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  1. Lumps

    Tepper approved

    Man, mentioning the want and need for a new owner just a couple years ago would’ve got you blasted on this forum. Hell even last year. It’s insane how quickly the huddle flips.
  2. Gaining players who’ve never played for the panthers make the secondary better but losing the best Gaurd in the league’s effect on the oline is yet to be seen? I can’t see it any other way than the oline got worse, especially run blocking. This worries me as it already wasn’t great. The secondary, I believe is slightly better but the safety issue is still a huge need.
  3. Lumps

    Burberry Bradberry

    You’ve got to stop with the dumb homer threads making our fan base look ignorant and dumb as hell. Please. It’s embarrassing.
  4. Lumps

    Dear city of Charlotte

    (It’s the off-season so figured locals would be interested) In case you’ve been in the dark, ever since unnecessary violent riots a few years ago police officers in Charlotte are dwindling...and fast. To the point it’s getting bad...real bad. As stated in the letter it may come to a point like seen in Detroit or Chicago. I see it everyday first hand and it scares me how less safe the city is, but as someone on the inside I can see what others can’t, and the fact others (the public) don’t realize or are unaware (because we try and keep it that way) just how bad it’s gotten, and going to get, is even scarier. Please read (wasn’t written by me): https://media.fox46charlotte.com/media.fox46charlotte.com/document_dev/2018/05/14/A City Without Cops.docx_5505964_ver1.0.pdf Please thank and think of police officers when you get the chance. Please don’t be quick to judge or generalize them as much as that’s hard to do with the media. At the very least please be safe and more cautious in your everyday life. I can tell you Charlotte is becoming worse and it’s because it was such a nice unsuspecting city...that has been noticed by criminals and they’re taking advantage. Sincerely.
  5. Your wife’s cousin has nothing to do with hundreds of thousands of Americans who put their life on th line across America for a little more than minimum wage as you bitch about taxes, other than sharing their occupation, how hard is that to understand? You guys take one one bad cop and make a judgment but then turn around and say don’t take one person’s race and make a judgment. It’s dumb.
  6. It’s a two way street. Think a little harder on it, man. Self fulfilling prophecy on both ends.
  7. Had happened to me as well. I’m white. German, actually since race means color. It happens, cops are in an indescribably hostile climate constantly. First hand experience.
  8. Been saying it forever this is such a fun time to be a Panthers fan with all the new poo about to happen. JR hasn’t had a new idea since Down With The Sickness by Disturbed came out in 1999.
  9. Lumps

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Thank you for selling the team JR.
  10. Lumps

    Mike Rucker

    I agree with you but seems you’re a pretty poor judge of skinny vs. sickly. My guess is you’re a hard gainer yourself and take offense to comments you get. Try building some muscle and/or eat more. There is such thing as too skinny for your frame - to the point you look weird/sick/drug user. People in those states who get really ill (cancer) have a higher risk of dying (wasting away) and struggle immensely with treatment just as obese do. Skinny does not in any way, shape or form mean healthy. THAT is something society has twisted. It isn’t the weight, it’s the bone exposure, the isolated places of loose skin/fat, the lack is muscle definition all out of proportion. Being an ex NFL player who was probably on a regimen and supplementing as well as lifting could be th reason. Gross kind of has the same look. I think the abuse these guys put their bodies through means they’re extra conscious now to repair or ward off damage caused.
  11. Lumps

    Bill Voth: Taylor Moton Speaks

    Norwell, the highest paid guard in the league who sat behind Rivera’s boner named Amini until an injury forced him in....only after trying out bell, chandler etc. ughh some desperate help needs to be had coaching and evaluating this o line. I think there’s a big issue there, not just talent.
  12. It’s weird to me how much people care about these things. Even with JR, posters slobbed all over his ‘character’, look how that turns out, should prove you don’t know a man by statements or media bullshit. Unless you’re personally close with him you won’t really know anything. How does his beliefs make any fan like or hate him if he wins and is a good owner? That said who cares. As a fan all that matters is winning. It’s a product. It’s like going into a grocery store caring what the managers morals and values are to determine if you’ll buy groceries there. Or eating a chef’s food but not deciding if you like it until you think you know their character. If an actor makes a good movie I’ll watch it and enjoy it as a product. dgaf about their politics beliefs or latest TMZ scandal. It’s weird. We’re fans. Let’s see some success and good football, wins leading to the SB and enjoy it.
  13. I think he will move fast paced and Panther fans will start to realize just how toxic JR was to this franchise with the way he let things drag on and on and times pass him by. Gameday at the stadiums will not be the same for decades at a time...I think it's weird to see so few JR lovers on this forum now. Better days are ahead for this team, and it's fans that's a fact and long overdue.
  14. CMC is not a in between tackles runner despite whatever gif filled long ass post from saca emerges. The panther know that about brought in CJ. CMC can be called on to run between the tackles but everyone besides saca and dumb posters on this forum know cmcs potential lies in the slot and scat back type play calling. How will CJ work? Pretty simple, tough yards and great blocking and cmc will be used how he should be. It actually surprises me the coaching staff set this up to work how it should be. I’m very excited and optimistic about the run game this year.