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  1. Darvinsun

    DB depth is looking scary

    Its almost as if we dont get draft picks. Slow everything. Im so tired of looking at the back of #41. We get killed in every game by #41 trailing the wrs.
  2. At this point im not caring about the game and i think thats why he shoved him instead of hitting him. I dont care about the yards bc guess what the game still went on. WE lost period and even if it was a deciding factor I am glad to see that someone showed their distaste for that hit. The team should have responded better than they did and pulled out the win but they have become soft like i been saying we need some grit out there period.
  3. At this point who cares about a game weare talkingabout a persons livelyhood. He saw Cam and continued to lead with his head. Torrey reacted like he should have at this point who cares about the GAME u have nothing at risk from your living room unless its money or pride.. They have much more out there than we do. You guys kill me talking about the measly 15yds or the game in which we still scored td and lost anyway! Smith became more likable to me than in any other moment period.
  4. This was good of Smith. I know it cost us yards but it should have given the offense and defense an electric spark. To the offense I think it did, but the defense it rolled over for Cam. At this point refs would not call holdin on Atlunless they had to. This game Cam had to defeat the odds cause they were not going to let our defense get to Ryan. Rigged and stacked against Cam as usual . He almost pulled it off still.
  5. Capt Munn. Is a big weakness slow and has no size.
  6. He led with his helmet. I dont see that he could not stop but altered his head. I think it was dirty. He was sliding I know he saw that.
  7. Darvinsun

    Dj Moore $ Curtis Samuels..

    I want more Moore, Samuels, and Byrd. I have said all along that Rivera does not know who to activate and actually play them. If you see wr reoeatedly not getting open, dropping balls change something up stop beating a dead horse.
  8. Darvinsun

    More run plays?

    I agree with this statement 100%. I said the same thing with Cap and Byrd. It takes practice to get use to the way a person hands the ball off and the velocity of throws especially with Cam cause he is very strong, not your average Qb. CJ and Torrey hardly played preseason and had vet days off. If u are new to the team there should not be any vet days off. They should work just as hard as rookies Practice makes perfect.
  9. Darvinsun

    More run plays?

    I thoughtythe 2rb set in the 1st qtr was working well a d then no CJ . It just strictly became tbe CMC show running and receiving. When we needed that first down on opening drive and we went with CMC and to settle for 3pts it was a wtf moment cause I was thinking CJ and CMC both in the game plus Armah. They would not have known who to cover. We would have had a TD instead of a FG. I think Norv may have tooo many weapons and just like Shula does not know when and how to use them. Its sad we should be killing teams with our run game, but they are so bent on Cam passing that they are ignoring the obvious.
  10. There is no game plan we play the same against everyone. No adjustments to what type of offense the opponents run or their personel its the same coverage 10yds back off wr and guys standing around like a deer caught in headlights when the wr sits right in the middleof all of them which is usually 4 panthers. None of which have a fadt enough reaction time or speed to intercept , or knock the pass down. And then Atl had one TE that looked like he should have been a lineman and they couldnt even stop him. He was slow.
  11. He said it with Cap and Byrd.
  12. Djackson on that run played it the way he should have that was just a nice cutback for Coleman there should have been more players their bc he forced him back inside where help should have been instead he had to be the one to hawk him from behind and make an incredible play on the ball just wished it did not go out of bounds. We couldnt recover any fumbles. There was many holding calls and I think that phantom pass interference call on djackson was the turning point from that point on we started sucking big time.
  13. Say what he was left trailing the wr in every play seems like. Saw nothing good from him as usual getting abused.
  14. Yes he is wasting their talent and effort. He is getting by off of thoose players talent. Davis and Short are good too. Olsen and preconcusion trai were good. I have said it before we should have moved on from Shula and Ron a long time ago. Its hard bc everyone else sees who should be playing in games in moments but him. He is just not getting it done period.
  15. To me we do not have a good defense we shine on defense when we play meh or some average joe team. Luke is wearing down trying to compensate for inept players. Guys that are younger and should be quicker are not doing their share of work.we do not have enough playmakers on defense to help Luke out Davis is getting slow. Peppers wearing down. We have 1 fast CB who is a rookie. Bradberry is no playmaker. Backend is just slow and just reacts to the opponents 4 men surrounding a wr and no one takes any risk to intercept the ball just standing around. I miss norman bc he played the ball most of the time and not the wrs.