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  1. It pains me to say this but I do believe Cam's best days are behind him..

    TRUST ME.. I WANT to be so wrong I can feel it in my bones, infact I hope Cam passes for 400 plus yds and 5 TDs just to make me look stupid, oh how I want that.. But just judging by my observations, this is my opinion
  2. "New normal" never have two words had such a resounding impact as they do today. Those were the dreaded words spoken by none other than Ron Rivera today when describing Cam's new practice routine and how it involves very light practice from the once unstoppable QB due to nagging injuries. But besides the injury, just looking and watching Cam during pressers, his on the field play, his game day presence, body language and overall demeanor, he just does not seem to have that same drive and same passion he once had It use to be his leadership, focus, million follar smile and energy would radiate through the TV on Sundays. Now its different, what we see now is a inaccurate, inconsistent passer who looks as miserable and checked out as ever. Believe me when I say I have NEVER wanted to be more wrong, but as sad as it is to say, I truly do believe Cam peaked in 2015 and he has become a shell of his former self.
  3. You know, over the last few years, I was a 100% believer in the saying "a team is as good as their record suggests." But this year I have a change of heart on that mindset. Truth be told, as sad as it is to say, for the first time ever, I think the 2-0 Panthers record doesnt match the actual product we are seeing on Sundays. So back to my original point, and my original title, why are so many of us so demoralized despite being 2-0? I know its become a common theme to bash Hurney but I truly do believe that the firing of Gettleman and the re hiring of Hurney really made our window for a SB very, VERY smaller. This year has a different feel to it, this year really feels as though our window for a Super Bowl is closing rapidly, right before our very eyes. Lets look at the facts.. TD is on his way out, Olsen is definitley aging and now has a broken foot to contend with, our D line is so dominant thanks in part due to a resurgent Julius Peppers who is also on his way out.. Our pro bowl center on a already suspect O line is also nearing the end of his career, our star RB Jonathan Stewart who has been huge for us for years is also not getting any younger. I know all this is scary and quite frankly, thinking about all this really makes me tear up (it really does). So what does Gettleman or Hurney have to do with this?! Well, lets just say, atleast if Gettleman was still running the ship, we would have faith in confidence with his proven track record that he would sign the right players to replace the ones that will leave. With Hurney however, it changes everything. Our future has never been more uncertain than it is now. For those of us mad despite being 2-0, its because we realize this might be our final and only year to win a SB for the forseeable future, but we have a offense showing 0 sense of urgency and frankly a offense that just doesnt seem ready for prime time at all.
  4. Glorified Preseason Games?

    So heres why. 2-0 yes but agaisnt very bad teams, we fail the eye test in a big way, we just look like a poster child team destined for a wild card berth to only go one and done.. I tell you right now, JR fugged up so bad bringing back Hurney that anything less than a SB appearance is unacceptable.. If its a choice of 10-6 and just a wild card berth and go one and done BUT as a result its enough to keep Ron, this coaching staff and Hurney around, then fug that. I would much rather go 2-14 and clean house top bottom and get rid of Hurney and this coaching staff once and for all. After JR did what he did with firing Gman, its SB or bust.. NO EXCEPTIONS
  5. Who can forget the 2015 debacle when Luke freaking Mccown was playing for a hurt Drew Brees and the Saints were 0-2 and he literally had like a 85% completion rate and we literally were on the brink of losing until Norman sealed it with that Odell Becham like interception catch in the end zone. I remember that fugging game like I just watched it a hour ago! I was so mad that game I literally ripped my shirt right down the middle hulkamamia style by half time.. Luke Mccown lit us up like he was a Peyton Manning's and Joe Montana's love child in his prime. Ok, getting mad just typing this so I must stop.
  6. haha, the SB is such a different animal that its pointless to even try to predict who wins, just make it there and go from there
  7. I will for once keep this short and simple. Beat the Patriots and we are a 12-13 win team that will at worst be in the NFCC game and at best make the SB. Lose to the Patriots and we will be a 9 or 10 win team that will be one and done in the playoffs.. It really is that simple.
  8. Watching CMC these last two games, it just hit me today.. We have seen countless Eddleman and Woodhead comparisons but he is NOTHING like either of him.. No, CMC is more like none other than Deangelo Williams.. A RB that has the potential to break one or two highlight reel type plays, but unfortunatley, more often than not, gets stopped for little-no gain or even a loss. Its so obvious that he is so similar to Deangelo that I am frankly surprised noone else has mentioned this up until now, myself included.
  9. 10-6, Wild Card.. Will lose 2nd game of the playoffs. Just enough mediocrity for JR to justify keeping Hurney and Rivera. I have made many season predictions and I am 100% serious that I have never felt as confident as I do know about how this seasob will end. Before the season started I had us at 14-2, I am now downgrading that to 10-6 Saints- Win Patriots- L Lions- L Eagles- L Chicago- W Tampa Bay- L Atlanta- W Miami- W Jets- W Saints- W Vikes- W Packers- L Tampa- W Falcons- L
  10. 2-0 but feeling just as demoralized as I did last season :(

