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  1. Lumps added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    4-0 vs. poo
    I'll be the drunk negative nancy here, the realist, anti-fan whatever you guys want but let's put this into perspective.
    Saints without Brees (their only player left)
     None of those teams are even close to playoff caliber teams. I don't understand why everyone is so ecstatic. Is this what we've been reduced to? Hoorahing over beating up on arguable the 4 worst teams in the NFL? That's sad, and someone has to point it out. I mean look at these teams we are playing...they're garbage. 
    If we come back from the bye and beat the Hawks, I'm all in but as of now we have yet to prove we're a legit team. It is what it is.
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  2. Lumps added a post in a topic Norman Flashback   

    this might inspire a Norman to WR PanthersUnited thread
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  3. Lumps added a post in a topic Welp, so much for that underdog role we love..   

    The Bucs are underdogs against 31 teams...
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  4. Lumps added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    Hate the fact we haven't played a legit team yet (with a real QB) hard to tell what we have and will be until we face the Hawks week 6.
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  5. Lumps added a post in a topic The Road to .500   

    Really man? Look at the link I posted on the first page. Looks better on PC/Desktop version.
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  6. Lumps added a post in a topic The Road to .500
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  7. Lumps added a post in a topic Anyone have a home gym?   

    Meh, sure it's more convenient. Don't get me wrong I fuging hate walking into the gym at 5pm and it being slammed, driving after a hard leg day, work day, whatever etc.
    But unless you have a lot of money and a ton of space, a membership is the only thing that's going to build real muscle or offer a real workout. Sure those things are good supplemental workout but first of all I feel I'd lose muscle due to thinking it's equal to a real gym ad 'good enough'. Secondly, it's all about time...45 mins in a real gym is more beneficial than any amount of time on a bench and a few dumbbells.
    Lastly, I don't believe in cable like machines. I've done them for years before and honestly, plates are just so much better, but I suppose it's all about your goals.
    My home gym is maintenance/auxiliary things that I do when I am bored  or after a workout but never replaces my gym time. So I have dumbbells, incline/decline bench, dip/pull up bar, curl bar, ab wheel.
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  8. Lumps added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    your age is showing, you clearly don't know the Panthers and obviously play far too much Madden.

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  9. Lumps added a post in a topic Huddle tailgate   

    I will be there for the first time, though I'm not sure I'll admit to being a huddler. I....'got lost'...
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  10. Lumps added a post in a topic We used to Be the Jags...   

    Comparatively speaking, the Panthers and Jags are more alike to one another than any other team in the NFL. I laugh when I see jokes about the Jags because they're basically our twin brother historically with the Panthers having slightly more success. Sure it appears we have a brighter future but it just shows the power of the homer goggles and naivety of Panther fans.
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  11. Lumps added a post in a topic Son of a...   

    Try windex 
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  12. Lumps added a post in a topic The Panther gear selection at Dicks is   

    cheap AND high quality?
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  13. Lumps added a post in a topic DeAngelo   

    I love the huddles' excuse for literally every player that does even somewhat decent somewhere else.
    Could it be that the Panthers coaching and personal maybe did not use players properly, or maybe there wasn't enough talent/right players around them here to do much.
    seriously....every player that leaves and does somewhat well. There is a trend, we aren't like other teams who have the personal to coach almost anyone. Sure there are other factors, and I'm not saying it wasn't the players time to go but this organization can share the blame, there's a trend lately.
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  14. Lumps added a post in a topic Reasons we are a no brainer playoff team..   

    PU thread?
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  15. Lumps added a post in a topic Does anyone have the gut feeling that we should throw a BBQ/Cookout for Police Officers?   

    Yea har har, we're pigs, not your friends....
    yea until you need someone that makes 40k to risk their life to save your kid, assist, or step into a poo storm and get absolutely nothing for it. Yes, then they're your  best friend in the world.Not one of you understands the stress of the job, yet so quick to judge. There is no greater stressful job that isn't the military on the homeland, evident by suicide and health issue stats.
    Every job has corrupt, worthless individuals boo hoo that's the way the world works stop being a baby and over-dramatizing what the media is feeding you and blowing things up to make all cops look bad. Most of them have hours and hours of all kinds of service aside from their jobs and none of you know what goes on behind the scenes because the new won't show it and your friends who bitches about getting a ticket or 'falsely arrested' won't talk about it andd you're too stupid, lazy and close minded to find out for yourself.
    Kudos for the OP, I for one appreciate the gesture, but as you can see the hate is unreal, and gets worse day by day.
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