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  1. Roy Moore LOSES

    Hence why they need to figure out what the actual platform is going forward. The old white republican base is aging out. They are going to have to come after the younger, more diverse folks with actual issues that make sense to them.
  2. Sadly, it doesn't work that way. Trump opened the door for a vile and terrible part of America to come in and decide it was going to stay. Trump has completely changed American politics for the worse. I don't think the USCOTUS seats are worth all the rest that came out of the Pandora style box. It's kind of like setting your house on fire and having the fire department flood it because you tried to burn the bees nest off yourself.
  3. I can't get it over my work wifi, but did you see Jordan Klepper on The Opposition where he ate the alleged Trump meal? That was hilarious and disgusting... The thought of eating that makes my stomach turn...
  4. Roy Moore LOSES

    This makes me wonder if the Republicans are ready to split their party? It's pretty obvious there are three camps of Republicans: the Alt-Right, The Right, the Center Right. The right and center right can work together reasonably well to push an agenda, but the Alt-Right of Bannon is the major problem. They are the loudest (and often ugliest) voice right now. They spent all the Obama years (and decades prior) collecting all the fundamentalists, far right, wack jobs. They finally have to pay the cost of this coalition. It's not pretty. It's like the Whig party. They opposed Jackson and the Democratic Republicans. They fractured when they couldn't deal with slavery. Then they fell apart as different regional branches failed to see common ground. Many (including Lincoln, the 2nd greatest deregulator!) joined up the upstart Republicans, which have shifted and changed to the coalition we see today. The Dems are due for it between the corporate and socialist democrats, but that's a story for the next 5-10 years. Do the Republicans need to dump the extremist branch and come back once they have figured out what conservitism looks like in the 21st century? Or is there a way forward? Looks like it's going to get rougher before it gets better.
  5. Roy Moore LOSES

    I don't totally disagree, except the blue ties are kicking them out. Conyers is gone, Franken is stepping down. They are at least making it look like there are consequences. But I do agree that the majority of these politicians are out for whatever benefit they can get out of the system.
  6. New user here who happens to be black

    Community is one of the greatest shows ever =)
  7. Roy Moore LOSES

    Super true. But I do think the lengths the Pubs would go through for a W was a bit more alarming compared to the blue tie group.
  8. Roy Moore LOSES

    This should have been very simple from the get go: if Trump and the RNC had disavowed Moore, this would be their win. It would have been easy to say "This was a bad candidate, let's find better ones for the next election." And it could have been a cut and dry "victory" for them. Instead, they threw in with Moore. Moore was a bad candidate: lots of skeletons in the closet, and some very "odd" views which he would have brought to Washington. They only wanted his vote to pass their tax plan to show some kind of win. Instead, they now have to deal with a fractured party. It's still frightening how many people are just fine with the religious zealotry, "questionable actions with young girls 40 years ago," and someone who was removed from office twice. I guess the Republicans will do anything for a win. I imagine that the Pubs will find someone who is better candidate next time, and Jones will lose in a landslide. But now we see how truly divided the Republican party is right now. Can they find enough common ground among the wildly divergent coalitions in their party? Hopefully the lesson that governing is hard is being learned by all now. It's easy to say "No" or "Not Trump" but it's a whole different game to actually effectively govern.
  9. "Oh, excuse me, can you not touch me for the second it takes for me to pull my phone out and record you?" This is ridiculous. So people can't commit a crime without the victim recording it? Is that basically what you are saying? If that's not what you mean, it's what you said. Geez. How long until Tinderbox at this rate? As far as Evans? He was useless. I couldn't stand him. I did like Ike Taylor, but that's about it. Call them all out, let's air out the dirty laundry, let's fix the issue as men (this is a men's issue), and let's become better.
  10. I think some of y'all are looking at CMC the wrong way. As a pure RB, he's lacking compared to other players. But he's not just a running back. He does a lot for the offense, like Kamara. Kamara also gets to play in New Orleans with a first ballot HOF QB and a head coach and offensive system tailor made for a guy like his (and CMC's) abilities. If we're talking hindsight, then everyone would have drafted the best players anyway, and hindsight arguments are pointless. Will the right people learn the correct lessons? Or is it much more a matter of luck? Also, going against CMC is that teams have been game planning him since day 1. He's a rookie treated like one of the best in the league. As a team, we are failing to put him in the best position to succeed. Same would be for Cook or Kamara or Hunt. When you look at his total stats compared to Kamara, Hunt, and Fournette, he's doing well. Not as well as we hoped, but he's playing well. Kamara is the run-away Offensive Rookie of the Year, that goes without saying.
  11. The G.O.P. is Rotting

