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  1. Thank God! We can pass that decision to future generations!
  2. While many are throwing out impeachment; what if he just quit? It's much easier to campaign, but governing is hard work. As he continues to bleed over the real and perceived failures, would be just quit because he's just a big baby?
  3. Trump is already blaming the Democrats. The biggest issue the Republican party is facing is the complete lack of vision. They spent all their time and energy saying no and plotting election results without a plan of how to govern. There is a shocking lack of leadership in our politics, and that's scary. Also a profound lack of decorum and respect.
  4. So thinking about this, is studying Greek mythology indoctrinating students into paganism? Or studying black history? Or anything else that deals with people's differences? Nope. I disagree with that perspective because it's not telling kids to do it, the it's explaining why some kids are different. Elementary school is the best age to introduce this. The more normal you make it, the less bullying will occur. I know this for a fact. High school kids are already mostly formed in their opinions and behaviors, while young kids are still fundamentally nice and good. That's not always true, but it's what I've seen over the years. Again, it's just a book to explain why kids are different. Schools are here to teach these kinds of lessons to make better citizens.
  5. It's a book about accepting differences. That's all. No politics unless you bring them. I guess acceptance is political now. Are all elementary students required to read this? People get too worked up over a changing world.
  6. Get ur gubbermint outta mah Taco Bell! (actually, I don't think that stuff is classified as meat, does that count?) I could just imagine if a law was passed that mandated healthy eating...or richly rewarded it... People would lose their poo, literally!
  7. Yeah...thank god my son is about to graduate out of that! And @NanuqoftheNorth, bravo! You very eloquently articulated something that I have stumbled over for several days! You gud at w0rdz!
  8. Oh sweet Mary mother of all poo! An Italian games store leaked some poster images with the following information: -It will be: Destiny 2 (the two is really huge) -There will be a beta -September 8th is the date on the poster, looks to be a release date. -The guardians don't have helmets on, it looks like the traveler is in the background, they are using City Foundry Guns (Omalon Auto, Suro Shotgun, and some kind of hand cannon, hard to see), and you can see the outline of a small ship. -There was PS4 branding on the poster. Hopefully they don't leave us Xbox players out in the cold. That would be the ultimate dick move. I don't see any reason to do so since I'm willing to bet there was a bigger, per user, share of Eververse goods on ye old Xbox from the older Bungie fanboys. -Oh yeah, in good ole D1, Age of Triumph launches next Tuesday, and they had a launch trailer for it!
  9. The more you see of Solomon Thomas, the more you dream about him suiting up for us. He's HUGE dude. He could really help set things up for our Defense for a long time, and he'd be a great pick. But there's a part of me that's just in love with McCaffrey. He moves so well. He catches so well. He's a ridiculous athlete. Gettleman said we need guys who can score TDs, and McCaffrey can from the RB, WR, and returner positions. Oh those hips =P
  10. While this is just a few plays, it looks like a lot of plays against the blitz, they just accept the LT would get horribly beat and had a hot dump route, and the plays worked. I know, duh right? It could be we stunk so bad on offense because more often than not, we couldn't beat the blitz, and it messed with our offense. Again duh. To me, this makes it look like we need a way to hold off on that blitz and someone with more speed to hit those screens. I'm not totally sure now that Shula is truly deserving of all the blame here. Some, yes, but not all.
  11. So I wonder if this logic works? Christianity is a horrible philosophy, not a religion. It's followers caused massive amounts of death and destruction. They teach discriminating morals to their children, and they participate in ritualistic cannibalism. Those Christians are no good. They need to be watched, banned, and all of their social media profiles open to public review. Crimes in America are committed mostly by Christians. These are comments made about Islam on a regular basis. When an entire religion and society is vilified, how surprised is anyone that the people and followers of that can more easily be radicalized against the very people making those kinds of comments? During the times of Christian prosecution, were Christians not treated poorly, blamed for social ills, and imprisoned disproportionately by the Romans? Is it not realistic that when you demonize people, that some might fulfill those negative expectations?
