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  1. There are some real advantages to having a guy as fun and successful as Cam as our qb and face of the franchise. PS- I wouldnt be upset of OJ was the pick, not at all.
  2. Absolutely. Most Americans believe in the same things, it's just the super vocal 20% on the ends that screws everything up. And the internet...yeah...
  3. Add not coming through work net nanny, what's the deal? As far as I'm concerned, since I am probably just as, if not more qualified to talk about vaccines than most celebrities, if you refuse to vaccinate your child, there need to be some major penalties tied to public services as well as strict quarantine issues when your un-vaccinated child get sick, especially when it's from a mainstream, regularly vaccinated disease. People can make whatever choices they want, but if their choice endangers the public at large, then they need to lose access. I'm pretty much done with the anti-vaxxers. I wish they would all move to an island where a simple case of measles would kill all of them. I'm not in a nice mood currently.
  4. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/taibbi-on-the-new-book-that-brutalizes-the-clinton-campaign-w477978 I know how many of y'all love to kick at dead horses, but I found this last night and thought it would be a good share. It totally makes sense about the failure of the entire campaign: they had not justification other than "not being evil." No wonder the turn out was so poor from the Obama Coalition. While this isn't at all surprising, it's a nicely put together piece which makes me want to read the book. I think the entire DNC and RNC should read through it. How many Pubs ran as "Hey, I'm not Trump!" If they want to keep power, they need to offer a better vision than "I'm better than the other guy." Again, nothing surprising or ground breaking, but Taibbi is a fun read (for me).
  5. Alvin Kamara - RB - Tenn I just don't see it. Everyone is saying he's a great value pick, but I just don't see the quality from him. I might be blind. Or I'm just a dumb internet forum guy.
  6. This is kind of a crazy scenario. Adams is widely considered one of the best prospects in the entire draft. As is Fournette. So I think it would go in this order for us: 1. Adams - just the best possible player at the spot. 2. Fournette - would be a true game changer at the position. A long term upgrade. 3. Thomas - while he has the skill set to play DE for us, he said he prefers inside. (https://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2017/04/18/nfl-draft-solomon-thomas-stanford-cardinal-position-defensive-end-tackle) So Thomas may not be in the running for us. Who knows! I could see one sneaking to us, but not all three.
  7. Same reason as the pubs. Thanks to the diversity of the electorate, I think we should become more diverse politically. It's simply impossible to meet all the needs of the people (representationally) with two parties. It would make or politics much more parliamentary, that's for sure. Might not be the worst thing.
  8. I have wondered that as well. There can't be that many rich people in the country compared to the working and poor. But people sadly vote for social issues instead of their own benefits. Sadly, I think there would be a lot more people to accept the parties, but a few issues and people push more mainstream Americans out. I think we need to have a better way of labeling our politicians other than simply R & D. Like let's start using terms like Fiscal Conservative or Socially Liberal. I think we do need to end the dominance of the Democrats and Republicans, but it's always been so easy for them to squash any new parties since the Republican Party emerged from the wreckage of the Whigs.
  9. Ahh yeahhh!!! Now we're getting to the real pre-draft drama!!!! If Cleveland were to trade up for a QB, then someone is calling the rest of the top 5. This could be very interesting. I think Cleveland is honestly trying to stir the pot. See who jumps. This is part of the great poker game that happens in the run up to draft night. Someone will jump up into the top 5 for a QB. It could make our pick EXTREMELY valuable. While this is a thin draft for QB talent, these guys have the tools if you can be patient. What do they say, until you have a franchise QB, you're always looking for one. Something like that. I love it!
  10. Some of that criticism is very interesting. Good to hear what people more in the know think. Good find!
  11. Honestly, I think they are starting to run out of things to talk about. If we were to do so, it would mean they don't have confidence in the long term viability of our LBs. I think there are WAY better picks than Foster, but I'm just a moron with a keyboard.
  12. So Mixon has a hugely public video come out of him hitting a girl. Mixon also happens to be one of the best RBs coming out for the NFL draft. The NFL has had MANY high profile cases of these alpha males hitting women. There's a lot of public pressure on the NFL (and dollars) to fix this issue. Of course you go into a guy's history. You don't invest millions of dollars and a draft pick in a guy unless you feel like he's a safe pick, especially with his history. Do you take a guy who could end up banned from the league with a 2nd or 3rd round pick without digging in his closet, under his bed, in his high school locker or middle school gym bag for every bit of information? Of course.
  13. You can't doubt Belichick and his ability to put together very competitive teams. While it may not be the most "fun" team in the NFL to play for, the greatest joy is winning. The Pats are quite good at that! It also doesn't hurt that he has Tom Brady to be his QB. Based on their consistent success, the question is: why not play or coach for the Pats? Going back to that culture based on wins and success, people will want to stay there. Keeping the coordinators around, being able to get the best of the best back ups and depth players, having a HoF Head Coach and ageless HoF QB, every move looks very smart. They also have their systems down to a science, nearly perfected. They know traits that guys need to have to be good for them. It's a lot more than being smart, he also has had the opportunity to really build up a culture and system to sustain success.
  14. Hey, don't ruin the victory dance here! Looking at the facts is never useful!
  15. The fact this was even an issue in play is a statement that the foundations of the current Republican Party aren't as solid as they may think. It's very likely the guy loses, but it will be much closer than the Republicans want.