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  1. Mandatory Test for Parenthood?

    When I was a kid, a man would tow us in a string of about 8 sleds on a rarely traveled back street. But a roundabout? Those things can be dangerous just for driving a car through, much more for towing kids through.

    That guy gave Cam terrible clues
  3. Vegan rice paper bacon

  4. Vegan rice paper bacon

    Digustipated song by Tool
  5. Vegan rice paper bacon

    I'm eating a liver mush sandwich right now.
  6. Concealed Carry Permit in NC requires a mental background check. However, it only checks to see whether you have been committed or been legally declared mentally incompetent.
  7. Cool move by Asheville Cops

    Thanks for the breath of fresh air, Lady. Sure, we have some really bad cops who give the rest an undeserved bad name. This story has been on the national news several times since you posted.
  8. Mistresses

    There is a thread on mattresses. Yall should combine them and call it "Mistresses and Mattresses"
  9. Kinda like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, et al were traitors to England. Suits me that the Confederacy lost though.
  10. Classic Movies

    2001-A space odyssey. Yes, I'm old. But it holds up. Saw it at theatre when it came out in '68. Lol, back then, they had an intermission half way through the movie
  11. Where is our resident attorney?

  12. Peace out, everyone.

  13. Jump Box

    The higher the better of course, but 600 amps will usually do it.
  14. Relation ship advice kinda?

    I can't wait for the third installment of "The Adventures of Mad King Ludwig"
  15. Democrats Are Pushing For Nancy Pelosi To Get Out

    Well, yes and no. She's a zombie.