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  1. Where are the days of posting a quick summary and a link with some analysis? The scroll is real! It will be quiet telling by June 23rd. That's about the only "next big thing" with this "taping" business.
  2. May want to turn the "sensitivity mirror" on yourself as well. It's really obvious that you don't like consoles or mainstream gaming. That's cool. You have things you enjoy, and that's awesome. Conversely, when you trash on what other people enjoy by simply saying that yours is better, it just comes across as super douchey. Not being whiney, being observant. Why not be an ambassador of PC gaming? Like, "Hey, why drop $500 and $60 a year on a greedy company when you can build a great PC and go insane on Steam Sale Weekend." Or, if this is such a contentious issue, leave it a lone. Or simply say "y'all are dumb" and walk away. Whatever floats your boat really. That's the wonderful thing about gaming. You can do what you want! But who really and truly enjoys being a d-bag in internet arguments... /slinks back to Tinderbox...
  3. Honestly, he's earned it. Just have to be careful of age and length. But he's earned the rewards for sure. Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  4. To you, but I think the console market might disagree with you. While there are tons of AAA games on PC, there are more than a few only available on console. Might not appeal to you, but it has enough market appeal to drive a business. Can I get to another point where the newest Xbox is good for PC games? Devs can spend more time developing 4k content because they know it will be used. It's good for everyone if more devs move to better visuals. Wasn't that one of the PCMR claims, that consoles hobbled PC games? Win/win?
  5. TL/DR - PC gaming, while becoming more accessable still has a much stepper learning curve than plugging a console. I appreciate how much more accessible PC gaming is becoming. Heck, I've been trying to finagle my finances into putting together a good PC. But what always gets me is that if I want to build a PC, I want something that not only games, but allows me to do my other projects (video editing, 3d design) as well. Most PCs I put together on PCpartpicker.com (which is a super cool fantasizing website) end up in the $800-1200 range, but they lack a 4k Blu Ray player... Here's why people still build consoles: they are easy. While I feel very confident I could build a PC from parts (with some help from youtube) and get it running with a minimum of freakouts; most people aren't that way. Same reason people buy iphones, it's easy and it works with minimum fuss. How often do the internets rage at new drivers from AMD and Nvidia that ruin their performance? While gaming PCs can deliver some insane visual fidelity, they are like performance cars - they need continued maintenance. Why are the boring yet reliable cars always perennial best sellers? Because it's easy mode. Why have automatics overtake manual transmissions? Easy to operate. Heck, having a manual is almost a security feature from car thieves! Also, where the consoles will win is in the living room decor factor. My OG Xbox One happily sits in our IKEA entertainment stand. It just hangs out, no worries, occasional updates, but it's super consistent. That's the case for most consoles. If I were to build some full ATX tower system with radiators and LED bling...yeah...that will not go over well with the wife. Building in something like the Fractal Design Node 202 (http://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/cases/node-series/node-202) is not the easist thing to do. I do not have a dedicated office space, and I think that is more common than you'd think. My neighbor is of a similar age, and he doesn't have a dedicated office in his out either. People will make places where they need them, and that's cool, but it's not a universal thing anymore to have a dedicated home computer area with everyone having tablets, smart phones and Chromebooks. Oh, and where do I do my stuff? On my work computer. Not the best, but it will run lightworks (slowly!) and lets me run my 3D drafting work (Sketch Up - great and reasonably light or VectorWorks). Sorry, I have RUN ON WAY TOO LONG!! EDIT 2 - PC part picker - something of the size of my xbox one with a blu ray drive: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wV3yd6 PC Part Picker is too much fun!
  6. Me too! I have mostly been reading fluff on there, just because it's fun and distracting. Personally, I usually do 3-4 Kindle books, and 2-3 paper books a month. From fantasy, science, history, and to anthropology. This summer, I'm going to get back to some Jared Diamond's Collapse. First chapter was interesting, but I got side tracked and then school started back!
  7. I am curious as the the LONG term consequences in the electorate. Sure it's up the the douche bags in Congress to twiddle their thumbs and argue while the small minority of decent folks try to make something happen (compromise!). The 2018 elections are a year away, and I think it's important for those Trump supporters and their opponents to understand how blind or binding their support is. I'm still amped up for an electoral revolution...maybe.... =o
  8. This kind of stuff goes to show that we do need a good, hard reset. What's scary about all of this stuff is that while we may say "get rid of these bozos," we haven't for decades. I think it has everything to do with the mind set of people. Like say you have two candidates (let's ignore party loyalty for the moment, but that's another huge problem) A and B. Candidate A, you agree with only 25% of their platform. For Candidate B, you agree with 50%. Not great. But Candidate A has one issue where you feel a strong moral conviction, and you hold your nose and swallow the rest. That's kind of a summary of the 2016 election, is it not?\ Frankly, I'm disappointed in this crowd funded, information age of constant communication and sharing, that we haven't seen more interest and better representation in the other parties. Sure Gary Johnson and Jill Stein made great progress for their respective parties, but even then, I think they missed the mark quite a bit in regards to really giving people a realistic option. Like, wouldn't is be great if there was a party (or parties) where people who were actual adults were in charge and represented? I'd love to see that. I feel like both the Ds and the Rs have missed the reality of mainstream America as much as the Ls and the Gs.
