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  1. Darvinsun

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Gee you love the panthers bc its your hometown or for whatever reason but everyone roots for a team for a reason. Could be a player, coyld be colors, could be coach. It could be anything! No need to set a barn fire just bc someone said they were leaving etc if xyz happened! I like the panthers but was a New Orleans fan 1st . I like the panthers but loved new orleans mainly for the colors and their defense. Then Cam came and i always like Steve smith so I jumped ship! I get it u are a fan forever dont sht on the rest of us! LOL.
  2. Darvinsun

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    What talent? We have old Torrey Smith which hasn'tbeen a number 1 or 2 in yrs. A rookie that played against supbar defenses in college, not saying he is not good but unproven, 3rd down specialist in the guy from minnie, the rest are unproven byrd and the other rookie from Ohio state both flashed but have to stay healthy. Funchess has to stay healthy. Oh and Cmc is the only one that played consistently. Everyone acts as if he has antonio brown, JULIO, and Hopkins for wrs. The offense is in revamp mode how in the hell during the 1st yr can he be on a hot seat. If matt ryan wasnt on one then neither should Cam. Garbage!
  3. Darvinsun

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Maybe the service was poor. Dont know the whole story, but there is no reason to post this. Some people will leave nothing. Some people feel they are already getting paid so tipping is a bonus. Not everyone tips but their is no reason to roast a person for not tipping more at least he gave something. People spend their money on what they want to. By the way I do tip but only tip good if service is good.
  4. Amen at the end of the day Cam Newton is a man with a personality, spirit and a soul. He was Cam before the Nfl before panthers QB. Cursing on instagram where can the man have privacy to be Cam no where. People are so quick to judge. Did anyone actually think he didn't curse.
  5. Darvinsun

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    What? GEEZ!
  6. Darvinsun

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Yea its all over the web today. I guess Cam got some explaining to do. I dislike the media. I did not see anything wrong kid is a teenager not a 8yr old. Trash talk is trash talk at that age plus its a game kid wanted to be a big boy so Cam treated him like one. I hate the media is spinning this but what else is new when it comes to CAM.
  7. Darvinsun

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    It has already started SB Nation
  8. Lebron is a great player.He complains alot to be as dominant as he is which players like Shaq who may have got fouled didnt complain as much. Its unfair but he is not the only one that gets fouled. Someone says he trys to act like he didnt foul someone when he knows he did this is true. For someone who is the best player on the court he complains alot which isnt a great flaw to have wrong or right just play. No supporting cast thats his fault as many pointed he picked those players. I cant give him a pass on that. To say your hand was broke as an excuse is not a good look bc you still would have lost. Basketball is a team game and at the end of the day you can only carry your team in spurts if he would concentrate on playing and let the GM do his job. and let coaches do tbeir job he would win more games. You cant pick your teammates and then just say the other team have great players i have no one when u literally picked your teammates. He is the best in the NBA right now but the comparison to Jordan needs to stop because its a different era. I prefer Jordan. Team sport u need at least 1 other lerson to help out when ur not on the court. He had that when he won his championships. However that last one was a fluke I believe Warriors gave him one and said go sit down!
  9. Darvinsun

    Top 6 WRs

    Not saying that Samuels is not good but Byrd held his ground until injuries hit and Samuels was coming around as well until injuries hit. I say keep them all and give Cam more options on the field for a change. Both I believe are capable while learning from Smith and Wright next yr they will probably be gone.
  10. Darvinsun

    Top 6 WRs

    I hope we just give Byrd a legit opportunity. If he is outperformed by the other WR so beit. I injuries happen and hopefully he is done with those. We need to keep 6 bc of the versatility it will give us. Something we have never had since CAM era.
  11. Darvinsun

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    If Byrd does not make the team it will definitely be a loss. When given opportunities he has did well and so far it looks like he is continuing to trend upward by making clutch plays when we need him to. He doesn't have to have 1000 yards to be an important piece in our WR group! He is our Edelman in the making!
  12. Yes the flag is the nation the people make up the nation, but tell me this did you take a bullet or die for this country. It is a reoresentation how great the country is and for the people defending it now and in the past. The people who help us maintain those liberties who ever does that which is everyone who lives here. But those who are in the line of fire get special treatment and should even tho i believe most dont go into the military for those reasons but still they are risking their lives in the end! 200 to 500 donation is not that much and can be used for tax purposes.
  13. Its amazing how everyone including the government has this opioid crisis thing all in the forefront. But guess why because it has hit home in their sector. Their wifes, husbands and kids are dying left and right over this. They quickly are doing something about it while people of color have been dying rapidly from police brutality for years and it has and still being swept under the rug. If its not affecting us why should we bother attitude. Not all but enough!
  14. ? Your point? The uproar is the disrespect to the country and its vets who have fought for the country! They can set up a a fund to go to the vets just like they set up funds to go to every other cause we have in the states! Who cares about who owns the flag and anthem! The whole issue people are having are for the family members who have died and lost limbs for this country!
  15. Why don't league just make the players pay a small fine to the veterans if they don't stand. That way they will be helping both issues bc vets need the help the government surely isnt doing enough for disable vets and neither am I. If players choose to sit they pay a small fine which goes to the vets not the NFL . Players shouldnt get mad about the fine if they truly are not disrespecting them on purpose. My thing is standing for the flag is all good, but does it truly help them! I guess its more of an emotional uplift but everyone has family that was in the military do people actually think they are disrespecting their familes. People read too much into stuff and have twisted the meanng of the kneel. Everybody is entilte to their own opinions. Now the league has forced this. Stand and make us look good or u will be punished. Just let them make donations to the vets and still take a knee.