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  1. Jaycat

    Vent is over much more calm

    Best post from a champion poo poster I've ever seen.
  2. Jaycat

    Hurricane Florence

    Yeah, kinda like people in the north drive better in bad weather. Lol
  3. Jaycat

    Wtf? Charlotte is out of gas?

    Don't know about now, but I saw where a couple hours ago on channel 9 that 99% of stations in Charlotte had gas. Could change by tomorrow though.
  4. Jaycat


    Saw on 3 different channels that storm chaser planes had reported 83 foot tall waves somewhere NW of the eyewall. I dunno, that sounds pretty outlandish.
  5. Jaycat


    Didn't realize it had gotten this large.
  6. Jaycat


    People live in the airport?
  7. Jaycat


    Thanks. I actually was aware of their code but I misread a post and thought somebody said they lived there. Lol
  8. Jaycat


    What is ILM?
  9. Jaycat

    RIP Burt.

    Deliverance was his best role IMO
  10. Jaycat

    Worley just doesn’t get it

    Glad I was able to flip my calendar from August to September. Much better.
  11. Jaycat

    Post pics of your she sheds!

    Sort of a man cave for her in the back yard.
  12. Jaycat

    Silent Sam is down

    Gotta admit this nutty thread is kinda entertaining.
  13. Go see the drag races at Z-MAX. WAAAY better than Nascar.
  14. Jaycat

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    Wondered at first why this wasn't posted in the Lounge, as most passings are.
  15. Jaycat

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    Hey, KB, ICE UP, SON.