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  1. 3rd and 21...

    Yea no receiver is trust worthy except Olsen. Kb is not consistent enough nor is Funchess. Without Olsen the defense just does not respect us. Its just that simple..Shula and Ron have no plans worth a damn on offense..Should have went no huddle instead of killing the playclock walking all slow up to the line. Shula wants to control everything but knows nothing ..We should have went no huddle the entire second half until gae was secured by us...After the since of no urgency right after the half. When the team came back out they should have had some pep in their step...That whole game they played like they had the lead.. Need a coach that has and shows emotions. Stoic Ron and stone face shula.
  2. Is Ron Rivera a good head coach?

    No not a good HC. Too stubborn to change. Poor decisions. Talent evaluations on who to play is poor..Good guy but not his true calling.
  3. I think bryant would be good for the team, but our coaching staff is Wack. We not going anywhere this year and this would be the right time since no one really is dominat. Such a waste.
  4. Leadership, and lack thereof

    From what I see kahil, Cam, and Olsen are the leaders on the offensive side of the ball. But the leaders are all wounded. Someone else needs to have a voice and step up. It should be Wr1 benji if he wants to be #1 or stew if he wants to be #1 rb....neither of the 2 are outspoken..Stew ran the ball better but has reduce playing time..I like Christian but he is a scat back. I would rather watch CAP ..whats the point in retaining him if he neva plays rb. U bring CMC in and he cannot break 1 tackle yet he is running between the tackles. Some else needs to command respect. This team is laughable on the offensive side of the ball..and that is all Ron and Shula fault.
  5. It is 4th and 2 ...

    This game should get Shula fired if it was on another team ..just God awful and Rivera has no clue
  6. Yes cause right now we have no one demanding the ball. No one. We need someone with grit and i believe he will push the other receivers to have heart.
  7. Has Rivera Quit on the Team

    Cam fought last Thursday and hurt his shoulder..he fought yesterday and hurt his foot...the peoblem with this team is there is no one else with any fire except Cam on offense...there is no grit..Olsen is the next person with grit on this team and he is out. Cam maybe tired but he still tries. No receiver is demanding the ball no rb is demanding, no lineman saying run behind me. Cam is the only one that is trying to make things happen.Sometimes it works sometimes may end up a turnover. CMC needs to get stronger ..At first i didn't see it but yesterday was right there when he tried to get more yards they just pushed him down..Don't know why CAP has not been given a shot he was the best Rb during preseason..You need someone that has something to prove attitude, a little chippiness to lite a fire in the offense and keep Cam motivated the offense is lifeless.
  8. Rivera has no business being a hc.You dont know which leg of KBs is hurt. Come on now either you dont care or you are just lying either way is pitiful ..play calls dont matter execution does..what in the hell are you saying ..do coaches get tested for drugs as well!
  9. Ginn was not worth top money..to say that Ginn ismissed maybe but we have yet to see what we have bc of bone headed shula and Ron..Ron knows nothing about offense and the same with Shula..he is a guy that is constantly living in the shadow of his father.. He is trying to be something he is not .
  10. Its hard to have energy when you have to run the ball, throw the ball constantly over 16attempts long and hard, and also constantly getting knocked to the ground..Cam is no spring chicken all three have an affect on him. Someone else on the offense side has to step the f*** up. We need someonw else on offense to have a motor and some grit about themselves that is why i miss steve smith.
  11. I think he was tired and didn't put enough zip on the ballsnd not far out enough...trying to make a play, but this game was over after the 4th and 2 play.
  12. Trying to make plays while hurt is one and trying to make uo for poor execution by olayers and coaches. 2015 team got points off of turnovers and field position leaving offense for more room for errors. This team can not make any errors bc the OC and Rivera are stuck in the 80s.Eating up the click and nothing to show for it. Cam really tries hard to be superman but even superman joined the justice league.
  13. Players execution? like I said earlier..2 turnovers by the defense in the first half and defense gave plenty of 3 and outs and we still couldnt score.. no since of urgency in the offense everybody is slow. Cam is probably trying to gather himself from all the running and hits. No excuse for when he gets to the line and claps his hand rapidly for the ball to come out. After the drive for the 1st half ended i knew we had lost.KB wanting to show biat instead of heading to the line. No urgency we pkayed right into the bears hand. All those yards and no points.Ron and Shula need to be gone or let Cam pkay for another twam tired of looking at them waist his energy. I have yet to see what was special about CMC and Samuels oart bc of retarded OC and part maybe they just aren't that good. Shula play calling and play designs are foolish.
  14. Still would not have gotten 2 yds.
  15. Somebody please grab it..we need 2 yards and you go draw with 8 in box they knew that was coming.