  12. What a statement about America. Now where's ECU to post all his carefully created gifs and images celebrating Trump's victory and how great America will be. (in case you missed it, loads of sarcasm)
  13. Again, we see that most of us agree on a lot of things, except for how to do it =P There is a fundamental need to rework how children are prepared for adulthood. Sadly for the financial conservatives, that costs money. While there are a lot of people who "get" the outside world, there are many who don't. I do what I can when I teach, but I can't do it year round. Due to the hardcore obsession with test scores as a way to justify education expenses, we do way to much preparation for bubbling in answer choices instead of things like paying bills, job interview skills, or cooking a pot of rice. There's also a morale issues across all levels of income. But that's a parent thing... Though I do disagree with the importance of a two parent household. The biggest thing is support. It's easier with two parents, but if your spouse turns abusive or it otherwise goes south, it's better for everyone to split it up. On a side note, I do find it alarming the number of posts that equate any kind of tax sponsored social safety net with some kind of robbery, or that people who support it should be willing to give up all their own personal possessions... Taxes are an opportunity cost for living and being successful in the Land of Opportunity. Nothing wrong with working hard for your money, but there is also a need for people to pay for the boring stuff that allows people to be successful. Again, this last half isn't related to your post @Saha, but rather to the posters who believe that their experience is the normal, expected experience for others. What will pay off better in the long run? More jails? Or better education and business investment in poor communities? Trump supporters want more guys in jails, and abhor the idea of investing in anything other than defense or law enforcement. Then again, this is the internet.
  14. I think people put way too much stock in the 40. Njoku is very explosive, but he's not a finished product. The difference is Howard, according to the sports media and blogosphere, is much more complete and ready to go. If you NEED a quality TE, you take Howard and enjoy the rewards. Njoku is all about the talent and how well your staff can train him up. He would absolutely benefit from a few years of following Greg Olsen around like a puppy. Reading the internet tea leaves, he's a strong possibility for a 2nd round pick. Or a smokescreen.
  15. Again, your generalizing people. While there are plenty of examples of trashy people (lord knows my mother's side of the family is basically a garbage dump of humanity), you can't paint the entire community in that scope. Like many of the bootstrappers, you say "if I can do it, anyone can." That's not true. I have a ton of stories of kids with potential, drive, brains, determination who are simply lost due to their demographics and experience. I know a kid who was from an absolutely horrible situation. His parents were jailed, raised by his aunt and uncle as a 2nd class citizen when compared to his cousin. I mean, they provided, but they failed in the love department. Not quite Harry Potter situation. He was brilliant, earned a full ride to NCSU, but failed out in the first semester because while he could navigate a crappy neighborhood and poorly supported high school; he was unable to cope with the rich, white world of the majority of NCSU kids. Culture shock. Thankfully, he found the military, got his life straightened out, and is stationed in Hawaii and keeps posting these beautiful images of the islands. While it's fairly easy for white people of all income levels to navigate the great world of white culture, minorities and especially minorities from poverty have an extremely difficult time "fitting in" to the greater, whiter world. It has nothing to do with their work ethic, their intelligence, but simply stepping into a world that is so different from where they are from. Hence why there's a significant amount of internet tension between bootstrappers and those who think it's fine to help those who need some help. What I'm seeing based on his news posts is a general level of ignorance of the people around him. I mean, I get it, there are many examples on the huddle and in the world of people who overcame adversity, but they are the exception, not the norm. That dirty word "white privilege," or more accurately "middle class privilege," blinds people to the realities of those outside of their small circles. Now before the angry, poor-to-rich bootstrappers get huffled about being called middle class, how hard was it for you to walk into a bank, talk to people, be taken seriously, and do business? Despite their relative levels of poverty, they still have an advantage of knowing how to function in the greater, whiter world.