  9. I am curious how much credibility Trump still has? I know the anti-Trumpers like me don't believe any statement he makes. The meme comparing him to Comey is pretty funny, and makes a very good point about credibility. But I don't care about me and those of a similar position. I am curious about the hardcore Trump supporters. How much credibility does he still have for them? Why do they continue to trust him? I don't mean to psycho analyze them here, but I would be curious to see why they still trust him.
  10. Out: November 7, 2017 - $499 What does it do: Claims to play everything in native 4k/60. On a 1080p display, it will super sample games so they look even better. It will work with all of your existing Xbox One games and accessories. It allows developers to create fairly stunning games, which I think will be pretty sweet by the time 4K gaming (on consoles) catches up to 4K tvs. I'm referring to input lag. Of course, the big kicker will be the software. Game sell consoles, not specs. And exclusivity deals with publishers... OK, so who knows if the XBoxX (someone commented that this looks like a 14 year old kids gamer tag...too true!) will be a success story or not. While you can get a 4k gaming system in the PS4 Pro for $400, Sony made some major moves with Activision to secure some lucrative exclusives and time frames for the Call of Duty franchise and Destiny, among other games. That helped to boost the PS4 profile while MS made the boneheaded mistakes as they completely fumbled the XB1 roll out. So did they learn their lessons? I hope so. Sony took a HUGE lead in the PS4/XB1 "battle." What MS will need to prove is that the Xbox One X can deliver great content, great visuals, and become an enormous value. I mean, for me personally, my Xbox One is the center piece of my home entertainment system. I have all of my "back up" movies on an external harddrive, which is plays easily. It's my main blu ray player. It's my gaming machine. My 5 year old can run it, my WIFE (who doesn't play games at all) can run it, and it's been extremely reliable in my experience (which is me, not the multitudes with different experiences). Therefore, I am hyped for the system, and I'm going to work on making some summer cash to get myself one. While I do have a 4k TV (in my bedroom, not the best place to play game for hours), I'm hoping for a lower input lag from a 4k TV in the 55-60" range in the next couple of years will make me want to upgrade that too. Thoughts? Counter arguments? Light name calling? =P
  11. After seeing him in Civil War, I was really excited for the film. The cast looks great as well now. I can't wait to see the movie in the theaters. Since Marvel is not afraid to add a fair splash of politics to their films, I wonder how the Wakandan secrecy is going to get played out, especially in a time where Black Cultural Appropriation is a real issue in our culture. Color me so excited!
  12. https://www.ea.com/games/anthem So this looks to take several pages out of the Destiny book. Color me excited and open to playing! Making me want to drop $499 on a Xbox One X (still getting used to the name) and a 4k TV with HDR... Though will TVs reduce input lag enough for it to work in this game? You are protectors of humanity. You will explore a large open world with dynamic events and quests. Your "Javelins" (exo suits that make you a bad ass, no space magic) come in several types and you can modify their performance and looks. There was a high impact mortar which made a huge boom. Then there was another which was like a smart missile launcher that tracked to targets. No mention of PVP, so that may hurt some people's feelings. So here's where I will do my Destiny comparison. The set up is similar, there looks to be a lot of customization, more looks to have more RPG systems. Four person teams to tackle difficult objectives. I can see how easy things like strikes and raids could emerge. Seems like you level gear and collect loot in a similar way. Well, I'm very interested and I'll be looking forward to seeing how well it copies and improves upon Destiny. But if the movement and gun play don't feel good, it's going to get pooed on.
  13. I'm just ready for the special election! I'm voting on a pro education and pro science agenda! Some of the idiots we have in Raleigh are just embarrassing! Get God out of politics and put it back in houses of worship!
  14. If CMC had a similar career to Dunn, I wouldn't be upset. Very good production from Dunn throughout his career.
  15. Gotta argue just to argue right? How was I suggesting limiting freedoms? Or do you think discriminating people based on their religion and culture is tots cool? Who's freedoms did I limit? Bigotry? People can be dicks, but the government shouldn't sponsor it. That's already protected.