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  1. Anyone had a pet diagnosed with osteosarcoma?

    Put him down. Make sure they put him to sleep first, THEN give the lethal shot. It's a two step process.   I've worked with dogs my whole life, it'll be hard but it's the right thing to do. Might I suggest and in-home euthanasia, to make sure he is as comfortable as possible.
  2. The 12s just won't let it go...

    and Alice in Chains....   AIC>Nirvana   oh and Fraiser... Fraiser sucks.
  3. Ron Rivera's Neighbors Decorate His Lawn

    i let my dog decorate my neighbor's lawn
  4. Wait... what?

    Actually...that's pretty accurate. I'd say at least half of our fan base is post Cam. At least. Just the way it is.
  5. Breathtaking.

    and opposing fans think panther fans are just a bunch of fat diabetic rednecks...
  6. The Super Bowl and Mr. Richardson

    Let's win it for the fans that sat through the bullshit and cared about winning, even when JR did not. Let's not win it for businessmen who are here for money and business first but for the fans of the team, fans of success and fans of winning whom have stuck by the Panthers through thick and thin. The fans before 2016, before Cam, before 2003. Most importantly let's win it for the people, not one man, who really brought the Panthers here and created the demand to make it possible, the tax payers and people of Charlotte, to the PSL owners that are are hard working locals who paid money that meant more to them than a billionaire's to bring this city a team to cheer for.
  7. i'll take a butthurt with extra butthurt and a side of butthurt plz
  8. I love the panthers so much I come here and deal with huddlers on the daily.   I can start listing names...
  9. Cam's Dab Is Going Global

    I think they're both incredibly stupid.     and no, I'm not old.  
  10. Cam Newton

    *searches for Carmen Diaz porn*               well, this thread isn't a total waste.
  11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    You're creepy.
  12. Ok, these headphones are nice.

    It's not because it's a certain brand it's because it's a fad, not a real product hence the rediculous price but more importantly the competition having a much better product. But people see it everywhere on stars and with fancy style and who gives a fug about quality, as long as they look cool and are 'in'.   Some people just don't grow out of that phase...   Lol @ beats being nice headphones.
  13. Referencing winning seasons, in our 20 year existence, comparing to other teams' last 20 years, we are in the bottom 33% W/L ratio and were VERY comparable to teams like the Jags, and the Browns one of the few teams run worse, but no team is worse than the Browns. This franchise has been run like poo/mediocre until recently. A lot of the people who sound like that are fans from the beginning. These newer fans who hopped on board with Newton, don't really know any better.   To further reference your post if we are looking at winning seasons in the past decade, we have 3? (05,08,13) and all except 2005 were one and done in the playoffs even though every time we had home field advantage. Last year would make 4 if you want to count a 7-9 record, but still went no where besides beating a third string QB, barley. If we start at 2006, we are looking at only 2 winning seasons. None of this taking this year into account obviously.   That is mediocre at best, unless we compare ourselves to the Browns...which in itself is kind of sad. I am sure I'll be blasted for being the negative Nancy here but I am excited for where the Panthers are going and will enjoy the fruit so much more because I won't forget where they come from.  
  14. Shooting at Northlake

    Yea, Northlake mall has a bad wrap, I am thankful it's not in my zone. I can only hope there aren't any bullshit politics that are going to screw this off duty officer over.