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  1. What's interesting is that most of this thread has degenerated into simple name calling. So there are terrorists in the world. This thread happens to be concentrating on a group of terrorists who claim to be worshipers of Islam. What do you do? This question doesn't give a lot of good possible answers. Do you: 1. Keep sending military forces to their countries, attacking them as they hide behind to populace with a large number of civilian casualties plus the regular destruction of the landscape. 2. Try to leverage the countries where terrorism is based out of, like SA, Iraq, etc... So we try to get those countries to do something about it because it helps us, but how much does it help them? What is the incentive for those countries to more actively work against the terrorists? 3. Round up anyone who is a proven terrorist and kill'em. Why waste the dollars on cells? Right?! So how do you prove someone is a terrorist? Maybe they simply see themselves as holy warriors, fighting to free their lands from an oppressive imperial power that constantly reduces them to something less than an animal? Would you argue that the Boston Tea Party were or were not terrorists? 4. Act with great humanitarian interests, no military actions, pour money and goods into these countries to put them back on the path to self reliance despite 20+ years of US actions. Accept that there will be growing pains in the form of terrorist attacks, lives will be lost, and it might take 100 years to end the threat of middle east terrorism? It's not an easy problem with no real solution because the terrorists/ISIS can manipulate the rest of the world to their game. No one wants to let them play it out. Letting them play it out would be horrible and be a dark day for historians, and no one wants it. The more you attack them, the more entrenched they become. What do you do?
  2. I will admit, I am concerned about his level of commitment to the NFL life style. It has less to do with his production, but his availability. What's one thing that guys like Steve Smith, and other long time greats talk about? It's how you maintain your body. You'll be able to be healthier, longer the better you take care of yourself. As someone who continues to struggle with the battle of the bulge myself, I get it. It's hard. I just had my own scare (no ER, but some stuff that worries the heck out of me), so I know what's at stake if I don't change things. Hopefully this ends up being much ado about nothing. That once TC and things get rolling, he's gotten himself squared away. What sucks is two years ago, he showed up in the best shape of his life, but had the ACL. I hope he doesn't end up with another ACL. When he's on his game, he can be a dominate WR in the NFL, and part of that is being in shape. I too look forward to hearing how things look from the media open OTAs. It's May, so there's still plenty of time to be relieved or panic like chicken littles. I will try to be hopeful and optimistic.
  3. @Saca312, another fantastic post! Great analysis. While it's easy to cherry pick an entire NFL season into a few gifs for the good and bad of things, your's shows just how important moments can easily get lost in a lot of bad. We were poo last year. We just got killed in so many areas. I'll call it completely snake bit. Cam and other players had some great moments, but we had a lot of bad plays that ruined things for us. Frankly, our team should have used last season as a palette clinser. Get the taste of your own Kool-Aid out of your mouth and go back to kicking some butt. You can also see how important developing the shorter passing game is going to be. If we can get that and vary our offensive pace, it's going to help Cam considerably.
  4. How would you tell people their entire belief structure is wrong? You made the point about how often Christians are ostracized because of their conservative views, yet they refuse to change. Wait until we have those armed (2nd amendment!) Christian groups committing acts of violence and citing old testament literature... They are pretty close now a days, thank to our wonderful media. How would you change their "closely held, Bibicaly based, beliefs and practices?" The thing is, you can't through violence, intimidation, or anyway that comes down to forcing someone to do something else. They might comply, but then we end up with worse and worse divides between the "true believers" and the regular people. You have to allow people to think they made the decision. Hence working with the idea of giving people opportunities. You can't change people, people will only change themselves. If those people see a personal benefit to changing their behavior.
  5. I read the first page, didn't go through the rest. Be warned... @Saha, are you asking for a war against Islam? If so, this is exactly what ISIS wants. They want to frame a war of Islam versus non-Islam. It's really easy to do so when we openly discriminate against each other for lesser differences or sins. All out war against Islam is dumb. It's pointless, and puts you on the wrong side of history. Just ask the Nazis. I mean, they went all out against the Jews (and anyone else they didn't like), and look what happened. Instead of fighting with our blood, you have to fight with opportunity. Why do people turn to terrorism? Mostly it's because they feel completely screwed by the world. Just think, if those states where terrorism runs rampant had all of the opportunity we had here, if they had the access to things we have, would you see as much extremism emerging? Honestly, someone made a joke about fighting terrorism with iphones. Might not be the worst idea. Fight them with humanitarianism instead of bombs. Which side of history would you rather be on? Or, there's always the good ole American value of "don't tread on me." What if we allowed them to govern themselves, allow them to commit their own atrocities on their own people with zero us interference? Could we allow ourselves to see that level of human destruction? The problem with terrorism is that its easy to facilitate, but hard to fight.
