowers are only good if the action is right in front of you. I'd take a low row 500 level around midfield than most lower levels. That said club seats are perfect and the seats are much roomier.
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  5. Lumps added a post in a topic Finally got my tints!   

    You must be hot as fug wearing a beanie in the summer
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  6. Lumps added a post in a topic is there anything tackier than nfl jersey t-shirts?   

    Tackier than that guy at the Mexican restaurant who shoves deluxe burritos with extra sour cream down his throat?
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  7. Lumps added a post in a topic Most and Least injured teams over the past two years   

    Long time Panther fans love excuses IME.
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  8. Lumps added a post in a topic Choosing between two women   

    Dump them both. Trust me.
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