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  1. All we need now is for cam to learn how to get rid of the ball when no one is open.
  2. Whether And yes I am and I did.
  3. Dear god yes please...I never understood why a song that has nothing to do with the state or team was the stadium song. And a god awful song at that. The older, drunk nc native, redneck folk seem to love it though. Loved JR too
  4. Lumps

    Torrey Smith shows leadership

    Huge difference in your hand being forced for whatever reason, lack of FAs, injuries or even a lack of coaching ability for certain players. In that regard Rivera does not. He is known to prefer the vet, ‘it’s his job to lose’ vs. taking a gamble. Rivera is convservative when it comes to personnel, plenty of examples of that and it’s well know to be his style.
  5. lol the butthurt in this thread. KB did very well, better than any offensive player on out team. KB needed a change of scenery to be successful. so what? give him props and let it go. its preseason, and ONE game at that. you guys act like Cam is your childhood BFF or something.
  6. don’t understand the question...the season hasn’t started yet
  7. Yea, me like. Not too bad. Solid #3/4 on this team looks like.
  8. Meh, think they’re both little drama queens and TBH Cam looks bad pushing it so hard in his video. Why even fug with it? He’s on a different team now, suit up, beat em and shut up. Unneeded drama and attention. Not needed. Beat him with actions, nothing else is needed.
  9. if he was going to rest, yes, being out back on the field? Ehhhh, been through that worth Cams shoulder.
  10. I agree that the Saints game, Cam did awesome. But I'm not a Cam apologist.... The game before that, in Atlanta to end the season and a game that could've secured a bye in the playoffs Cam was god awful. Like beyond terrible. And the team was playing great. I was there. Again, I'm sure I get poo for this but Cam needs to be more accurate and more consistent. Sometimes when the Panther do poorly it's on Cam. The saints game - it wasn't. This problem is there whether you want to see it or not. This isn't 'hater' or 'me and cam vs the world'. Simply an observation from a fan who existed pre Cam.
  11. This is what scares me about Hurney. It’s time to move on. It’s past due...it’s been time. TD is the type of player that will have to be told when enough is enough and it’s time to move on. No reason to drag this out.
  12. Lumps

    Luke Kuechly's memory

    Damn I hope Luke’s health and luck allow him to play at least into his mid-30s but sadly I don’t think that will be the case.
  13. TD and RKalil should have been done. This was a good year to do it...if we kept Norwell. Would have been nice to keep Norman too. Tis’ not the Panther/Hurney way though. We’ll drag this out and cling on, reward then for being fan favorites. God forbid our team look to the future or hurt casual fans’ feelings. But maybe Tepper is just letting this year play out and the Panthers shift their main goal to winning.
  14. I don’t see an issue what KB is saying, he’s not wrong, but I do see an issue saying it. All young WRs want to go to a Brady or Rodgers, someone who’s going to place the ball easily into their hands. It’s no secret Newton has accuracy issues and during KBs time here he would have to adjust quite a bit to make a great catch on a ball lobbed into the or into dangerous coverage. But that’s just how it goes. That’s his style, like Favres. Every WR would probably rather have Rodgers but stop being a little bitch and realize winning is much more important that gettin perfect throws your way making your job easy to the point anyone can do it. This team never needed KB...at all and went to the SB without him. I don’t understand how that fact does not humble someone supposedly a #1 receiver. And to add to that, Shula never used any weapon appropriately or called plays helping Cam. I get it, he didn’t want to work harder than he should. That’s KBs style. No reason to bring it up now after the fact and be a little bitch. As far as DW STILL salty about his mom doesn’t make any sense why would your boss or co workers go to your moms funeral. He is the whiniest bitch this team has ever had.
  15. holy poo I’m about to sue all of you for wasting my time