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  1. Lolz why even fire him in the first place god JR is such a dumb fug
  2. Why is everyone so high on Moton? not saying he can’t come in and be effective but seems more like a hope than a sure bet as he really doesn’t have any experience to go off of. Some people on here even want him at LT...did I miss something?
  3. Norwell & Star

    Can't blame him. He's from the west and for young people, and a majority of people in general moving from west to east is a huge downgrade. To the south is another downgrade. (don't get mad just because you live here guys, it's true). Not to mention an unstable team and ownership. On and off seasons as far as winning... No reason to stay if you can have more elsewhere, more money is just the cherry.
  4. No judge in the right mind would grant him custody and rightfully so. Some people, a majority males, who may be great parents don't get to see their children due to trivial things like money, I see no reason why attempted murder would not be a valid reason. That said, it should be up to the son whether he wants to have any contact with his father. If not, he should easily be able to get a lifelong protection order against the father given the circumstances.
  5. If winning seasons is the reason for the increases should seasons like 2010 decrease the price? ’tremendous experience at BOA’...you mean the SAME experience for over a decade.
  6. Players come and go. Player fanboys band wagoners come and go. Coaches come and go. Owners...come and finally go. The Panthers remain. True fans are fans of the Panthers and no doubt about it a large portion of the current fan base and huddle will be gone as soon as Cam is. But they’re kinda like temporary casual fans anyways. It would be a stupid thing to do but if it happens, it is what it is. It’ll clean up the fan base at least. There’s nothing you can do so why worry? If you find yourself losing interest in the Panthers do to a stupid owner or a player leaving...I’m not sure you should consider yourself a fan.
  7. the hell are you talking about...who?
  8. Depression

    Stop Partying. Stop drinking. Keep lifting. 1. Exercise 2. Eat healthy. 3. Go to sleep and wake up the same time every day and get 8-9 hours of sleep. Side details are being around the right people and changing your mindset which will come easy with the above. There is a reason Europe is light years ahead of the US in treating mental disorders. Americans do no like blame and responsibility and thus American Psychiatrists focus on environment, instantly prescribing medications and genetics. Europeans focus on life choices like diet, activities and exercise...THEN they look briefly at things like genetics and medications. Life choices > medication. Everything isn't fixed with a pill. Remember, everyone goes through tough times it is a part of life.
  9. Cut everyone but Coleman and sign Norwell.
  10. How is it Panthers seem to have high in demand people a la McD, Beane...yet also people like Shula, Hurney who will never qualify to do what they do for any other team. Just seems the wrong people get promoted while others only get promoted when they move teams.
  11. Best "tight window" QBs.

    That’s three decent weapons. Olsen was injured but if your best target goes down on any NFL team, you’re going to struggle. That’s the game and the way it is. If Cam is elite, he will make it work. I am not saying we don’t need a WR, we most certainly do but I don’t see us needing some big ego’ed 1500 yard receiver like so many other people on this forum think. We need role players. A speedy guy. A clutch vet receiver. This isn’t some theory...this was 2015. What was also 2015 was consistent QB play. Cam took what was given to him. Every game, every time he played at a level where the Panthers have a chance to win. His passing stats won’t show it, but The main thing Cam did in 2015 is simply not make mistakes. On a consistent basis. Mistakes and taking what you’re given have little to nothing to do with the weapons you have, Brady proves this time and time again in games his weapons are injured or ply like poo. Add this to some role players and consistency at WR plus a stout defense and we win.
  12. Depends. Water weight? Fat? Muscle? I think it takes most rookies a couple off seasons to reach a peak in the right kind of weight. There are always the freaks though that need little conditioning...like Beason.
  13. CMC will undoubtably come back stronger after an offseason in the NFL. Stronger does NOT necessarily always mean heavier, especially when talking athletics. People must remember this. Muscle mass means heavier (and stronger) though and may benefit him. 220 of muscle is pushing it, probably better at 210-215 and even that will probably take two solid off seasons since CMC is already in top shape IF that is what the Panthers want to do with him. Which brings me to my main point. As I said CMC will be stronger, period. Bigger though, like RB bigger is doable but it all depends on what the Panthers want to do with him. If they’re going to pass to him more than handoff in the backfield, which is what I hope they do, 210-215 would be good. But if they want to somehow transform him into someone getting the ball primarily in the backfield he’ll probably want to be on the heavier side of 215. It all depends on what the Panthers plan to do with him, which is still hard to tell but I have a feeling Norv knows. Regardless of mass CMC will be stronger, noticeably, you can bet on that.
  14. Best "tight window" QBs.

    Why is it whenever other QBs carry their team they’re leading them for victory but for Cam it’s him bailing us out and putting the team on his a back? Isn’t that what a franchise qb is suppose to do? Make tight windowed throws? Why does an elite QB need soooooo many weapons? Either you believe Cam is in the Bree/Brady/Rodgers tier or he isn’t...but he can’t be if the above keeps getting mentioned. Cam can take some blame too. This year to me felt like every other game it was the receivers then Cam (cam lost the last falcons almost by himself, yet played perfect for the wild card game). What this team really needs is consistency from the receivers AND QB.
  15. I always thought the statue was ugly and pretentious. Now with JR being investigated and most likely some nasty details emerge, will the statue be removed? If there is a new stadium do you think they’ll have anything resembling JR?