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  1. d-dave

    Trump is making a difference

    So what has happened that had improved our country? 1. Our International reputation has been taken down a few notches. We aren't the global leaders we once were. 2. The Republican party is almost completely poisoned. While there are a few who aren't as bad, over all they embrace the racism, sexism, religiousity and factually incoherent content of your typical Fox news/Trump rant. 3. National leadership in our own country is corrupt in so many ways, and to all levels. From folks like DuBois and Pruitt all the way down to your local elected officials, the amount of ignorance and flat out nhilism is chilling. 4. White supremacists are given equal billing, and sometimes held up as heroes if democracy. 5. More and more Americans are moving in favor of authoritarians over traditional US practices. Some of the things things you hear and read from regular people make me terrified for the Constitution. You thought people cherry picked the Bible....just wait! 6. We are losing our humanity. Look at how people respond to the immigration crisis. That's not what we should be doing while trying to complain about any other "mistreatment." 7. The country is more divided. Now, if you are against Trump, you're unamerican. Is that what the founding fathers wanted? Talk about a perversion of our country. So no, I disagree with the OP and the rest of the Trumpers. The country is MUCH worse. My hope is that people will fix that at the ballot box.
  2. d-dave

    Westworld Season 2

    I think that's Ford showing how he is the real "free will" of the Hosts. There's also a great metaphor with Ford as a virus infecting Bernard and forcing him to do his bidding, against even Bernard's own perceived "free will." I can't wait for more! This season is so good!
  3. d-dave

    Destiny 2

    I know a lot of people are going to wait and see what's going on with D2. The hype train leading up to release was so big, and the game so promising, lots of people have written them off as kind of a tease. I'm really looking forward to it, and I still enjoy playing. But I'm also really enjoying Monster Hunter World (whenever I can get it away from my son. He loves hunting dinosaurs.).
  4. d-dave

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    I'll keep her!
  5. It will be interesting to see what happens there. I don't expect Trump or anyone else to actually answer the subpoena (like they follow any sort of legal rules!) in any meaningful way, but I'd be curious to what the subpoena actually says.
  6. d-dave

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Damn man, good luck! I got my own melanoma diagnosed in 2008. Mine has, but it has shown zero signs of showing back up since then. July will be 10 full years. I hope you have my doctor (one of the best in the nation), from the Blumenthal Cancer Center. I will say, it was scary AF. I got super depressed afterwords from my loss of mobility/activity for a few months (my right leg is so fuged up now, alas my bikini body was ruined before I could find it). From here, I found my way of coping: Remember that the sun rises everyday. If it doesn't, then you have something to worry about. Helped me deal with all the crap I had to deal with (surgical drains - which I have a hilarious story there too!) with a sense of humor. Cancer really sucks. I wish the best for @Donald LaFell, for Gettleman, and for any of you other wonderful examples of humanity that ever have to deal with a-hole known as cancer for you or your family members. I told my wife "Well, if it hits me, you should be OK, statistically!" She hit me for that.
  7. d-dave

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    Wait???? All we have been hearing from the huddle is how the dude is trash. What gives Huddle?!?!? He's going to have to put up or shutup. He's been "getting better" every year, but he needs to earn that $11 million a year. We REALLY need him to step up and dominate like a #4 pick should. Or at least be top 10 of his position. Or just not a speedbump??? Is that too much to ask?
  8. d-dave

