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  1. Black Panther

    I've been busy! But this movie looks amazing. I love the design of Wakanda. I'm not a comic book guy, but I do love these movies! I HOPE they crush it. He was one of my favorite parts of Winter Soldier (Avengers 2.5??). Complex character, doesn't fall lockstep into a predefined role, has a very messy home situation that he has to deal with as well as saving the world. This looks fun. This and Thor:Ragnorok make me think they may have figured out how to make super hero movies fun and awesome.
  2. Star Trek: Discovery

    Nice post @outlaw4! I agree with you. I feel like there is a lot of depth here. Sure, some people don't like or appreciate the darker, war story Trek, but seeing as how this could be a different timeline (the Kelvin timeline, thanks for getting me to read up on that!), seeing that this is a star trek for "now" instead of a return to the rose tinted past. On this episode, I really liked digging a little deeper into Lorca, past his arrogant facade. I think that his choice with his crew makes for an interesting plot point for sure. How desperate is Star Fleet for war heroes? You could really see how calculating he is. As far as helping the other guy, you have to think that he's not naive enough to think that dude survived 7 months on a prison ship. The new guy has to be a spy. I was reading about that on gizmodo, and it points out that there's a tie into the actor who plays Voq. And that Voq's friend was a member of the spy group of Klingons, and she asked him if he would be willing give it all up.... Lorca has to know something is up there...right?? The fact that Burnham was not the principal in this episode was great. Give the other good actors a chance to do something other than nod or stare in aghast horror at whatever she does. F-bomb? So what. It's an online show. And it was f'ing cool. But there will be a very good reason why this doesn't propagate. I can't wait to see what the long term consequences are for Spore-Boy.
  3. Inhumans

    I just watched the first one yesterday on Hulu. Interesting concept. I enjoy comic book movies and TV, just not into the actual books. I'll give it a few more episodes before I call it one way or another. After one episode, the hook is very tiny.
  4. Destiny 2

    I didn't really see that. I'm coming from a D1 perspective. The power level matter stuff isn't a huge deal (I remember getting merced like crazy by level 15 characters in IB), but it is just far too samey to regular quick play except that it's just control. I do miss the individual game modes. I think it's the lack of the bounties and the quest to get rank 5. Those were very minor, but also gave a little bit of a reason to visit the NPC. Now it's only to turn in loot.
  5. Deep question, for those seriously to respond.

    I thought Atlas Shrugged was too heavy handed. Then again Anthem is far from subtle, which I guess is her appeal.
  6. Destiny 2

    Nice @Cat and @Cold Cat! One of these days I'll get the raid done. How about Iron Token? I mean Iron Banner? I liked it because I rolled with a team, so we had a lot of fun. Not taking it seriously. I made some good plays, got boned other times. My only problem is that it just didn't seem at all different from regular crucible. I loved dialogue from Saladin, but I was hoping that there would be more to it. Instead it was just more token farming. Datto did a great breakdown of why tokens aren't bad, we actually get a similar amount of loot. He and HeyFitzy also put some ideas together for feedback too. I would just like more from Iron Banner. We had a HUGE PVE Iron Banner (Rise of Iron), and I think making the event PVP and PVE would be pretty amazing. I opened two packages and ended up with the hand cannon and pulse. So I'm actually pretty pleased with RNGesus here.
  7. Um...do you even Madden brah? Or is it bruh? Bro? Nevermind! People get caught up in the numbers. Aren't coaches and players more concerned with the Ws as opposed to their personal stats? Better to win the Super Bowl than win the Fantasy Pool? What was our record with Smith playing at that level versus the past few years since then? With Smith and Cam is was 25-23 (.520) and 0-1 in the playoffs. Without Smith it's 28-19-1 (.583), 3-2 in the playoffs and a Super Bowl Appearance. It's not that I don't love Smith, but I feel like we're playing better as a football team since his departure. He's not the sole reason, but how can you argue that we are in face better with him when we have been better without? Then again, I'm an idiot with a keyboard.
  8. This week...

    There is a significant opportunity this season. I hope the Panthers can take advantage of it.
  9. Deep question, for those seriously to respond.

    I prefer the Fountain Head myself. Still need to read the latest one.
  10. Deep question, for those seriously to respond.

    I will hink it's pretty simple: life means what you make it mean. If you want to be the best at something, you devote all of your energy and time to that's. That's your meaning. T goes for all things. You can balance that and maintain your best dad or best co-worker coffee mug collection. So that's what I think, for whatever that's worth!
  11. Video Question?

    Why not ask the huddle, what can go wrong? So I record a weekly news program for my school. I use a green screen back drop for logos and something other than cinder block walls. I'm using a Canon HFR500 Camera, nothing great, but it's all I have. I use two boxed lights with silk for my screen lights, and use the ambient (relatively strong) for the anchors. My issue is that when I load into premiere and do the ultra key, it gets mega noisy. Any tips or suggestions?
  12. I'm just not sure what's happened to our run blocking... This season has been pretty bad between folks stacking the box or simply getting out played. This is not where we need to be as a team. Hopefully this lights some fires, or gets people fired (if it lasts until December...). We can't win this way.
  13. Star Trek: Discovery

    I'm enjoying the show, just managed to watch the latest episode. I am always excited for what's coming up next. I like the Lorca character as a major contrast to every other star fleet leader we've seen (mostly, a few bad eggs). I'm curious about the whole alternate reality, and if it will end up that Lorca takes the discovery with it's instant travel to this alternative universe for their war. As far as Michael's character getting all "Wesley Crusher," I don't see that yet. They set things up for her to be understood as one of the best officers in Star Fleet, hence why she's solving many of the problems. I think that's been a strong point of the writing, it's not a Deus Ex Machina (yet); but a logical extension of her character. As far a the Klingons, I hate the pacing. Everything is so UBER melodramatic. I love the design, I love the story, but the execution is too slow. The eating of Captain Georgia(via dialogue) was a great moment, but got lost in how slow the scene went.
  14. Freedom of the press? Only if you are kind to Trump I guess. Certainly journalistic norms have slipped because the news has to compete with the blogosophere, which can react to whatever, however it wants, but it's imperative to allow the media do their jobs. There are laws against outright lying in the media.
  15. I'll agree completely. All of the liberal media should have called this disgusting piece of human waste out, kicked him out, and burned every bridge he created. His behavior is sub-human and shouldn't be tolerated. It's very disappointing it took this long. One of the things humanity should strive for (we keep on failing) is not tolerating this kind of behavior. I can see how deeply connected he was, and how disentangling from him is hard. I'm sure he's got one heck of a dossier of many public figures in the media. Shouldn't matter, but it does. The fact of the matter is those who control the access have the greatest degree of control. Too often you have to make a deal with the devil to get what you want and need, which is never good. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/11/entertainment/terry-crews-sexual-harassment/index.html Even Terry Crews got a small taste of it...