    Watching this game was torture, kind off topic but jesus christ, is it just me or are the commercial breaks even worse this year?! Its AWFUL, especially during a already boring and messy game like this one.
  11. 2-0 but feeling just as demoralized as I did last season :(

    But how am I wrong? Believe me, I do NOT want it to be this way, but we are failing the eye test immensley. CMC is hurting more than helping, im starting to get feelings of D Will with him. Might break a big run or teo but gets stopped more often than not
  12. 2-0 be damned, im pretty sure we are a awful team.. Wait let me rephrase, we are a AWFUL offense. Like this team is so bi polar.. If you just watched Film of our defense alone, you would think we are the 2nd coming of the Patriots.. If you watched just film of our offense, you would think we were the Browns.. Where to begin? CMC is looking early like a bust, AWFUL playcalling by Shula, Cam continues to look like a god one minute and garbage the next. Oh and for god sakes, DO NOT even get me started on the delay of games, use of timeouts and just how slow we are to get plays off, just that facet of our offense alone is so bad it warrants its own thread. If these first two games we won were against legit teams, it would be a completely different story.. If we continue to play like this, we will get DESTROYED by even a half way decent team. So 2-0 Panthers, you ask me today if im buyin or sellin? Sorry, im selling until they look like a legit NFL team, I should feel ecstatic at 2-0 but instead I just feel completely disappointed.
  13. Seriously, I never got this whole "Hey, 49ers got Boluware to pick his brain about us" or " OMG, Sean Mcdermott and Tolbert know us!" And? Seriously what is there to share and find out? Ok so Mcdermot- "Hello Mike (Tolbert) come in and have a seat, tell me all about the Panthers offense!" Mike- "Well they have this TE named Greg Olsen, watch out for him, hes a pro bowl TE. Oh and another thing I bet you didnt know! That QB, goes by the name of Cam Newton, hes a dual threat and runs a lot, watch out! Oh and something else! They drafted this RB by the name of CMC, watch out for him, word is hes versatile as fug!" Lmao, see how stupid this all sounds?! Its all on tape, on film already. The ONLY way I can see intel sharing would be an actual advantage is if we had a brand new coach and coaching staff, and there was no film on us at all, then yes, might be a bit more concerning. But a seasoned team like us with same offense, coach and coaching staff for 5 plus seasons all on tape already?! naaa
  14. But the Saints are so bad, lets be real.. If it comes down to the Saints winning or losing that Pats game for us to sneak into the playoffs, then our season must have been bad anyway. A 0-2 Pats just sounds oh so sexy
  15. Man, this is a tough one. Pats play at New Orleans this week and I truly am torn.. On the one hand the general rule is to always want your division rival to lose BUT, man , seeing the epic meltdown that would erupt from a Pats 0-2 start just seems too good to pass up. You know, screw it.. Saints are terrible, we will handle our business against them, I say let them have the W against the Pats.