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  1. so madden isn't accurate? interesting
  2. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    This can’t be the huddlers tell me he is hated and discriminated against at every opportunity and must prove haters and doubters wrong...it’s us a Cam vs. the world. Also it was not the weapons that made the Panthers better, they helped, but it was mostly changing up the scheme.
  3. What about the best defense in the league? KB Olsen and Smitty left off the the list... Look you guys constatley want weapons for Cam then want to turn around and compare to Brees, Brady and Rodgers. Those are tier 1 qbs who do better without number 1s because they’re elite, they spread it around with ease. On the other hand QBs like Ryan need a Jones, game manager likes Smith need those weapons and true number 1s like megaton or aj green. Those are tier 2 qbs. Make up your minds...the fact Cam has the best defense in the league is a HUGE weapon. If he is tier one he simply does not need weapons like that. There was an entire year that proved it, 2015. All Cam needs is a serviceable Oline. He is talented enough to do the rest but appearently you guys think he’s a tier 2 qb. Once again Cam needs an oline and a scheme/coaching that embraces his talents. Seriously how many weapons do you need when your defense only gives 10-14 points a game and if they give up 21 they’re having a bad game. What would Brees and Brady do with a defense like that? How much does an elite, tier 1 qb have to do with a defense like that?
  4. Work place drug test question

    While on the clock, but there is no way to distinguish that with any form of drug testing. I also believe companies can hire and fire whoever they want, so at some point they’re going to have to rely on their ability to hire an individual rather than laws like drug testing to ‘guide’ them in finding an appropriate candidate. But you have to remember a person is associated with the company 24-7 so the company may lose clients if they employee decides to smoke crack and do something stupid or get busted by the police. Or for the simple fact the company has to rehire people, be down employees etc. even though none of this would be ‘on the clock’. These are liabilities even ones that aren’t obvious on the clock, while working ones. Should the company eat these costs? Or should they demand to test employees for their drug usage? I believe companies should be able to do whatever the hell they want...don’t work for them if you don’t like it. For the record I think traditional drug testing (urine, saliva) is a joke. The most harmful drugs on this planet stay in your system the shortest amount of time. Quitting crack for three days is not more important than hiring a stoner. Also many important jobs don’t drug screen altogether. I feel I have a right to know if my doctor had a 3 year addiction to coke. Implementation of drug screening and employment while very necessary, has never been done correctly, it’s a joke.
  5. Work place drug test question

    No your friend does not have legal grounds to avoid a drug test lol But the company paying them DOES have legal grounds to know whether they’re employing someone using illegal drugs, and rightfully so. Drug usage is a liability any way you look at it whether you agree with it or not.
  6. Cam has had plenty of weapons. Two 1,000 yard targets and a 1,000 yard back...2015 his weapons were good enough for the Super Bowl. Cam has been given the greatest weapon n of all that QBs like Brees and Brady never had, an elite defense. Can you imagine Brady with an elite defense. Or this QB with that or this or blah blah blah. Not every QB has a complete team and the elite ones don’t need it to win. The only things Cam has not been given is a oline over the years. If you want to call Cam elite he is going to elevate players like Brady and Brees and make them look like weapons but in reality this forum blows up dumb poo about Cam and no weapons. Oline a sub par coaching/scheme are the issues with Cam.
  7. Big Ben

    I don’t mind the dilly dilly and don’t see the marketing side...I’ve heard guys say it who would never buy bud light. I’ve said it and wouldn’t touch bud light. It was an enjoyable commercial but doesn’t mean bud light isn’t water piss. The product will always mean more than the appealing advertising millions of examples.
  8. I don’t like it. I like the 4-3 with a little 3-4 mixed in. Peppers is good anywhere but like him in the 4-3. Hall and Butler will have to be replaced in these designs. TD soon as well, as his speed is declining...though at a slow pace. Maybe it’s just me...I know there are more 3-4 defenses in the league and it’s seemingly better in passing situations and college guys coming out better suit it but I just like the 4-3 looks and when it’s dominant, it’s just amazing. I like feeling more dominating by power than speed and I think the Panthers do well with it. But that’s me obviously whatever a coach and players excel at is what’s best.
  9. Which is what Shula should have been doing for the past 2 years (at least, and before 2015) knowing our OLINE was complete garbage. As a dual threat QB Cam does not need a 'deep threat' to the extent that people make it out to be.
  10. I really don’t like the feeling of ‘easy’ games then we get blown out.
  11. Vague Worley tweet

    Trade him to the Bills for some kettle salt/vinegar chips
  12. Vent thread

    I feel this is needed, at least for me. What’s irking you lately? No one wants to hear or smell your ass chomp down a bag of popcorn when getting your car done at a dealership. It’s bad enough we have to sit here and wait and even possibly listen to your annoying ass offspring. No one wants to hear it in a theatre either. I’m ok with a snack but why in the fuging hell are you bring in a 32 ounce with a hot dog and nachos and bag of popcorn. That’s not dinner that’s a fuging health death sentence. Have dinner THEN see a movie or go to a sports game like damn. Why are people so unaware when they’re chomping down or chucking down some nasty ass food, no one wants to see that poo it’s like a baby bird eating puke you looking fuging disgusting especially if you can hardly breathe doing it because you haven’t gone further than 10 yards in the past 10 years clearly displayed by your obese diabetic ass...christ.
  13. The only reason Rivera took Norman out of the doghouse was, as usual, his back was against the wall. When Rivera took Norman out the secondary crumbled, even with Norman’s initial mistakes gone. That was the worst I have ever seen a secondary crumble to crap in all my time watching. Rivera had no choice but to unleash Norman. Think it was almost a seasons worth of games later but soon as Norman came back, boom, the secondary excelled. If Rivera even had an average option at hand I’d bet my litfe Norman would have never played, knowing Rivera. Again I like Rivera but Norman reflected his coaching weaknesses. I don’t think this secondary would suffer even slightly with Worley out. Granted Norman was much older and mature than Worley is, and it’s not that I expect Worley to be great or bust but if there is zero drop off when you’re taken out of the game, you don’t deserve to start, period, no way to justify that. He needs to work harder and or longer.
  14. DG in retrospect

    Who thought he was a draft god? The draft doesn’t work like that, those stats are worthless. The best GMs in the league don’t draft ‘starters’, they draft, find, trade and choose players who fit what they’re trying to do in the scheme and can be utilized best and give contracts according to that and according to their worth and value based on that. NE for example, notice not ever player who contributed to that team then leaves is great somewhere else. Also, once again, Gettleman’s success here was in the WAY he did things. The players he found and gave limited prove yourself contracts to. Something Hurney rarely if EVER did. Gettle had a mentality when it came to players, a business mentality, a production mentality. That is what the Panthers needed. Long time fans should clearly see and know this. This type of mentality is needed and lacking in this organization when it comes to winning. I am not even a DG lover and didn’t really care he got canned. My issue is the business side of him, the prove it attitude is what this family friendly business needed...we would never be in cap hell with him. His hiring, and the fact JR hired scouts to find a GM that would mesh well with our FO it terms of finding the middle ground between business and family was the first step in the right direction, see 2015. This is the type of GM JR needs but doesn’t want whether it’s DG or not. The next GM HAS to appease JR no matter what. The firing of DG, the rehiring Hurney to find the next GM, and completely disregarding professionals JR himself hired to find a new GM was proof beyond reasonable doubt of anything suggesting the contrary....and that should be a huge issue to any fan wanting to win. It is the definition, to the ‘T’, of a meddling owner. So before bashing any fan that had an appreciation for DG try and think outside the box of the draft...there is so much more to it, to a GM, than that.