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  1. It's one thing if the started off "Trump is an outsider/business man/not political..." But they quickly transitioned to supporting white nationalists. I'd cut folks off for that. It's a reflection of their morals and values.
  2. You have to wonder where he learned this kind of behavior? ;)
  3. Freedom only applies to Trump supporters. Everyone else is a second class citizen. Right? Also, hasn't Trump shown how trust worthy his administration is? How fair they are? Nothing bad could happen? Right? We should all be contacting our representatives about setting the rules for online privacy for people in the US. I remember some folks getting all crazy about this during the Obama years. Are they still crazy angry about it now?
  4. more winning!

    It's why I'm going to try swearing off responding to his posts. His perspective is so radically different from mine, it makes basic communication difficult. The problem with being a feverent Trump supporter is that the elation of election is long over. Now there is the reality of governing the most diverse, powerful, wealthy, and divided countries in the world. That's why he's campaigning again. That's easy and fun.
  5. So are you cool with Trump coodling the Alt-Right and White Supremacists, @Saha? Trump trying create a sense of false equivalency between the well known Alt-Right and a mythical Alt-Left is wrong. Very wrong. It's not illegal. It won't get him impeached. It does make him look bad, most of the country is disgusted by the hateful rhetoric of the Alt-Right. He's got to support his loudest supporters. Honestly, the Russian Investigation is going to take a long time. May as well let it play out before anyone takes a victory lap. Tryingto rush to another distraction, which is what Trump tries to do constantly, is the look of someone with something to hide.
  6. tonight's nazi rally

    Yet we continue this? It feel like a Harold Pinter play. I need to keep to this, but have a nice day. We'll never see eye to eye, or eye to elbow. Go Panthers.
  7. tonight's nazi rally

    I asked, you gave vague answers up for interpretation, and you say I'm making crap up. Whatever. This is what dialogue is so difficult. You are never specific, just general and vague. Enjoyoysupporting a president who shows more respect to white supremacists than veterans.
  8. tonight's nazi rally

    So you think that white supremacists deserve compassion, consideration, and respect for their words and actions? You love giving these kinds of vague responses, kind of trying to wink at your (or Trump's perceived cleverness).
  9. tonight's nazi rally

    Skipped 59 pages, but I do have a question: to the Trump voters (especially the single issue Trump voters): still worth it? I am honestly curious how people are rationalizing tacitly supporting neo-nazis when we fought a war to stop them? What's that mind set? (Also, have we determined that hate speech is not covered by the first amendment and the role intention plays? Or that free speech has consequences?)
  10. About the OP, making an abortion decision based on gender gene is already jumping the shark. More likely: someone who is pro-choice is more than likely cool with people choosing their own gender. Not all the time, but most likely. Probably not a huge intersection point in that Venn diagram. On abortions: that's a woman's health issue. You can be free to talk about it all you want, but it's her body and her child. If you're not sure a girl won't keep your kid, that's probably not a good relationship to begin with and probably falls under consequences. Finally, whenever abortion comes up, pro-lifers want to turn pregnancy into a punishment for the mother and a life of poverty to the child. Complete lack of consistency from nearly all pro-lifers.
  11. Does anyone know if you can get your deposit refunded on a bronze bust? Asking for a friend... In all honesty, his performance was exciting and reminiscent of Ginn's big game when he was first signed. I'd love it if we could get 25ish catches out of him this season. I'd love for him to be a viable deep threat.
  12. Oh... My..... Word....

    This was great! I'm going to use this!
  13. Destiny 2

    So after playing some iron banner, I can't wait for D2 PVP. I really enjoyed the longer TTK, and how the guns felt. I can also appreciate the super delay. Last night, I went against a group of four with my randos. We got smoked 20k-10k because they were able to chain their supers like a boss. While I'd like better timing on Supers in D2, hopefully they are able to balance the number if supers that get run in you. Getting supered 4x in a row from the other guys isn't fun. I can't wait to get my hands on D2. I'm really looking forward to how public events are getting upgraded. Heroic events are going to be amazing! And I can't wait to explore the new world's. And of course, actually play PVP from day 1 instead of waiting until year 3....
  14. Empathy: Where did it go? Was it ever there?

    Great post OP. The informal nature of the internet, and the negative echo chamber that many get sucked into do a lot to kill modern people's empathy. Look at Facebook comments about political articles...holy cow. And those comments are attached to real people, most who don't hide their names! Empathy is best taught as a kid, then reinforced through life experiences. Sadly, it's harder to get those genuine moments. I was a boy scout, and active in my church youth group. Both leaders did wonderful service projects and pushed us to do good deeds. While I've mostly given up on Christan it in it's current forms, do the mega churches do much to reinforce positive character traits? I dunno personally, but I do know a fudge ton of people who go to those churches that still lack any sense of empathy. Frankly, the idea of immediate satisfaction (getting likes, "winning" an internet battle, teabagging your opponent in a game) makes it hard for people to want to have any empathy. It's way easier to post a clever gif. Also, the tinderbox is a poo hole. Rarely do you get any sense of "I respect your perspective..." It's all about "winning.". I'm tired I'd it already.
  15. Has 'Star Trek' died?

    I really enjoyed the film as well. It was just fun! To me it got back to the fun of the first film. I'm really looking forward to Discovery. While there is a lot riding on the show, they should have the money and talent to make a good TV show. While I am super guilty of viewing things through rose colored glasses when looking at old shows and movies, I still love TNG. Just my favorite of the shows, though since my family watched together ritually, that may have something to do with it.