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  1. As long as he consults No tv on whether we should go for it on 4th down when it is in place that could be a difference maker I think that in itself will be a big difference maker.
  2. Cornerback Boards

    Has Davis been in for a visit? He is a good corner.
  3. Outside of A rod, Wilson who else is unpredictable ..mobile and are the hardest to defend especially if they have a great arm..so this is not a surprise.
  4. Glad this is just an opinion! But WHAT?
  5. Norv at Maryland pro day

    I hope we land him
  6. What game did you watch..he hasn' had enough touches to even say that.. do you even know what a powerback is used for?
  7. He didn't show anything against Auburn as well. He is overrated. He hasn't been good since his Rookie yr I think he got injured and has not been the same since.
  8. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    Well to each his own, but I will pray for his soul if he does not believe in the trinity and anyone else who does not. It is not my place to judge. I just hope everyone gets it right by that time including myself.
  9. To be honest a lot of people say Worley was bad but from the games I say Worley was the only one him and Adams making plays. Beadberry just slow in reacting to the ball. He can be right there and just waits for the guy to catch the ball never attempts to intercept or deflect the ball. He plays like Rivera coaches"Scared"...Worley played better but because he had a personality he drew attention more to his bad play.
  10. I hope we do not draft Chubb he is not good.
  11. Ok better than Byrd but that does not mean he is not ready to be a starter..only issue is can he stay healthy.. that' y u are asleep. I.agree he is better but that does not mean Byrd is not ready to start. Health.is his issue.
  12. What how many drops dod Byrd have? The only one that had separation die to good route running. You were asleep last season
  13. Ebron has our offer

    Catching Cams missiles should help improve all our wr hands for other teams
  14. It' like this every year too many holes to fill. 8yrs and haven' filled a fricking whole yet! What a waste ! You guys mocked the Saints and in 1 draft they fixed majority of their issues. Where we having been struggling to fill the same wholes for 8
  15. The 2 over 50 how about increasing that number? So is this more a Rivera gripe than Graham?.i have one for him as well. Easy field goals should be made unless there is a bad snap. That' what you are being paid to do it' not like you are playing the whole game. The few times you are called upon should be money.You are missing the point the ones he has missed in the past 3yrs have been in crucial games and moments here lately. That is why many wanted to move on from him. He is average and I cross my fingers everytime or leave the room when he attemts a field goal. He is not money in my mind just average.