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  1. d-dave added a post in a topic New Bungie game: Destiny   

    I got you buddy! 
    Haters gonna hate. I love me some Destiny! Still love playing, love my Xbox One, and all is well! 
     I thought about TTK for a bit, but I went ahead and preordered. I've had such a blast on it, and the rare times I am able to play with huddlers have been fun! I realized how much fun I've been having and I don't want to quit yet. 
    The game informer TTK coverage has been quite exciting! I can't wait to dig into the taken war! 
    If you need a hand, my gt is dionysusfiend
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  2. d-dave added a post in a topic Trophy Nation: How handing out trophies, regardless of success, may cause failure.   

    It's not trophies that makes kids wusses. It's the enabling parenting. Discipline gives kids self esteem. Think about it, when a kid knows that their hardwork in practice leads to their ultimate victory or defeat, they will have a greater degree of confidence. Same with school work, martial arts, etc.

    Trophies are great, participation at a young age is great (hence all 5 year olds getting a trophy); because we all want kids to do something they can be proud of as they age. The more ownership they have, the more they will love it. From there they will learn the lessons about sportsmanship, dedication, and how to be successful.

    Helicopter parenting doesn't help, only hurts.
    Edit: mobile paragraphs!
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  3. d-dave added a post in a topic Final Fantasy 7 remake   

    I bet the core story will remain, and a lot of the game play like the turn based combat and silly mini games. It will get a HD overhaul with graphics and sound to go with the cut scenes. I could see them opening up the world and letting players really explore the world to a greater degree. More side quests to tell more stories would be cool as well. We'll, that's my hope. I still have my PS1 sitting in a box, waiting.. I also still have the game discs sitting there too... If it's everything I hope it might be... I might pick up a PS4 (and a good divorce lawyer!).
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