    Both gone. What will the pubs do with Roy when he gets elected in a landslide? What's real issue is that politics have gotten so toxic and partisan that there is a legitimate argument (for some) that Roy Moore and all his baggage is worth a tax cut. Then I know some will try to argue that all his accusers are shills/made up/etc. It's getting to a point that I could say "Hey, the sky is blue." and an internet poo storm would start. ("Where do you get YOUR so called "facts," lib-tard scum!?!?!?") The fact is we have allowed ourselves to become so hateful to people who have a different opinion from us. It's really unfortunate. It goes well beyond "can we all get along." Most of us have wrapped ourselves in our blankets of confirmation bias based on our internet consumption and beliefs so deeply anything that disrupts our comfortable bliss requires an immediate, overwhelming response. Our society is rotting. Instead of coming to some agreements (like the sky is blue) on certain things, everyone has some random opinion and can find random conspiracy junkie to back them up with pages and pages of densely worded essays on the matter. Even complete with made-up facts that often are taken as real fact. The fact that basic information is up for debate is the beginning of the end for us. So what's a senate seat worth? A then 30 odd some year old man who signed a young ladies yearbook (and all the other accusations), who has major problems with several amendments past the 10th, who has a history of putting his religious beliefs on others and the law, who was removed as a judge, and who's idea of the greater good is very limited in scope? Is that worth passing tax cuts that balloon the debt over a trillion dollars without really making life better for the lower and middle classes? Also, will he even work with Republicans in DC? Or will he "maverick" himself into a hole where he objects to anything that doesn't follow his personal dogmatic beliefs? That should be a real concern for team red tie, err, rather the team of power over the people. Isn't this what it's all about anyway?
  12. Not sure what the deal is? They are told teammates and friends. This could easily be some friendly banter getting played up by the twitter-verse. Also, they are both similar having higher profile younger brothers who they stick up for on a regular basis. Schwartz always gets into arguments with fans when they say bad things about his brother.
  13. Home Security/Automation

    There are pros and cons to all of them. To me it boils down to two approaches: 1. DIY with Nest, SimpliSafe, etc. This costs a lot more up front, and you are your tech support, and you still pay a monthly monitoring fee. But you save over the long term, own your stuff (can move with you), and you can make it as custom as you want. 2. Going with a "big company." This costs you less upfront, but more long term. They do all the leg work and install, they monitor, they support your gear, and they basically take care of the whole thing. The main issue is that you're paying a pretty penny. I have CPI. I've been pretty satisfied with it. The costs aren't too horrible considering they will replace stuff that breaks, and the app has been rock solid since 2015. If I were doing it again, I would probably go DIY. I would like some more things on my own terms and control than CPIs. I'd just have to make sure they all played nice with each other. Then again, I'm not too upset with CPI's product. Except whenever I want to add an item, I have to buy it out right, and they are charging like $300 for a camera and stuff...
  14. Let's not forget the team composition around them. Kamara was not expected to become a focal point, he has forced the issue. CMC was drafted to be a focal piece for the offense. Brees is a celebrated, Hall of Fame calibure, QB who has made plenty of nobodies into stars. The Saints have one of the better offensive minds in football running the show, and feature an offense based around getting the ball out to open guys. Brees has excelled at that, and Kamara is another cog who can make plays. What I'm saying is that you can't really focus on Kamara the way our opponents can focus on CMC. The Saints are too diverse. Do you think Payton and the Saints would do wonders with Cam and CMC? I think they would. I'm not going to knock Kamara, because I'd probably miss or fall off. He's earned his success.
  15. Trump & Moore: A Lot In Common

    Here's what I just don't get about the Republican Party now a days: why can't they put up quality candidates. I mean, Republicans have had all of the Obama years to cultivate quality candidates, and instead of finding people who can actually carry out the agenda, they have to guilt their voters into voting for issues because the candidates are morally bankrupt (and often really off the deep end of crazy). The donor class and the religious zealots are winning, and that's scary. Dems aren't much better, but they only have to play "I'm not completely crazy" to sound normal enough to get support.