  6. So after having a weekend and a few days to think about D2, and to play some D1 as well (finally!), I have some revised thoughts. First off: I AM EVEN MORE EXCITED AND HYPED for this game!!! Why? 1. New sub classes and changes to the old - makes each super and abilities more important and compliments the gun skill. 2 Better balance in PVE and PVP with new weapon types. Now that everyone will have access to elemental guns, they can build that into or out of encounters. They also help counter the roving supers in PVP. They can really dictate the amount of power ammo in a given match, which makes those more of the "hero" guns to everyone. 3. 4v4 PVP - So this hit me this morning. I did some PVP (working on my weekly bounties) yesterday and one game ended up 4v4/5, which was way more fun. Playing supremacy at 4v4/5(most of game was 4, end a 5th popped in for the last two minutes) was much easier. Fewer teams running rampant through a game. With the way Bungie does MM (generally trying to match teams with teams), lowering the player count makes this easier and games are fairer. In my lobby, we were all singles, and it was much easier to play and not get sniped out of no where. In 6s (as much fun as they are with control), there's a LOT more of the teams and duos running a game. I have been on the losing end of that several times. When two guys stick together, they kill a lot more of us than we do lone wolfing it. I've only had ONE game of control where we all worked together seamlessly. That was such a cool game. We kept all three zones on lock down the whole time, two per. Best game of my life! 4s really ought to balance things out a lot more with teams and spacings. 4. Gun play seems to be the same or better in D2 (no real perks yet, but feels right according to the internets people). 5. The PVE focus! It seems like there will be a lot more things to do in PVE instead of simply doing patrols and waiting for public events. While I'm sure the number of things to do will be a little limited initially, over time I'm sure there will end up being a lot of cool stuff after the first couple of months. I can't wait to do the adventures and lost sectors the first time, and I'm sure they'll get stale after the 9th time, but then again, how many fallen have I killed on patrol or doing weapon tests? (62,609 btw) Now I'm slightly torn - do I wait for Xbox Scorpio for the Holidays, buy a PS4 Pro and new destiny? Or since I lack a PC at home, build one and play that way... Choice, choices...
  7. Go figure! But wouldn't it be rad to see McCain and Trump suit up and bash each other to death with swords and axes? Talk about bringing in some new blood...Westeros style!
  8. Impeachment to God....what a crazy thing Trump has done to our sweet and innocent Tinderbox =) Anyone who believes in the limiting of personal freedoms like marriage is on the wrong side of American history. By in large, our laws have moved to expand rights instead of limit them, especially with marginalized populations.
  9. I'm really excited for the season. I think Cam would love nothing more than to come out and shove all the negative words against him in the faces of the world. Cam has that edge to him. I'm really excited to see how well he is able to bounce back and hit some of these quick throws to MCM and Samuels. This could be a great season!
  10. I wonder how "low energy" Jeb Bush would handle this? This gets back to the primaries: WTF happened to younger people with energy? Trump, Clinton and Bernie are all old. Why were they the desired leaders? McCain was in a similar spot, though at 80, I think he could easily take Trump in a fight... Should there be a "fight club" component to the primary process? C'mon, that would get some raitings!
  11. Remember what they said, sometimes the office of the presidency and the weight of the USA changes people... Or he's establishing good relations for his next batch of real estate plans...
  12. It was a great article. I love Taibbi. If nothing else comes from all the investigation, we should get some sense of closure. Will it allow Trump to return to his presidency as normal? Who can it when his entire presidency has been one scandal after another? The American people deserve the honest truth. This needs to be a watershed moment. Sure, there are things governments need to keep hidden, there are personal details we'd like to keep hidden, but there has to be a honest social contract between our leaders and the people. I said this when Trump was elected: now they can show us how to govern. On one hand, it would be great to show how out of touch the Pubs are on healthcare, taxes, and government spending compared to main street. It will be a tough remaining time. This will also be the thing if Trump is removed or steps down and Pence/Ryan takes the helm.
  13. Same for a lot of people. Not sure you felt the same way when when he came forth with the stuff about Hillary's emails in October... (I'm not going digging)
  14. So, to you it's a judgement based on your perception. I see it as extraordinary circumstances. Two extremely partisan parties putting two candidates with more skeletons in their closer than a grave yard. Stuff was bound to come out, and the times demand press briefings and video statements. Too each their own narrative. Thankfully there are more than enough people out there to support as many perspectives there may be.