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  1. Jaycat

    NASA Streamwalk

    Dang, I missed it. By the time I tuned in, they were opening the airlock in preparation to remove their spacesuits. Bet they were glad to finally get out of those suits!
  2. Changed my eggplant to a beer, so he's got all seven
  3. Jaycat

    Where are you from?

    You must be going on 300 years old then.
  4. Plus, you might become a fan of the electoral college.
  5. Jaycat

    Player reactions to the sale

    It will be interesting to see how Tepper and the players interact with each other, if they do at all.
  6. Jaycat

    Redskins cheerleader scandal

    Have no idea where those pics came from
  7. Jaycat

    Redskins cheerleader scandal

    Already discussed in Bigcat thread
  8. Jaycat

    What color is this shoe?

    Screw you Dex. This board is already insane. Are you proud of yourself for furthering that?
  9. Whoa, big story. This could inadvertently end up ending the "Redskins" name. Haven't seen you in a while, Bigcat.
  10. Humans love to hate, as do I. Keep them please.
  11. Jaycat

    What color is this shoe?

    There actually is some white on the shoe. The stitches.
  12. Jaycat

    What color is this shoe?

    Lol, that's what happened to me, but now it's teal and gray again.
  13. Jaycat

    What color is this shoe?

    You're right. Admittedly after I looked at it several times it appeared to be pink and white, but teal and gray most times. Don't know how to post links but when I searched "What color is this shoe", I got several articles that said the lighting was bad and after color correcting, the shoe was pink and white. Kinda like the argument about what color a dress was a couple of years ago.
  14. Maybe the top of a balding head?
  15. Jaycat

    What color is this shoe?

    Somebody's colorblind. Pink? Lol