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  1. d-dave

    charlotte to host 2020 RNC

    While I can agree that it makes sense to agree to host the RNC in 2020, especially after doing the DNC in 2012. I appreciate the idea of "we're going to show how we can be non-partisan in this time of toxic partisanship." But I really agree with you @Zaximus. Charlotte is a very easy city to travel too, and the protests/counter protests are going to be fierce! It's going to make me sick to see white supremacists openly marching uptown. I won't at all be upset if someone disrupts them, but the consequences for the city COULD be pretty severe. Thankfully I don't have to go near uptown for any reason.
  2. Are the wealthy really that altruistic? Let's be honest there. It sounds great to think about, but the vast majority of the wealthy could care less about the poor, aside from the "thoughts and prayers" social media responses. Look at taxes and how the cuts happened last year. The wealthy are protected and enriched at the expense of the working class and poor through both actual cash out of hand as well as programs and services. The problem with our political system is that corruption is incentive. Cases like Citizens United only made it worse. The best thing we can have to fight this corruption is a well informed and active voter base. What irritates me is during the Obama years, or any time where the democrats were in power, conservatives complained about the lack of transparency. Now they are "in power" and nothing has been done. Same with debt, real taxes, meaningful reforms, etc. Whoever is a Trump/2018 Pub supporter, what's the deal? When will your party show us the "right" way? They won't. Finally, for those who compare any form of socialism with Soviet Communism: do you trust corporations to a greater degree than your government? In your government, you get to elect people. Maybe not your favorite, but you have a voice. In a publicly traded company, your vote with 2,500 shares is meaningless against people with millions of shares. Corporations exist to make money, not serve any other good or interest unless it makes them more money. In your cartoons, replace the "socialism" with corporations, and it will make even more sense.
  3. d-dave


    Do you really keep that much music on your phone? I am only curious. I don't know too many people who still keep music on their phones. Nearly everyone I know is streaming stuff.
  4. d-dave


    iTunes is why my wife ditched iPhones. She's so much happier and on her second Samsung Galaxy (S6 and now S8). I couldn't stand how closed off Apple makes their products. It makes them such a nightmare to deal with. I hate it when my folks come to me with iPhone issues.
  5. d-dave

    NRA - You got some 'splainin' to do

    Fear... The NRA and Republican party have done such a great job of cornering the market on fear and then stoking those fears to fanatical heights. Imagine if people were actually treated equally regarding gun laws? They would rally around something else pretty quickly.
  6. I'm pretty sure that all the conservatives simple see any form of socialized anything, turn on their internet rage, and never consider any positives outside of a NARROW range of negatives. There's a give and take to everything. You might want low taxes, but the consequence is less service to schools, roads, safety services. You might want to skip paying health insurance until you get sick. I feel like some of y'all truly believe you live completely independently from everyone else, and that you can remain isolated from everyone else 90% of your time. Also, I do nothing but pay taxes. I haven't gotten a refund since we finished our adoption credit. Heck, the IRS came back and wanted another $2k from us, which we paid. We get punished for doing whatever we can to better our lives, yet I still believe that the collective citizens of the USA can do more with our money to help elevate people out of poverty. Things like education and health care can go a LONG way to helping people move up the ladder. Or at least elevating the floor. Heck, let's look at things that are criminally messed up: social security and medicare. As someone approaching 40, who is saving for retirement and has a plan for my own health insurance, there's still more to do with these programs. Right now, they max out at $128,400 which is taxed. Any earned above is not. Wouldn't it help both of those programs out (which many of us will need, or some of you do use) to eliminate that maximum? Or raise it to $1,000,000? The fact is the US is a partial welfare state. We have programs and a safety net, but they are far from complete. Far from something to realistically give people some kind of starting point, we have a system keeps the poor down, protects the wealthy, and limits the ways and number of people who can climb the socio-economic ladder. Imagine if there was a system in place where people could get access to job training and find jobs to actually pull themselves out of poverty? Or a system that would give people an option instead of a life of crime? Sure, many of the conservatives here will argue that the individual is paramount (Ayn Rand much?). Sure, but I will counter what happens when people have NOTHING to lose? They have everything to gain. Now that's dangerous, and that's where we are now.
  7. d-dave

    i am worried about the modern left

    You shouldn't be worried about the left, it's the right from the ball-less Center Right all the way to the alt-right and neo-nazi thugs. They want a Putin style authoritarian. Someone to put down minorities so they (white people) can lord over everyone because they "know" they are right and the only way. Look at the NCGA - they are trying to limit the powers of the governor. Why? Won't this backfire like crazy when the legislature switches and IF a republican get's elected? As we know, this is not simple a NC thing, this is a nationwide movement to choke out all forms of dissent. Why is the media "the enemy" of the people? It gives an open line for folks to disagree with them, and many of them are intelligent, passionate, and much better read than their red adversaries. Yeah, I'm way more concerned with the actions of the right, and what kind of world we're leaving our children. That does matter.
  8. d-dave