    Destiny 2

    So bunige just released their livestream for the September Expansion (Called Forsaken). You can find the vidoc and other items here (https://www.destinythegame.com/) Here's my thoughts: 1. First impression - super f'ing pumped! This looks like it's going to be amazing in that this is a VERY different feel for Destiny. The art, is as always, incredible. There are SO MANY CHANGES, I can't even list them. Weapon systems are going bananas. One of the Devs laughed as he talked about breaking the game. It looks like it will be fun! The whole reef environment looks incredible, and the raid location is so beautiful. 2. Gambit - the new playmode is a hybrid PVE/PVP. You and your team of four will kill enemies and gather motes which you can use to either mess up the other team OR summon a tough boss. Oh and one player can go to the other team and try to wreckface. So this looks like a TON of fun. I can't wait to try it out. 3. The "cost" factor: $40 for the expansion, AND then $30 for an annual pass. I'm still a little foggy what the actual updates are. Are they like the "expansions" we have where there are a few missions, some maps and quests? I'm looking forward to seeing what details emerge over the next week and at E3. Some people are like "$70 for an expansion, what's wrong with the $60 game???" They can do that. I used to sub to a MMO or four in my days so I know how that works. I'm fine with it. Some won't want to pay, and that's fine with me. In summary, this looks to be a BIG TIME departure from regular D2. I can't wait to see what happens, what will be revealed, and I HOPE there is some kind of summer BETA for Gambit. Or else I'm just going to be SOL next fall...
  9. So this popped up for me, and I watched it out of curiosity. So since the NFL is a copy cat league, we can expect to see more of these kinds of plays. Honestly, it was a pretty interesting to see how the plays work, and it will be interesting to see how our defense copes with a new wave of these kinds of plays next season. Thoughts? How would you do it? (I mean, since the Huddle is full of NFL experts ;) )
  10. I know what the problem is! People retain identities associated without dated social models! Man, if only EVERYONE would drop those old social models! I mean, it's super easy, right? Also, y'all need to stop feed @Dr. Zin. This will hopefully be the last time I tag him, or reference anything he says. I have no intention of muting him, thereby creating some kind of safe space echo chamber. No, I will just not respond to his BS. It's really easy y'all. =) White people have been so completely duped. It's pathetic. Many of my fellow honkies and crackers (hey, I'm white, I can say that, right?) have forgotten upon whose back this country was built. They ignore institutionalized racism on all level because it's to their advantage. And they don't realize it's an advantage!! Instead, they go to the good ole blame system, where it's another's fault that they have it so bad because "I" did nothing against them. As far as Oakland Tech, I think it's wonderful. How many of y'all realize how hard it is to get young people (of any color) to recognize the importance of graduation? Spotlight young African American people who have worked their tails off to go out and do something, that will only serve to send a message to the younger children. That's how you build a successful culture. How about 30 years ago? How important was graduation among people? I know when my sister gradated in 1989, it was a BIG deal for a lot more families. It was expected in our household, but there are plenty of people who she graduated with who it was a BIG deal. Look at historic graduation rates among socioeconomic groups, then look at it by race data, then by life time income. Then you can start to piece together WHY its important celebrate achievement in struggling communities and populations. It's not for those graduates and their parents, it's for their younger siblings and other future generations. And hell, let's put it in white-bitching talking. More minorities who graduate with skills/go to college/trade/etc, are more folks to get and create jobs, which SHOULD move more people into the work force and off government assistance. Shouldn't conservatives take that as a LONG game win?
  11. I think Tepper will probably have a greater change effect on the NFL than the NFL will have on him.
  12. For those who feel like taxation is theft: why stay in America? Why not find another place where they don't tax people? America has always had taxes. The volume has changed for the betterment of everyone. Is it perfect? Nope, but better than the alternatives. For those who oppose any and all safety net/welfare programs: What happens when a man has nothing to lose? He has everything to gain. Are the welfare programs perfect? Nope, but the total removal of them would create a much worse problem than a pain in your paycheck. What are the better "free" solutions instead of the many federal, state and local welfare programs? How about medicare? Social Security? What can happen over the next 10 years that has a better outcome for EVERYONE not just you? How much better would the US be under a corporate ownership? Because if all the "government" programs and oversight shrinks, will individuals have the capacity to take care everything the governments (Fed/State/Local)? Who will hold the new corporate overlords accountable? The assertion of the article is very much correct. The US has been racially divided for much of it's existence. For the better part of 200 years as a country, it was completely legal and accepted to keep minorities away from white people. It's not been an easy change for white people since Brown vs The Board of Education (1958). They have had their sense of superiority chipped away for all those years. Now the minorities are getting closer to parity with them, and they can't stand it. The conservative movement has embraced this white fear, and make sure that it's part of their agenda. No matter how often they trot out conservative minorities, they always focus on issues which disproportionately affect those minorities. They'll never acknowledge the racial bias openly, but they will continue to act upon it.
  13. d-dave

    another racist celebrity

    That's the absolute truth. Another problem for conservatives is that education tends to liberate people, free them from the bonds of their dogmatic up bringing. They say "look, you're getting brain washed!" When they believe that the government is creating "chem-trails" to control minds. When people study logic, science and the arts (hallmarks of the old definition of liberal arts), they begin to understand how the world works around them. When those areas of study are cut off in favor of some kind of job or skill, or removed because of some dogmatic reasoning; that is how you get this level of low education in the populace. They are easily manipulated by skilled snake oil salesmen, and we end up where we are now. Now we have a culture war raging across the world: those who agree with you, and those who disagree with you. It's not a polite disagreement. It's ugly, violent, and demonstrates the worst impulses of humanity. When there are REAL problems, they get lost in the desire to "win an argument." Internet points are all that matter apparently. God forbid you are an elected official - you had better be more partisan than the rest or ELSE you'll lose your job!
  14. With Smith, you have to take the good with the bad. On and off the field, he has done some incredible things. Hall of Fame worthy things. On the other side, the same rage he played with spilled over into the meeting room, practice field, and who knows were else. If he was tamer, he would not have been half the player he was. I think it's very short sighted to throw out all of his on and off the field accomplishments because of his fights. Was Smith an angle? Nope. But he was one of the best players we have ever seen, and he's one of the best in NFL history. The Panthers would be foolish to not remember him in someway. Statue? I don't know. Retire his number? Absolutely.