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  1. We need to retain norwell at least I hope only dependable lineman we have afraid for Turner he played bad in the last game. Concussions...
  2. Funchess was in etween 2 defenders one from behind kind of grabbed him but Funchess couldn't even lift his hands to the ball it was at his waist perfect ball. Funhess was trying to get a pass interference call instead of just catching the ball. I believe he was hurt but if that' the case he should have been used as a decoy or not on the field. There were 3 men on Cam 3. And everyone of our lineman were just standing there looking, blocking no one, watching as Cam is slam into the ground.. just pathetic outing..Shulas playcalling and the whole offense was just poo on those last 3 plays.
  3. Beadberry played worse than Worley to me. Saints game the guy he was covering was always open ..playing 5 yes off..never contest the wr.
  4. He played poorly yesterday. The defense as whole except for Worley I think but I say a ot of holding that did not get called.
  5. I agree. I thought it would have been a flag for defenseless player plus he is still in the pocket.. He was down and getting up and the guy came from no where and popped him...dree would have definitely gotten that call.
  6. Fire Shula

    Coaching staff needs to be gone. Defense what defense whole defense sucked balls. Tired of seeing one saint and 4 panthers and no one makes a play on the ball and also getting yards after catch.
  7. Ken Dorsey on the move?

    Maybe Cams mechanics cannot be fixed ...maybe they don' need to be fixed its just who is ..im tired of the mechanics ya ya . He is not perfect. He is not Brady and he is not Aaron. You get off his nut sack... I have accepted that Cam will have some bad throws but he will come back and make a throw that Brady can not even make. You have to take the bad with the good. He is a playmaker. Most of the time..maybe when he gets someone that can catch his watchable balls he will get the mechanics or maybe not..i say not. Shula is part of the problem..his history confirms it or maybe Ron or both. We see Cams flaws we just get tired of the public bashing Cam and on here you the same. Most of the public just bashes Cam and never try to see what he has surrounding him and you are doing the same.
  8. Lord I hope not and I hope new owners force Ron to pick a new of and Qb coach. How can Dorsey coach Cam when he had no success in the game.
  9. The Cam Conundrum

    I hope this doesn't offend you, but are you gay or bisexual sexual?
  10. Injuries are part of the game. We shall see how both handle their bodies next yr. I am not for injury prone players either but thus is just he first yr both playing..We definitely need non fragile strong great hands wr., but I not ready to write both off right now.
  11. The Cam Conundrum

    It was not what he needed. He needs speed and deep that' same as what Steelers have done with big been ..martavis Bryant would be nice. He does not need as many threats but he needs at least one...Over throws are not frequent enough to draft that many big slow bodies.
  12. The Cam Conundrum

    Because we don't have the coaches or front office that believes he needs help. It is the whipping of the whip or they actually believe Superman exist and it exist in Cameron Jerrell Newton.
  13. You haven't seen it because Bryd had no targets and hardly no play time. The catches Bryd has made proves he should be starting. Really hasn't dropped many passes even while in traffic. He passes the eye test and he has that fire the will to achieve. The reluctance on scoring fast has handicap the offense. Who cares as long as touch downs are being made. You take what is given and pray your defense can stop a quick strike. We need better safeties and this would not be a problem.