    This is the republican party

    Everyday, the Republican Party shows more and more that they do not deserve to lead anything. Instead of being able to offer anything "better" they double down on the same kid games they used to get into power. Trump has overtaken the republican party and destroyed it from within. Time to let it die. The values they stand for now: corporations > people, institutionalized racism, guns and god for everyone (even if they don't want them), and inequity (it's your fault anyway - whoever you are!). They haven't shrunk the government, helped the national debt, or created more opportunities for EVERYONE. Oh yeah, let's not even get into foreign policy!
  9. Consider that both Hurney and Grettleman put a greater emphasis on pass rushers more than secondary play. The FA CB market is wonky. We HAD a very good player in Breeland, but he screwed it all up. After him, what else was there, really? The safety market is very odd right now so who really knows what's going on there. We just have to wait and see (which is VERY anti-Huddle) how things shake out during training camp. Kind of off topic, but if we can start scoring more consistently, it will make life easier for our defense and corners.
  10. d-dave

    Trump is making a difference

    So what has happened that had improved our country? 1. Our International reputation has been taken down a few notches. We aren't the global leaders we once were. 2. The Republican party is almost completely poisoned. While there are a few who aren't as bad, over all they embrace the racism, sexism, religiousity and factually incoherent content of your typical Fox news/Trump rant. 3. National leadership in our own country is corrupt in so many ways, and to all levels. From folks like DuBois and Pruitt all the way down to your local elected officials, the amount of ignorance and flat out nhilism is chilling. 4. White supremacists are given equal billing, and sometimes held up as heroes if democracy. 5. More and more Americans are moving in favor of authoritarians over traditional US practices. Some of the things things you hear and read from regular people make me terrified for the Constitution. You thought people cherry picked the Bible....just wait! 6. We are losing our humanity. Look at how people respond to the immigration crisis. That's not what we should be doing while trying to complain about any other "mistreatment." 7. The country is more divided. Now, if you are against Trump, you're unamerican. Is that what the founding fathers wanted? Talk about a perversion of our country. So no, I disagree with the OP and the rest of the Trumpers. The country is MUCH worse. My hope is that people will fix that at the ballot box.
  11. d-dave

    Westworld Season 2

    I think that's Ford showing how he is the real "free will" of the Hosts. There's also a great metaphor with Ford as a virus infecting Bernard and forcing him to do his bidding, against even Bernard's own perceived "free will." I can't wait for more! This season is so good!
  12. d-dave

    Destiny 2

    I know a lot of people are going to wait and see what's going on with D2. The hype train leading up to release was so big, and the game so promising, lots of people have written them off as kind of a tease. I'm really looking forward to it, and I still enjoy playing. But I'm also really enjoying Monster Hunter World (whenever I can get it away from my son. He loves hunting dinosaurs.).
  13. d-dave

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    I'll keep her!
  14. It will be interesting to see what happens there. I don't expect Trump or anyone else to actually answer the subpoena (like they follow any sort of legal rules!) in any meaningful way, but I'd be curious to what the subpoena actually says.
  15. d-dave

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Damn man, good luck! I got my own melanoma diagnosed in 2008. Mine has, but it has shown zero signs of showing back up since then. July will be 10 full years. I hope you have my doctor (one of the best in the nation), from the Blumenthal Cancer Center. I will say, it was scary AF. I got super depressed afterwords from my loss of mobility/activity for a few months (my right leg is so fuged up now, alas my bikini body was ruined before I could find it). From here, I found my way of coping: Remember that the sun rises everyday. If it doesn't, then you have something to worry about. Helped me deal with all the crap I had to deal with (surgical drains - which I have a hilarious story there too!) with a sense of humor. Cancer really sucks. I wish the best for @Donald LaFell, for Gettleman, and for any of you other wonderful examples of humanity that ever have to deal with a-hole known as cancer for you or your family members. I told my wife "Well, if it hits me, you should be OK, statistically!" She hit me for that.